RIVACASE 90412RDM Thermos Review

RIVACASE 90412RDM Review

RIVACASE 90412RDM is a representative of a rather new direction for the brand - thermoses and thermo mugs. We got to know a lot about bags, backpacks and power banks from "Riva", and since the impressions remained positive, we decided to expand the range of acquaintances. Let's see how interesting the 90412RDM is?



But let's go in order. The model is delivered in a compact box, which is made of durable cardboard. The capabilities of the latter, in my opinion, are more than enough for reliable transportation of the product.

The design was also played very well - illustrations of the thermos and its individual elements, as well as a lot of useful data regarding the features and capabilities of the model. More on all this in the next section of the review


Front and back information is duplicated. Of the interesting things here - an illustration of a thermos, and in addition, in the form of miniatures, the key features and capabilities of the product are indicated: the presence of 2 cups, the time of keeping warm and cold, as well as the manufacturer's guarantee, the ratio of body materials and other interesting "things".

 RIVACASE 90412RDM Thermos Review


On the wall on the right, an illustration shows, let's say, the functional elements of a thermos with a footnote next to each part. The table also contains data on heat loss for a specific time.


Finally, a thermos passport in several languages was taken out on the wall on the left, there is information about the country of manufacture and many others.

Contents of delivery

  • - thermos RIVACASE 90412RDM;
  • - manual.


Characteristics and features

After examining the packaging, information from the walls and the delivery set of RIVACASE 90412RDM, we will further get acquainted with the technical characteristics and features of the model:


  • - Weight - 367 g;
  • - Dimensions - 265x90x90 mm;
  • - Volume - 500 ml;
  • - Two mugs included;
  • - Sealed cup lid and rotary plug with lid lock button;
  • - Heat preservation - 8 hours;
  • - Keeping cold - up to 24 hours.

Build quality

The assembly is very neat and high quality. From the outside, RIVACASE 90412RDM looks as if we are facing a bottle of expensive Georgian wine in a gift box - everything is very cool.



RIVACASE 90412RDM features two cups. Both of them are easily attached to the thermos by screwing on the thread - the inner one directly to the thermos, and the upper one with a red outer part - to the lower one. An extremely simple and very convenient format, which, by the way, allows you to bring into working position both two cups at the same time, or one of the two. Trifle? In a way, yes, but is it not such little things that comfort is built?


The cover with the valve is also fastened by thread. In order to pour liquid from a thermos, you do not need to remove it - just press the button in the center. The main thing then is not to forget to return it to the original one.


Recommendations before first use

In this regard, everything is extremely simple. Manufacturer's recommendation - before first use - wash the thermos in warm water with the addition of dishwashing detergent. You don't need to do anything else.



In order to prevent, including the appearance of brown spots on the inside of the product, the manufacturer recommends rinsing it after each use and using an exceptionally soft sponge or napkin. We store the thermos with the lid open.


Operating impressions

I liked the RIVACASE 90412RDM. The thermos is neatly assembled, has a stylish design, and besides, it is functional and, if used correctly, you are guaranteed full protection against leaks. Well, a good price plus brand credibility is another argument in favor of choosing this solution, and not the offer of competitors.


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