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FinancesLab is a very convenient, modern service through which it is possible to trade on the international market. It is a licensed intermediary with no hidden fees, fixed commissions, and favorable conditions. More details can be found in this FinancesLab broker review.

General information

European company operating around the world. There are financial regulators, legal documents and inspection results confirming the reliability of the brand. More than half a million people have opened accounts here and bankruptcy has never been recorded. The broker offers several ways to get in touch, as well as the services of a personal manager.

Specializes in trading, investing, analytics, training. Training materials are freely available, there are courses for beginners. All systematized, set out in clear language. The list of assets is substantial.

Exchange FinancesLab fulfills its financial obligations, has no debts to the players. There is an affiliate program. With its help, it is also possible to earn quite good money, especially, if brought users will actively trade in the market.

The platform is functional. It develops, expanding the list of services. Transactions are posted directly to Forex. The brand works honestly, without embezzling clients' money. Fraudulent tricks are excluded.

The website is thought out to the smallest detail. There are no ads, the design is user-friendly, the interface is simple. All important elements are highlighted and registration takes no more than 5 minutes.

The company is for freedom of choice. There are no intrusive offers, no one calling on the phone from hidden numbers, trying to manipulate or intimidate. There is a mobile app, technical support, and a set of proven tools.

Client funds are never used for the broker's personal purposes. They are kept separate and the minimum deposit amount on FinancesLab is determined by the account type. Financial transactions are made through verified payment systems.

Support service

The support service forms the image of the company. This is a kind of "face" of the FinancesLab, responsible for client comfort. The broker FinancesLab carefully monitors the training of its staff. Everyone receives mandatory training and has a mentor who explains the platform, stock market features, and methods of analysis and conducts a FinancesLab investment review.

FinancesLab exchange has one of the highest quality, multilingual support staff with over 200 employees. Operators respond to every request.

Reviews about FinancesLab say that the service has developed quality standards, which are monitored by certain specialists. The company's support team handles several thousand requests daily. The response comes quickly enough. Usually, a question in the online chat is resolved in a few minutes.

Last year, FinancesLab's support team handled about 200 thousand requests through various communication channels. Users interact with real company representatives, not limited to video tutorials and the FAQ section.

Customer service is distinguished by the following:

  • availability. Dialogue with an operator can be started in a few clicks;
  • efficiency. The problem is resolved quickly. If the issue is complicated enough, the client is informed that he or she will have to wait a little longer;
  • friendliness. Employees perceive the user's problem as a company problem, so they do everything possible to solve it;
  • helpfulness. The question is answered comprehensively and does not need to be clarified.

There are several ways to contact FinancesLab support, including a phone call.

Company services and work on Forex

Registration takes place online. The contract is also concluded so that the personal presence of the client is not required. After accessing the personal account, the following services can be used:

  • closing/opening deals on contracts;
  • buying/selling of assets;
  • account opening (the broker provides a full service);
  • real-time quotes;
  • trading tools;
  • free training;
  • support of personal managers;
  • training account.

FinancesLab provides daily "fresh" Forex analytics and publishes up-to-date news. The Cayman indicator is also available, showing the Bulls Power and Bears Power on assets. Traders use COT, reflecting the sentiments of large and small players affecting the market. In addition, the broker regularly updates the economic calendar, consults on taxation, and provides access to trading signals. Exchange FinancesLab is suitable for everyone. It works transparently and does not impose dubious tools.


What conclusions can be made from this FinancesLab review? The service is one of the biggest. Trading is available online and activities are conducted openly. Reporting is published on the website. There is a competent support service and free training. Several account types, and clear terms, and conditions. The size of the minimum deposit on FinancesLab is determined by the tariff.


- Question: Is it necessary to register?

- Answer: Yes. Without it, you will not be able to open an account and become a client of the broker. 

- Question: Is there a calendar of economic events?

- Answer: Yes. On the website, in a special section. It is available after registration.

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