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Being a beginner is difficult in any business, and trading is no exception. A person decides to become an investor for various reasons: someone wants to form the notorious “financial cushion,” someone needs an additional source of income, someone has lost his job or is eager to change his field of activity, and someone believes in luck and is passionate about nature.
Whatever guided a novice investor, you should not believe in a magic button that will help you immediately get fabulous profits. Attackers can easily exploit this belief; according to the brokerage company Mit Ic website, scammers are looking for gullible beginners. In trading, there is even a separate, rather offensive, nickname for those who blindly follow the advice or "buy" for any speculation in the market - "hamsters.” In truth, a hamster is not a dupe or a smartass, confident in his star of luck. This is most often a newcomer who does not know how to distinguish a trend from a provocation. These “schoolchildren” traders need adequate brokerage support and advice. They need mentors who are committed to their success.

Another category of traders who turn to brokers are representatives of the VIP segment, with large amounts of investment. Both beginners and experienced. They need a broker to manage assets or report market signals on time (that is, before everyone else).
In both cases, choosing a brokerage house is a tough task. In the year of the pandemic, when interest in investing began to grow, a great many strange organizations appeared, posing as brokers. As Mit Ic website explains, a scam does not necessarily mean stealing money. Often these are inflated spreads, substantial entry fees, or providing leverage to “everyone in a row.” Of course, unprofessionalism also leads to the broker giving unnecessary advice, and the investor loses his money.
Today we will consider the work of the MIT Ic account types (which, according to our findings, is still more suitable as a starting point for beginners).

Mit Ic account types: Expert opinion

Let's go, as they say, on the contrary. On our resource, we always approach any trading platform from the point of view of suspicion.
Let's start with the site of the mentioned brokerage company. It is only in two languages, which immediately raises questions (many marketplaces offer more options). However, customer support is now provided in English and German.

More data about the company, Mit Ic account, and its experience can be obtained directly from employees. The site has a "Contacts" section, which contains the address of the London registration of the company, contact numbers, email addresses, and a feedback form (which we turned to).
Conclusion - the company exists and provides brokerage services with perfect starting conditions.
About Mit Ic market spread

We contacted customer support anonymously (an employee of the resource went through the usual registration on the site and pretended to be a client). Initially, the task was: to understand whether Mit Ic is a scam or a regular broker. Recognizing scammers is usually not so difficult: they promise a lot, have no specifics, evade explanations of fundamental strategies, persuade them to buy the most expensive package of services, etc.
Conclusion on Mit Ic market spread - the company exists, and provides brokerage services with perfect starting conditions.

The opinion of traders about Mit Ic review Reddit

The best thing to say about a company is customer reviews. The service is available around the clock. However, we have found that sometimes you have to wait more than ten minutes for the operator to respond (most often, this happens after the close of trading, when everyone submits withdrawal requests).
Operators speak nice, communicate “responsively,” give comprehensive answers, and try to resolve problematic issues as quickly as possible.
Due to Mit Ic review Trustpilot, six options for cooperation are provided for customers. However, the quality of communication with the technical service is not affected by which tariff the applicant has.

Here are some examples of Mit Ic reviews Reddit:

“Start trading with micro lots if that is your start. The company offers micro lots. Listen to the broker, and you will receive more often than you give.
“Are there such tight spreads here? I didn't believe it. No hidden fees."
Mit Ic Trustpilot:
“The strategies are very innovative. There is much to be learned. But I have never burned out. I have been with the company for three months and plan to stay.”
“I started, and the very first withdrawal of money was problematic. I waited for about a day, but the bank rested and did not accept the payment. Thanks to the MIT Ic technical support guys, everything worked out fine for me.”
The amount of additional services the investor receives depends on the investment.

Trading conditions and account types Mit Ic sprea

The broker offers to trade in 6 types of markets.

