Swissstand legit and works honestly without overpayment

There are intruders everywhere. There are plenty of forex broker scams in the stock exchanges as well, for it is a great place to make a profit. Reviews of Forex brokers will help you understand everything and make the right decision.

Swissstand is not a broker Forex scammer. It is a European, licensed broker. It is one of the largest services, offering favorable terms. There are no overpayments and no pushy consultants. It is possible to count on maximum openness and loyalty. Reputation confirmed by thousands of satisfied clients. There are several million accounts on the platform. There are compensations. An extensive audit was carried out a year ago and the results showed no debts to players.

Reporting and documents are available on the website. Orders are executed quickly. Commissions and spreads are small. There are training materials available free of charge and many other benefits. All traders can use trading signals and a demo account. Access to tools after registration.

Swissstand is a good broker and does not work with direct payments to employees' bank cards. No one here guarantees instant earnings. There is information about the risks.

Is the broker included in the broker scam list?

Brokerage companies have their own anti-rating. It includes all unscrupulous services found to be involved in fraud and dishonest activities. Swissstand legit and it is not on this list. Every client can count on fair treatment and support. No dubious schemes are applied here and there is no aggression from employees. "Cold calls are also taboo.

How do fraudsters usually work?

It all starts with big promises and no-risk speeches. There may be no demo account and no free training, nor is there a proper website. Although scammers are dodgy, it's not hard to spot them if you pay attention to these things:

  • availability of documents and provision of them in the public domain;
  • customer service and promptness of the response to requests;
  • the form in which the profitability is confirmed. It is not uncommon for scammers to use Excel spreadsheets or simply hide the information;
  • availability of SSL certificate. It is a digital signature of the site and a guarantee of connection security;
  • what payment systems and terminals the company works with;
  • whether calls are coming from hidden or unknown numbers;
  • how employees communicate with customers.

Swissstand can confirm the profitability, and the support service responds within 30 minutes.

The work of a normal, proven broker

Swissstand is a comfortable company to work with. The developers have done their best to create a universal platform for traders of all levels. The broker's partners include investment funds and European banks with large volumes of liquidity.

The size of the spread is indicated by the account type and the order execution model. There is a system of risk control.

The company is accredited and has a list of licenses. The performance of the units is monitored by the quality department. The department also monitors the dialogues and promotes user satisfaction.

The official website is as clear and thoughtful as its mobile version. There is a training account and a number of other benefits for traders. They can use the Forex tools, plus they are always informed of possible risks. 

That's why the brand is trustworthy:

  • clients can count on payouts and full compliance with the contract;
  • there are several ways to withdraw funds;
  • all important news is communicated in writing;
  • a variety of rates and reasonable commissions, which are fixed and do not change without changing the account type;
  • all information is regularly updated.

The company has the best specialists working to improve the service. There are about 150 people in the quality control department at the headquarters alone.

Attitude to clients

There is an account for practice strategies and skills training. Training materials are free of charge.

Registration is simple and does not take more than five minutes. The attitude is more than loyal. No indebtedness to players. No overpayments or hidden payments.

Is Swissstand fraud? No, because it has developed a system of compensation and provides protection against risks.


The broker works honestly. The reliability is confirmed by the passed accreditation, licenses, and audit inspection results. The conditions are favorable, the commissions are low. Clients can safely trade on Forex. If the Swissstand scam, would it work openly?


  • Question: - How does Swissstand inform clients?
  • Answer: - In writing.
  • Question: - In which language can I contact the support service?
  • Answer: - The support service is available in 11 languages.
  • Question: - Why should I not trust the broker's blacklists?
  • Answer: - They are not always objective. They might contain false information.

personScott Keller 22.12.2022
Working with swiss standand, I had many different cases, but I did not give up, I worked hard on the mistakes, and recently I received the first plus for my efforts and efforts.

personJeremy Willis 23.12.2022
The selection of shares of the swiss standand broker is very large and that is characteristic, each has its own signal with an option of importance from more to smaller. Honestly, I recently, while the market was poured, I decided to reconsider my trade too and tried to trade in these signals.

personRobert Sharp 29.12.2022
Working with swiss standand, I lost more than, I earned, but I understood my mistake. I did everything at random, although when registering I was offered to take a free course, I refused, but then I realized that in vain. Now it is possible to withdraw twice a week.

personDavid Bell 29.12.2022
She worked with various brokers, but over time, they begin, as I think I think, they raise a commission for withdrawing funds, a lot of extra information, advertising, etc. I have been working with swiss standand for six months, and everything is super.

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