Experts from SwissUnion scam detection team: how to recognize and neutralize it

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Experts from SwissUnion scam detection team: how to recognize and neutralize it

There are different options for how attackers can hack your email account. With the help of  experts from SwissUnion scam can be recognized and neutralized.

While many once popular scams have stopped - thanks to massive coercive measures by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the creation of the self-regulatory National Futures Association (NFA) in 1982 - some old scams persist and new ones continue to emerge.

Experts from SwissUnion Scam is easy to prevent. Spot spread scam

The old spot spread scam was based on computer manipulation of spreads between buyers and buyers. The difference in pips between the buy and sell price mainly reflects the commission for the reverse transaction processed through the broker. These spreads usually differ between currency pairs. Scams happen when pip spreads vary widely between brokers.

Signal seller scam

A popular modern scam is a signal seller. Signal sellers are pooled asset retailers, managed account companies, or individual traders who offer a system - for a daily, weekly or monthly fee - that claims to determine an opportune time to buy or sell a currency pair based on professional advice that will make anyone rich. They advertise their years of experience and trading ability, as well as testimonials from people who vouch for how great a trader and friend this person is, as well as the immense wealth that person has earned for them. All an unsuspecting trader has to do is give X dollars for the privilege of trading recommendations.

Sooner or later, every trader comes to one simple conclusion - "If you want to earn steadily - trade yourself!" And that's right. The more experience a trader has, the better the results of his trading.

You should not waste time looking for profitable trading robots, you should not listen to signalmen who are 200% interested in your plum. But when you rely only on your own strength, then you gradually begin to move forward and develop.

According to SwissUnion scam protection team. scam signal sellers simply collect money from a certain number of traders and disappear.

Scam with "robots" in the modern market

A trading robot, in other words a trading advisor, is an automated program that makes trades on the exchange on its own. Your task is to set certain parameters. For example, moments of opening and closing of positions, fixing of incomes, etc.

Constant scams, both old and new, show up in some types of trading systems designed for forex. These scammers are according to SwissUnion scam detection experts, touting their system's ability to generate automated trades that, even while you sleep, generate immense wealth. Today the new terminology is “robot”, because the process is fully automated with the help of computers. In any case, many of these systems have never been officially verified or tested by an independent source.

All these operations are performed by professional robots. Free models, which are available online to anyone, do not provide any security guarantee. As a rule, these are demonstration, "raw" versions of trade advisors.

Forex robot testing should include testing the parameters of the trading system and optimization codes. If the optimization parameters and codes are invalid, the system will generate random buy and sell signals

Robots to earn money on the stock exchange collect and analyze data on the state of the market. They calculate the outcome of the transaction and its profitability. The owner of the robot sets the parameters on which he relies when performing operations manually. Thus, with the help of the operational work of the program you can make dozens of transactions in one day.

When a trading robot can be useful

If you are buying assets on your own and forming your portfolio, then a properly set up trading advisor can be a great helper. However, the amount you have is important.


Conclusions about SwissUnion, scam or not?

Many scams in the forex market have ceased as told by SwissUnion scam prevention experts to be so common due to the tightening of the rules, but some problems still exist.

One questionable practice is that forex brokers offer wide spreads between buyers and buyers on certain currency pairs, making it difficult to profit from trades.

Individuals and systems marketing companies - such as signal sellers or robot traders - sometimes sell products that have not been tested and are not producing profitable results.

SwissUnion Scam protection tip: if a forex broker is pooling funds or restricting the withdrawal of clients' funds, this could be an indicator that something suspicious is going on.

personFrench Lionel 03.11.2021
I have 10 years of trading experience, and I definitely prefer this platform for many others I used. I like the opportunity to communicate with other people.

personCurtis Martin 09.11.2021
The conditions are not that bad. I do not like the deposit being low and there are not many ways to put money on the account. But still, you can act as much as you want without any commissions or fees, it's good enough to stay for me.

personWalker Mark 11.11.2021
Your conditions are nothing special, but good enough to earn 4 stars. There is a good platform overall.

personHunt Thomas 06.12.2021
Recommended trading brokers. Profitable signals, and the services are excellent. High-quality trading trading services and tools. Here I get a good monthly profit. Reliable forex broker. They even exceeded my expectations.

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Excellent trading services. I am satisfied with all their services, including removal of funds. Trade with this broker is a reasonable choice. All services are good, and the results of trade are favorable. Good broker and excellent customer service. I have always perfectly spent time trading with them.

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Always attentively referred to my commercial needs. I am glad to evaluate them. Good trading partner. Profitable signals, and the services are excellent. The company really works well. An ideal place for beginners.

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The biggest advantage for me is a simple and fast output of funds. I like to work here. There have been no problems with them. These guys are really professional and reliable. There is a large selection of CFD and cryptocurrency. Trading on the site is good.

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