SwissUnion reviews of new broker on market: what do traders say?

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SwissUnion Forex broker

SwissUnion reviews of new broker on market: what do traders say?

There is no central market for foreign exchange trading. Each trader must independently choose a brokerage company.

The good news is that there are many brokers that offer Forex traders a variety of options and services. You must make sure that you are making the best possible decision when choosing a place to close your deals.

In this article, we will help clarify what to look for when choosing a broker.

Choosing a broker to trade is one of the most important decisions you must make before starting to trade Forex.

There are so many options out there that it will take a long time to find a good broker that suits your needs, protects your investment or allows you to make the most of your investment, and protects you from any future headaches.

Luckily for you, we have a great guide to help you choose the right Forex broker, SwissUnion reviews, and also give you the opportunity to study independent reviews from traders.

SwissUnion reviews: who are they? is registered in Selnaustrasse 30, Zürich company reviews: excellent

It is very important for traders that all contact details are available, this excludes the possibility of fraud.

The broker maintains a Know Your Customer (KYC) security policy.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a set of standards used by the investment and financial services industry to validate customers, their risk and financial profiles.

In the investment industry, KYC stipulates that every broker-dealer must make reasonable efforts with respect to client accounts.

Know Your Customer Rule 2090 essentially states that every broker-dealer must use reasonable efforts to open and maintain customer accounts. It is a required to know and keep records of the material facts of each client, and to identify each person who is entitled to act on behalf of the client. reviews. How to become a trader:

If you open an account or make money transactions, the broker will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Passport with signature page;
  • Bank cards used to fund an account (front side with only the last 4 digits visible, back side with CVV, closed finger or paper)
  • Recent utility bill with name and address.

SwissUnion reviews of account types








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$25 000

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Broker reviews of customers:

“I have been working with the company for a year now. Favorable conditions for trading in various financial markets. I am very pleased with the fast execution of orders, a large selection of assets, a lot of analytical materials, and reliable trading terminals. The most important thing for me is to withdraw money quickly, and there have been no problems with this in SwissUnion yet. "

“In general, everything is fine, fascinating proposals. A well-known regulated broker with adequate terms and conditions. The starting depot may be a bit big, but the trade safety is worth it. A wide range of instruments, stable and fast platforms, hassle-free deposit / withdrawal of money. "

“SwissUnion is an example of worthy brokers for me. Quite a normal broker with suitable working conditions. The main thing that keeps me here is fast deposit and withdrawal of funds, without unnecessary problems and huge commissions. I applied, and if all the documents are in order and conditions, the money is withdrawn literally in a couple of hours. Of course, it also depends on the selected withdrawal method. Some are faster, some are slower. "

personCollins Benjamin 13.11.2021
It is so good to act according to the use of demo for real. Of course there is a risk, but there is no reward without it. I use the bronze account, the conditions are fine, but maybe I'll look at other types later.

personCox Robert 15.11.2021
I got used to working with long-term jobs, so the technical condition of the platform is very important to me. I have no problems with this platform. I like all instruments that MT4 provides, as well as the clear graphs.

personBurns Walter 25.11.2021
I really would wish swissunion would accelerate their withdrawals. I like it somehow in other aspects, but he brings me around.

personOsborne Peter 27.11.2021
The attempt to predict the prices on the market is so difficult that I'm about to do without it ... or at least get a broker, maybe swissunion. I wonder if my trade can improve.

personGregory Matthew 18.12.2021
Good trading company. Signals and services are good. Operational customer service and rapid output of funds. Perfect broker for online trading. Surprised by its profit. I get a really good trading profit.

personPeters Oliver 19.12.2021
Excellent shopping capabilities. They have so many truly productive offers. I have no problem yet. The withdrawal of funds takes place on time, even the spreads are very low, and customer support is in order. All negative comments come from other brokers.

personAnderson Brian 20.12.2021
I like to work here, because this broker offers good spreads and a fairly rapid removal of funds. Despite the fact that this broker is quite new, I am very pleased with the quality of the services, besides, everything is in order with the license, so safe.

