The principles of the PrivateFX brokerage company

The principles of the PrivateFX brokerage company differed from onest brokers for Poland practiced for the period of its existence by the active use of PAMM accounts with an auto-follow system. It started working in the market in 2015 and stopped in 2017, finding herself at the epicenter of the scandal related to non-payments and corresponding customer dissatisfaction.

Regulation and control - were absent.

Traders' feedback on the registration and regulation of the broker in terms of reliability

Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

 For connection with the Forex Trend financial pyramid, the collapse of which led to the loss of money by many of its customers. Quite often, the broker was looked at as potentially dishonest, suspecting that they were scammers. The company itself claimed that it was only using the customer base of the collapsed pyramid. In addition, the lack of a financial regulator increased the likelihood of fraud and scam;

Deserved broker approving reviews

In a certain amount, they came from traders who collaborated with a broker.


Trading conditions offered by the broker

The offer of cooperation from PrivateFX differed from the practice that brokers usually implement for Poland, by combining the use of PAMM accounts and the possibility of auto-copying transactions. The basis of the strategy was the legacy of the same Forex Trend, from which the company adopted technological methods that were, in her opinion, progressive. The main points of the trading conditions were:

●      Investing in an account upon opening - from $ 500;

●      Recharge amount - from $ 10;

●      Leverage - 1: 100;

●      Trading lot - from 0.01;

●      Trading platform - MetaTrader4 and a special terminal for binary auctions.

In addition, the list of trading instruments that the company offered access to included Bitcoin, which was gaining popularity.

Reviews of traders about the trading conditions of the company

Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

For using the technologies of the collapsed financial pyramid, which aroused thoughts about a possible fraud and scam;

Deserved broker approving reviews

For the possibility of autocopying, as well as access to the use of bitcoin.


Customer service

If brokers for Poland usually provide their clients with training, then PrivateFX completely abandoned this practice, saying that it relies solely on traders with experience. The range of customer support services included:

●      Support service;

●      analytical materials.

Feedback from traders on customer service

Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

In a growing amount over time, sent to the support service. From the moment when payment problems became widespread, traders began to openly accuse it of negligence;

Deserved broker approving reviews

For the work of the support service at the beginning of the company.



Deposit funds and payments

The set of payment methods from the company included the most popular of those used by brokers for Poland.

●      bank transfers;

●      bank cards;

●      Neteller


The withdrawal of funds was carried out at the request of customers and was free of commission.

Feedback from traders regarding deposit and withdrawal of funds

Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

Since the beginning of problems with payments - in increasing numbers, and when non-payments have become systemic - in large numbers, accompanied by accusations against the company that it is a scammer;

Deserved broker approving reviews

In the initial period of its activity.




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