Enigma decentralized investment platform

The long-term purpose of Enigma is to form a competitive market where investors will acquire strategies appropriate to their tasks and requirements. In other words, Enigma Catalyst strives to simplify the improvement of crypto bots and other financial instruments offering necessary functionality to anyone interested. Enigma is a decentralized investment platform that enables developers to establish, test and update crypto currency funds. Also, the service offers an extensive database that allows you to create the most profitable strategy for the project development. 

Enigma Catalyst is a combination of an investment platform and a decentralized inter-network exchange protocol. The crypto coin team claims to have developed a first-of-its-kind website aimed at enabling users to easily launch and try out digital funds of different focus. 

The idea of the platform came about after many years of monitoring the ever-growing hedging segment of investment. In addition, the increased recognition of crypto currencies played a considerable role in it. 

However, such disadvantages are inherent in many types of crypto currency. Enigma Catalyst strives to introduce the following functions into the blockchain environment: 

·        Extensive database. Enigma users can receive various information, the latest news and ICO statistics from several sources. 

·        Lots of opportunities. Even if a user does not have the ability or time, they can always invest in ready-made strategies. 

·        Enigma Catalyst offers a fast, reliable and, most importantly, secure crypto assets exchange. 

·        Currency storage that does not involve stock exchange. 

·        Instant transactions. Over-the-counter payments are made in a matter of seconds, which automatically increases the speed of trade and liquidity indicators in the market. 

The merits of the Enigma site are the following: 

·        Low commission fees, which makes the resource available to a wide range of users. 

·        Anonymity. The service algorithms are based on a peer-to-peer network, which prevents identification. 

·        High degree of safety. It is impossible to copy, fake or steal digital assets - they are securely protected. 

·        Limited issuing of electronic money. As a rule, a crypto currency is produced in a small amount, which means that it does not fear inflation. 

·        Open source code of the resource. Everyone can easily control all stages of development. 

However, Enigma did not manage to avoid certain drawbacks: 

·        Enigma has not yet acquired a definite legal formulation. Some states consider it a legitimate exchange asset, while others consider it an illegal money substitute, which should be banned. 

·        No transaction recall. 

·        Huge volatility. The price is almost impossible to predict since it depends only on the actual demand at the moment. In addition, the protective algorithms inherent in the fiat currency do not work here. 

·        Unlike traditional money, Enigma Catalyst is not supported by the economy. 

·        The risk of losing access to your savings. 

·        There are no guarantees. The legislative regulatory mechanisms do not work in this case and therefore it will not be possible to return lost money. 

All operations of the Enigma resource are supported by coordination of liquidity providers. Each of them covers several separate payment structures. To start trading, a platform participant must open a payment account with the selected supplier in a crypto currency that they would like to sell or buy. In essence, this means that Enigma Catalyst allows you to conduct trading without intermediaries in the form of exchanges or exchange services. Thanks to the Enigma system, the resource allows traders to analyze and carry out various strategies. Also, investors, relying on performance indicators, can select what they want to finance. 


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