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What to look for when choosing a Forex broker? We will try to find that out, using the website of the as an example.

The broker who provides advices on how to invest the money must earn some clients’ trust first. Experienced traders advise to choose brokers for several defining qualities. Let's consider them using the example of the company Apollo Finances broker who has been on the market for several years and shows no doubts about its reputation.

What we Know about Apollofinances broker

Nowadays, you have to start acquaintance with any company from its website. You shall be able to find everything you need: information about the services, their cost, and features. The client needs to determine whether such account types are suitable for him or not. Also, the website of a self-respecting financial broker should contain information about how he stores the client's personal data (after all, we are talking about considerable amounts of money!).

What must be indicated on the site:

  • Legal address;
  • Terms of use;
  • Services listing;
  • List of assets.

In this sense, the broker we have chosen as an example corresponds to this checklist in full.

Apollofinances broker is registered at the Marshal Islands.

You can contact the managers of the company by phone or e-mail.

Terms of cooperation

The next important point is the user agreement. This document regulates all the details of cooperation between an investor and a broker, and also describes how the Apollofinances scam protection is carried out. The text must contain the terminology that subsequently will be used during trading sessions. Why is it important? If a trader is experienced, he already understands the types of orders, charts, and the trends. But for a beginner, all this may seem more complicated.

The user agreement regulates the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as divides responsibility. In trading, it is the client who makes the final decision on each trade. The broker makes recommendations and acts as an intermediary, but should not persuade the client to adopt any strategy. It turns out that the words and actions of the broker are of great importance, but still the last word is for the investor.

Not the easiest position, especially for a beginner. That is why it is so important to get started with the terms of cooperation with a broker and at the same time understand how trading is carried out. review has a Documents section that, in addition to the user agreement, contains a description of the company's privacy policy, compliance with anti-fraudulent laws, and a risk notice.

Apollofinances broker accounts

It is also important to pay attention to how the company describes its services and tariffs. There should be no vague wording in this, because according to the law on the protection of consumer rights, information about services must be provided to the maximum extent.

Apollofinances broker also acts as a lender for its clients. Accordingly, its tariff plans are designed in such a way as to reduce the threshold of entry for a client to the foreign exchange market. In order to achieve the desired volume of the transaction, the client can use the leverage service. In this company, you can get leverage up to 1: 400. Moreover, for those clients who have chosen portfolios with the smallest investment amounts ($ 2,000 and $ 5,000) the leverage trading is still available.

The smallest deposit with this broker, the "Bronze" tariff, can be opened using only $ 250. But there is small leverage (1:100) for this package. Accordingly, the tariff will allow the client to enter the platform, understand how everything works there, and get basic advice. However, having a look on Forex market from the inside, an investor can decide to increase his portfolio by choosing the "Silver" tariff or any other.

Since Forex is the basic market for Apollofinances, the company is maximally focused on currency trading. However, for several years now it has also successfully provided brokerage services in other areas - raw materials, indices, stocks.

You can trade multiple assets and use different instruments, no matter what account type you’re using. Of course, when we are talking about large investments, we need to make it clear that opportunities on those accounts are much more profitable than on a smaller ones.

Platform and Application

The company offers three options to use its trading platform:

  • Download a trading terminal to your personal computer and store some of your personal data offline;
  • Get access to the web platform;
  • Download an application for a smartphone and manage your personal account at any time of the day and anywhere.


Our conclusions after analyzing the website of the Apollofinances broker show that a company provide solid background for tranding. While choosing a brokerage company, it is important to obtain the fullest possible information about its services, tariffs, as well as details. All this data helps to determine the most suitable option for cooperation with an efficient and reliable company.

I have been trading with this broker for many months. A couple of times I had to contact support. Once my money was not withdrawn. Then the system hung. Everything was fixed quickly, I confirm. I enjoy working with this team. There are good people here.

I was advised this broker as a reliable partner, not a scammer. And so it happened: we work harmoniously, while there is only profit, there have never been any losses. Maybe I'm the lucky one, who knows? The main thing is that it is not a problem to get your money back. I have heard different cases. So far, there are no complaints. I give this broker the highest score.

It`s not known what will happen to the market tomorrow. Earn who can! I am willing to take risks, but so that the chances of making a profit are greater than the chances of losing. By the way, have you noticed how many brokers have appeared? Everyone wants to cash in! I`ve been working with this broker for a long time. This is an honest broker. You can earn without any risk. I believe that stability in the market will once again become achievable. But until then, we must not lose our money! We must multiply them!

personThomas 29.04.2021
I managed to start. Was afraid I will not be able to understand what I shall check in charts, before placing the order. But their support is great - I got everything.

personGabriel 04.05.2021
Nice terms, fast payments. I like to trade with no limits on number of orders. I also manage to teach others how to trade and you know what? - they earn as well.

personRunny 06.05.2021
I approve these guys, checked everything and all works fine.

personPreston 13.05.2021
I chose a broker for a long time, read customer reviews, looked at trading conditions, analyzed and compared the information received. As a result, the decision was made and I settled on this company. The broker has all the necessary permissions, the broker has extensive experience in this area, all the necessary tools. This became the determining factor in making the decision.

personAlan 28.05.2021
Good day to all. I have been working with a broker for half a year. The broker is excellent, deals are opened quickly, there is no slippage, and trading conditions are ok. I am satisfied and recommend it to everyone.

personTrevor 31.05.2021
I have already worked with different brokers, but I liked this one more than others. After looking at the number of positive reviews about this company, I decided to try and trade myself. Now, after half a year, I can say with confidence that it was the right decision!

personSteven Alvarado 03.06.2021
Haven’t had the best experience with previous brokers, so I wasn’t sure I’d ever trust another one. Still gave a chance this one and haven’t regretted it. Good conditions, even better customer support.

personPeter Rogers 11.06.2021
My favourite thing about this company is fast execution of orders. I also appreciate that you can trade a lot of different assets, not just currency.

personKevin Lawson 12.06.2021
When I started trading here 7 months ago, my account manager helped me so much. I think I owe to him at least a half of my success. I made a couple of mistakes at the beginning, but haven’t taken any big losses since then.

personOscar Sanders 20.06.2021
I appreciate the variety of input and output methods they offer. Also, there’s fast withdrawal and professional employees who’ll explain to you anything you ask. Maybe these guys aren’t best of the best, but they are better than everyone else I tried.

personTodd Williamson 21.06.2021
Thanks to their terms I earn more than I’ve ever earned trading elsewhere. It’s the best experience I had in years.

personMichael Carter 25.06.2021
So, my first time trading. Thanks to my account manager for helping me make sense of MT4 terminal – it provides so many interesting options and possibilities, once you understand how to use it. I also appreciate almost instant withdrawal. It’s been a nice experience, overall.

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