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7 tips on how to reduce the load on the refrigerator, and thus reduce the overall cost of electricity.

Choose the appropriate size

Before buying a refrigerator, you should compare its size with the number of people living in the house and the amount of food that will be stored in it.

Yes, it makes no sense to buy a large Side-by-Side refrigerator for 1-2 people, because it is unlikely to be 100% full. A refrigerator that cools more air than food consumes electricity in vain.

Remember the correct location

The refrigerator should be kept away from any heat-generating appliances, especially batteries. It also needs air access to the rear wall, through which the unit emits heat to the outside.

Therefore it is not necessary to place the refrigerator in a niche or to hang up lockers from all parties. The better the ventilation of its rear wall, the easier it will work and the less electricity it will consume.

Do not forget about cleanliness

Cleanliness is a guarantee not only of health, but also of good work of household appliances. We will not talk about the need to wipe the shelves inside the refrigerator, but recall that you need to periodically clean the condenser (lattice) on its back, gently wiping the dust with a brush or damp sponge. These manipulations will help protect the refrigerator from overheating.

Important: The refrigerator must be disconnected from the mains before cleaning the condenser.

Check the seal

Many people underestimate this part of the refrigerator, and in vain - it is good seals guarantee effective cooling. If the seal does not fit snugly to the door, the refrigerator has to work with a heavy load, faster to spend its resources and electricity.

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Replace the old seal or strengthen the new one so that it does not leak cold, also do not forget to monitor the cleanliness of the seal, removing dirt, food particles that got into it, and sticky stains.

Clean the ice regularly

The refrigerator is harder to work with and consumes much more electricity if a lot of frozen ice has formed in the freezer.

Ice in the freezer is formed due to the ingress of warm air. And to make the ice crust form smaller and slower, you need to get and put the products in the freezer as quickly as possible.

Also, don't forget to periodically defrost the freezer and the refrigerator itself, unless they have a No Frost system.

Do not open the refrigerator for a long time

Speed of action is required not only when using the freezer. It is not necessary to think long about the question "What would you eat?", Standing at the open refrigerator door.

So all the cold air comes out of the refrigerator, its place is warmer, which has to be re-cooled. Absolutely unnecessary electricity costs!

Maintain the correct temperature

The correct temperature range inside the refrigerator is 2-4 C. Below - the products will freeze, above - they can spoil. If possible, you should set these temperature values in your refrigerator.

Do not put warm and hot dishes in the refrigerator, it will have to work very hard to cool them, spending extra kilowatts. And condensate, which can form in the refrigerator during the cooling process, does not bring anything good to the refrigerator or the products in it.

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