personClarke Mark 02.01.2022
In addition to good services, I love their educational services. I learned a lot from them. Currently I am pleased with this broker. Broker never failed me. I know that they are reliable and in any case with my deposit everything will be fine, because they provide the means of their client. They provide very good conditions for profitable trading. With confidence I can recommend this broker.

personStevens Richard 07.01.2022
I had several brokers. Trading on different accounts from different brokers with different success. I traded a long time ago and thought it was difficult to surprise me. But then I saw these guys. I was impressed. Here, one broker had everything I needed. All trading platforms in one place.

personRichards Donald 08.01.2022
Narrow spreads, in general, good trading conditions. Good customer service. Trade is safe, as they received a special license. In addition, the broker provides very profitable signals, narrow and fixed spreads.

personAllen Bertram 09.01.2022
For me, the perfect broker. No complaints, all services are good. The support service is very friendly and useful. Best customer support today. The withdrawal of funds occurs quickly, and all services are generally very effective.

personReynolds Harry 02.02.2022
Six months ago, he opened the score from this broker. Very satisfied with the conditions, all functions are available and all work - what else is needed for successful trading? I bring money to the webmoney, so it turns out faster

personBrooks Alan 03.02.2022
I want to share my ambiguous experience with swissunion Consultants. When I just registered on this platform, the manager suggested me the bonus, which I someone agreed and then very much regretted, as it is necessary to work out for a very long time and remain in the end in the plus is extremely difficult. In general, do not take bonuses, but just sell, open the transactions and run the process. As soon as I figured out with a bonus, everything went much easier and more profitable. Broker satisfied and himself began to be careful.

personGregory Peter 16.02.2022
The site works stably, without interruption, the connection to the server is good. Orders open and close quickly. Spreads in normal.

personHardy Matthew 17.02.2022
Reliable platform MT4. For only $ 50, I was able to open a trading account swissunion, the commission was not charged with him, and it was easy for me to try various strategies, plus the trading conditions are also in order. I had access to a bonus of 20% at some point to make money for my account, the removal of money occurs quickly, usually within 24 hours, and the MT4 platform is also reliable.

personStewart Williamя 07.03.2022
Sometimes it happens that during the trade, he unsuccessfully left the position, but the trading rift has not yet passed. The previous broker had to wait for so long that it was unthinkable to continue the trade on the same day. Everything works here! I like.

personCharles Thomas 18.03.2022
The speed of execution is really fast, about 2-3 ms (using the VPS that the broker gave me for free!). So I have a few ECN accounts with EA, I highly recommend

personRodgers Harry 21.03.2022
I work with them since 2018, they develop products very well, the speech is also worthy. I was very pleased with the attitude of the staff. Thanks for supporting and learning.

personPhelps Joshua 24.03.2022
I really liked this broker for work. In fact, there are all the conditions for achieving a positive result. In addition, I was very pleased with the presence of a demo account for beginners, and other pleasant little things.

personPatrick John 31.03.2022
I trade in Swissunion years from 2 or something. At first he traded in the demo for a long time, and tried investments and independent trade. For a long time because it was not a very ordinary interface - got used to it. Plus, I understood the principles of selection of traders for the repetition of their transactions. Now in Real Madrid I constantly keep several accounts on the repeat. I invest in products and banking sphere myself. T.K. I work on the main Mesut of work - in the bank.

personHopkins Oliver 11.04.2022
He began to invest in Swissunion funds. Although I have already been here for a long time, but I didn’t use it, I only looked at the demo. But for several months I found out about the funds I threw the amount and invest. The funds are selected competently, the profit is obtained. Wool acts are changing. The distribution of shares is quite

personNeal Richard 20.04.2022
A company for traders of different directions. I like that there are many different tools. Personally, I trade more on the currency. But I have already tried to trade with oil. But I noticed that it was better for her to give a deal for several days. It’s convenient for me to trade through a smartphone, so I do much more often. I like that this is a network, according to VKontakte, communication with like -minded people. recommend.

personWright Mark 22.04.2022
This broker is great. It's great that you can not trade, but only copy. It's like sitting a passenger in a taxi. I immediately feel who is trading normally. I also talk to start. If I answered the one I chose, I put it on a copy. So far I am not even going to trade myself, only investments.

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