FNB Group - real reviews of fnb-group.co, scam?

FNB Group is an excellent solution for comfortable trading. Here we are invited to trade and make good profits. But is it worth trusting the project and what are the real reviews about fnb-group.co? Unfortunately, the reviews about the project are sharply negative. in other respects it is not even surprising. After all, the project brazenly misleads people. Then he steals money corny. The network has a huge number of different offers from brokerage companies and brokers. But only you must fully understand the fact that not all such offers turn out to be honest in practice. Most of them are just scammers. The purpose of which, first of all, is money from your pocket. But in order not to be unfounded, let's understand and consider the project in all details. So let's go!

Legend about the project

The Federation was founded in 2009 during the World Economic Crisis that brought down the banking sector. This forced the largest private investors to gather the best financial specialists in order to save their investments. The team of experts assembled by them decided to redirect investors' funds from the banking sector to the exchange sector.

This allowed not only to save but also to increase their capital, which continues to this day. After reading this legend, one gets the feeling that the swindlers have stolen it from another resource. What other federation if the broker is called FNB Group? Apparently, when the scammers stole the legend, they did not pay FNB Group any attention to what they wrote. But in any case, what year, forgive me, are we talking about in 2009?

If the project is only three weeks old. And it is very easy to check by the date of domain registration. But very cunning scammers sometimes buy an abandoned domain on purpose. Then they place their scam on it. All this is done to give solidity in the eyes of users.

After all, none of the users will want to cooperate with a project that has just appeared on the network. As for the site, it looks quite good. Yes, this is certainly far from a masterpiece, but it is difficult to call it completely a failure. However, this is definitely not the site of a normal and serious broker. Because it is formulaic.

Contact details:
[email protected]

Project overview

So, here we are offered to trade in the financial market. There are five trading accounts to choose from. The minimum deposit will be between $ 250 and $ 1,000. It's just not worth investing here at least a hundred rubles. Since this is a classic representative of a brokerage kitchen. And the only thing he does is actually just steal money from his clients.

This fact is evidenced by a large number of reviews of real people on the Internet, but more on that later. Let's take a look at the legal data. In the basement of the site, you can find a very interesting moment. It says that this company is the property of FNB Group LTD, Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960. There is also documentation in a separate tab. And disclaimer.

That is, the scammers tell you in plain text that if you lose your money here, it will only be your problems and that's it. The essence of divorce here lies in repetition. And it lies in the fact that as soon as you invest your money here, the swindlers will instantly steal it from your accounts. You will be offered to invest more money here. But this cannot be done.

After all, black brokers can easily pull out at least several thousand dollars from their victims. Therefore, if you see that the broker is offshore, then you can safely close it and ignore it right away.


Despite the fact that we have a fairly new scam, this did not stop the FNB Group from collecting a large number of negative reviews around itself. These reviews only confirm the fact that the scam appropriates other people's money. And when you try to withdraw your finances from here, no one will simply let you do it. Why? Because all your money has been in offshore accounts for a long time.


FNB Group is not really any broker. This is just a false tale from scammers. Unfortunately, you will not be able to earn anything here. On the contrary, only large financial losses await you. Always try to check real reviews on the network before cooperating with a broker. Warn your loved ones.

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