Forex. Currency trading. The most popular, suitable for beginners. But also a “rich” field for scammers. The most excellent speculation is in this market.
Bitcoin. You can trade not only this cryptocurrency but also dozens of other coins. Attention: earnings will have to be transferred to fiat (“ordinary” money, like dollars or rubles) because the trader receives cryptocurrency, and it exists only in the virtual space. However, bitcoins are a suitable type of investment; the rate has risen to $40,000 in just over a decade.

Stock. Mostly companies from Europe and the USA. This market is not suitable for beginners. It makes no sense to enter the auction with small amounts. It would help if you had an understanding of the international business environment.

Stock indices. Securities are also a platform for experienced traders. In addition, the MIT Ic strategy manager review offers leverage here, and those who know how to work with lending should get involved in such obligations. He knows where to stop. By the way, if you violate the conditions for accepting leverage from the company, you can generally get a frozen account and sort things out for a long time.

Raw material. The market is suitable for those related to raw materials "in life" (for example, managing their farm or working in a sizeable metallurgical production). This type of investment is very dependent on politics, economic innovations, climate change, and consumer trends. Here, a good broker will not always tell you how much and where to invest. You need to understand a little about the matter of raw materials to deal with it.
ETF contracts. Investing in exchange baskets. The MIT Ic strategy manager review offers funds related to IT technologies, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology. The topic is interesting but also very specific; it is better not to go there immediately for beginners or people who are far from such investment.

The MIT Ic spread review warns about the risks on the site; the scam may be the “result” of an unsuccessfully calculated strategy. In the "Documents" section, you can find the "Risk Warning" (in English), which describes the rules for trading with leverage. The first warning is already on the main page of the site:

Deposit and withdrawal of funds: Mit Ic spread review

Withdrawal of funds is possible:

  • Visa and MasterCard - to a bank card or account;
  • Western Union (and other payment systems) - to the account or in cash;
  • Crypto Wallet - accrual in the form of cryptocurrency coins to a special electronic wallet.

As explained to our employee at Mit Ic spread, the scam pretends to be problems with the withdrawal of money. We were promised that the withdrawal takes place within a maximum of twelve hours. Any problems are quickly resolved by the technical service.

Customer service Mit Ic trustpilot

By the way, about support. Technical support works around the clock. Delays in response last no more than 15 minutes. Support covers the desktop version of the trading platform and questions about the mobile application. The latter is available on the "Platform" page in the menu of the company's website.

The first thing that falls on request is high-quality consulting and adequate technical service - Mit Ic review Trustpilot.
Bonus from the company - training for beginners. You will have to get the initial theoretical base yourself (the site has a blog that gives the basic trading concepts, but you will still have to research some points). More serious advice on strategies can be obtained from a personal account manager assigned to each investor, according to the terms of the tariff plans.

Good luck trading!

personHarmon Lester 23.09.2022
I have a very good opinion on Mit ic. A convenient personal account and a very solid strong analytical support, which is rare now with brokers, unfortunately, is found. The experience of cooperation is very pleased.

personHancock Pierce 26.09.2022
In principle, this broker is not only directed to specialists. You are afraid to trade yourself - give capital to the management of the local guru. The site for beginners has a lot of useful information, for example, video letters and calendar of economically important events. I can say that in Mit ic they are very interested in the profitability of their customers.

personWalters Tracy 28.09.2022
Mit ic The broker is reliable and works completely transparently with traders. I know from experience - you need to read all the docks so as not to fall into the stupid situation on the tariff commissions and other nuances. Yes, you have to understand and read, but everything is honest.

personStanley Lewis 13.10.2022
I like that this broker has a small threshold. Although they say that Mit ic is more interesting to experienced traders. I, as a beginner, evaluate 5!

personGlenn Brown 22.10.2022
I have been trading for five years, a fairly good broker. I hope for a positive interaction.

personManuel Warren 27.10.2022
My initial task was to obtain profitability more than bank deposits from trust management. This was the only request. The problem was solved in the first year.

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