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In the context of the rapid development of information technology, the risk of being deceived in the Internet space increases significantly. Based on the monitoring and analysis of requests from deceived users, it is possible to identify certain mechanisms and levers of psychological pressure that are used by cybercriminals.

KeyTrending broker experts, scam is easy to prevent: What schemes do fraudsters come up with?

Too generous promotion conditions

KeyTrending scam experts warn: fraudsters promise to increase the trading amount by 200% on first week after you open the account. Of course, a real broker will never offer this: Forex is dynamic and fast, there’s no guaranty that you will earn certain amount of money on short-term deals. Scams also understand this, but rely on the power of greed.

Standard signs of fake advertising in the social network. Few reactions, a crooked logo, an ad on behalf of a newly created page, an unknown site address, a lot of colored banners asking you to pay, pay, pay. Some of the buttons on the site are fake. It looks like they were put there for visibility - to make the site look real. The creators of the site do not verify the data that users enter. This means that they are not going to register anything.

Getting a familiar picture? All those websites are created for just one thing: more money from people who want to trade with no actual trading. All you can do is get yourself a real broker like Scam broker can never have a website like this, with integrated trading platform and a lot of useful information.

How do scammers work? Fake educational centers for traders

There are many courses on trading on the Internet. Among them, there are frankly suspicious offers, when they promise to teach how to trade in just a month or they lure you with unreasonably large discounts. Modern Internet users are not surprised by this.

Scammers give out not only unrealistic terms. KeyTrending scam protection team lists the main signs of a fake traders educational center:

  • It promises easy money.
  • Educational platform gets your details for registration, but do not track your progress.

This is a fairly common pattern. Often scammers say that money is very easy and there is a lot of it - they just do not have time to earn everything. Therefore, it is supposedly easier for them to share and receive a percentage than to earn everything on their own. Sometimes it is seasoned with noble intentions: I got rich myself, now I want to help others get rich.

Don’t believe this. There are several large educational projects online. All the others just want you to pay for the course.

KeyTrending: scam is easy to prevent: How to distinguish a real broker from a fraudster?

All details of the broker indicated on the financial regulator's Internet resource must match the details specified in the license. scam is easy to prevent:

It is necessary to understand that by investing their funds in the stock market or the Forex market, the investor is not insured against market risks and as a result of investments can both receive income and incur losses.

KeyTrending Forex specialists warn: it is important for an investor to remember that trading in foreign currency and other financial instruments is associated with various market, credit, currency risks, etc., therefore, any investment requires a thorough analysis of the market, financial condition of issuers, security parameters and acceptance a balanced decision regarding her.

KeyTrending broker experts say that a novice investor cannot make investments with borrowed funds, as well as funds that may be required in the short term.

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Good customer support.

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On the demo account, I learned the advantages and disadvantages of trading through keytrending. I really liked that I still trading only in this company, I do not even pay attention to others

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Working with keytrending broker, I can only share good emotions. keytrending is a high-level broker, and they confirmed this more than once.

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I first came here to try trading at a fixed time. I heard a lot about it and wanted to see with my own eyes how it all works. So, I tried and did not like it. Fortunately, the broker also offers forex trading, and it exceeded my expectations. I like

personSmall Adam 31.03.2022
I was with keytrending broker for two months, but left for another, believed the beautiful promises to get rich the next day. As a result, I did not earn anything special, except for the annoyance of communicating with their support. Back to my favorite broker!

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My personal investigation convinced me: everything works well on this site, no one is trying to cheat anyone. I already liked the way they spoke to me in customer service. I am sure that you can succeed here!

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Well, I have to say I’m satisfied with these terms. I prefer not to worry about commission, and customer support is also nice here. If only there was more brokers like this one.

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It’s nice to see such good tariffs and helpful customer support, especially comparing to some other companies out there.

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I know almost nothing about trading so I just read reviews and chose one of the highest rated companies. Hope I made the right choice, everything is going smoothly and there weren’t any problems yet.

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