ESR Digital Pencil Review

ESR Digital Pencil

We reviewed the new budget ESR Digital Pencil. An excellent analogue of the Apple Pencil, which is suitable for beginners in graphic design. Choosing a stylus for iPad is always a pretty big step. Especially if you are really fond of graphic drawing and are not going to just "scribble" something on the tablet. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to shell out for the new Apple Pencil. Therefore, alternative stylus options at a budget price are gaining great popularity.

This iPad stylus comes in a small thin cardboard box, with a simple but pretty minimalist design. Nothing extra - perfect for a budget stylus.

ESR Digital Pencil Review

Package Contents Don't expect anything special, the ESR Digital Pencil comes with only a micro-USB to USB cable, a spare removable tip and, in fact, the stylus itself. In fact, we were very much hoping that ESR would make this stylus, powered by a USB-C cable, but apparently not destiny.

The stylus connects directly to the iPad itself, but you don't need to connect it directly to Bluetooth every time. As soon as you turn on the ESR Digital Pencil (at the push of a button), it immediately connects to the iPad and is ready to go. This is great for taking a quick note on the go or sketching people in motion.

An important point: you can replace the stylus tip if it becomes frayed or damaged. You can replace the nib by simply detaching the end of the ESR Digital Pencil with a few strokes. The kit already comes with a spare.

An important plus is the long operating time of the ESR Digital Pencil. You can use this stylus for up to 12 hours without recharging. If you're on the road, this is a huge benefit for a fairly budget stylus.

The disadvantage of the stylus is the lack of pressure perception. Yes, for those who are cooking in graphic design and drawing, this is a very noticeable disadvantage. Therefore, I say right away - this stylus is not for the pros. It is for those who are taking their first steps or just looking for a convenient way to interact with their iPad.

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