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While the old schemes of deception are working, scammers especially do not need to invent anything. In 2021, we recorded the most common fraud schemes. With the help of Pediainvest experts, we will be able to recognize scammers and prevent them from harming us.

Also, having studied the patterns of possible actions of fraudulent companies, we will be able to exclude the possibility that scam by analysis.

Experts Pediainvest. Scam is easy to warn: Oral agreements and promises of profit from transactions.

In order to secure your payments and be able to challenge the replenishment of your account through a chargeback, you must have evidence of fraud in your hands. Do not discuss any details of trading by phone, the more false and provocative promises you have in correspondence, the better for further dialogue with the broker.

Experts Pediainvest, Scam is easy to warn: Wrappers under the guise of insurance.

Manipulations with the term "trading account insurance" come down to a banal deception - instead of money, supposedly bonuses are returned to the account, which can be returned only after working out a certain volume of transactions.

None of these signs, when examining the site, indicated that scam.

Checking a forex robot should include testing the parameters of the trading system and optimization codes. If parameters and optimization codes are invalid, the system will generate random buy and sell signals scam experts tips: Unreasonable blocking of an account / account.

The account blocking scheme is actively used not only by Forex brokers, but also by bookmakers and online casinos. As soon as you make a profit from transactions or bets, the terrible details of violations during your registration are suddenly revealed. You are suspected of fraud or other ridiculous and far-fetched, and you no longer have access to your personal account and your money. It's useless to argue, you're a malicious rule-breaker.

Pediainvest scam specialists warn: be careful with any mailings in which they try to lure you into accessing your personal account.

Individuals and companies involved in systems marketing - such as signal sellers or robot trading - sometimes sell products that have not been tested and do not bring profitable results.

Pediainvest experts say that if a forex broker wants to offer you verbal agreements, after registering with the broker you start receiving suspicious mailings, or someone tries to take over your login details, this may be an indicator that something illegal is happening. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing a broker to work with.

How to Avoid Forex Fraud

Trust yourself, simple human logic, and the principle “free cheese is only in a mousetrap.” Follow the following rules, dispel all illusions about Forex, and value your capital:

  • be sure to require from the broker the data of the charter, registration, licenses and other documents
  • study the past of the brokerage company
  • do not transfer money via the Internet, by mail, etc.
  • do not believe super-attractive offers
  • avoid brokerage companies that guarantee high profits
  • avoid brokers that promise no risk (or negligible risk)
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