Delta Market Review 2020 | Delta Market Broker Scam or Legit?

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Delta Market has entered the market only a short while ago. They have already established a reputation of a high-quality and reliable broker. The company’s main office is located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Anyone with basic understanding of the financial market knows how hard it can be to find a trusty broker. It seems, though, that Delta Market suits that description perfectly. Since they first began their business, there were no serious issues to their activity. This sole fact says a lot about them already. However, it’s not their only advantage, as they’re providing an overall superb service quality. 

We weren’t able to find a lot of Delta Market reviews for broker activity, and it’s understandable why traders might find it hard to form an opinion about this company. That is exactly why we’ve decided to create this review — to help you with making your own decision, knowing all the facts. 



There are several reasons, and we intend to throw some light on each one of them.


Delta Market broker would be an awesome starting point for many traders. The level of service they provide to each client would pleasantly surprise you and give you a great start in trading. Besides, they possess a tremendous amount of knowledge on financial markets and trading overall, so you can easily use them for long-term learning. 

Delta Market forex has a great FAQ too, including all the main questions that might arise during your career development. Whenever you feel lost among the intricacies of trading terms, you can also check their glossary until you’re completely comfortable. These information sources would form a complete and sufficient database for a beginning trader. 



It is a common practice for low-grade brokers to increase their own profits with additional fees on both deposits and withdrawals. For an inexperienced trader those fees might seem insignificant, since they usually amount to 2-3%. In the long run, however, even such small numbers can play a critical role in your overall profiting.

Just think of it — you’re giving away a part of your profit EACH TIME you make a deposit or withdraw your money from your broker. 2% of $100 is $2, but what if you’re withdrawing, say, $10.000? This “minor fee” will amount to $200 in this case. And it is constant.

However, Delta Market doesn’t have such fees. This fact plays strongly to their benefit. 



It seems that Delta Market forex had some real design professionals working with their website, and the result is extremely visually appealing. Some brokers don’t pay too much mind to their websites, leaving them clumsy-looking and littered with badly presented chunks of information. This is absolutely not the case here.

Of course, the design will always remain a matter of personal preferences for each onlooker. However, there is no denial that rules of presenting valuable information must be complied with no matter what your tastes are. Delta Marketseems to realize that quite well. 



There’s not much information about , because they are such a fresh player on the market. It is, however, quite safe to say that they probably use the same regulation principles usual for top-level brokers. 

So, how good is actually the scam protection? The really important fact for the safety score is the complete absence of an issue record for this company. Most brokers (even the biggest and strongest among them) have at least some minor transgressions accumulated over their career. This absence of transgressions makes a really positive impression on us, and somewhat diminishes the lack of regulation data (which is usually not that reliable anyway). scam protection is really good.

That is why we can rate them as quite a reliable company.



Delta Market provides their clients with a possibility to create a demo account. For the purpose of fast learning, though, we would strongly advise to use a real live account: it will require only a small investment but change your experience completely.

For live accounts, Delta Market offers four categories for you to choose: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Bronze is the lowest tier, and it’s main benefit is prices for clients; Platinum provides the best pricing advantages for customers with the highest level of loyalty. The main thing to be affected by the tier change is mostly spreads: everything else changes only slightly. 

As a result, it doesn’t matter too much how big your investments are going to be, the experience with Delta Market on all levels would be just as pleasant and profitable. Yeah, of course, the Platinum package can provide you the biggest profit if you’re a big-time trader, however, ’s features don’t get worse when working with lower tiers. The company seems to maintain a good balance between attracting big investors to join their top tiers, and keeping it really interesting for small-time traders with Bronze and Silver accounts. This is a great feature for a broker and we consider it to be a fat plus in our charts. 


Here are account tiers in more detail: 


  • Minimum deposit: $250
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Spread: From 2.8 pips
  • Trade size: from 0,01
  • Unlimited open positions


  • Minimum deposit: $2000
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Spread: From 2.5 pips
  • Trade size: from 0,01
  • Unlimited open positions


  • Minimum deposit: $10000
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Spread: From 1.5 pips
  • Trade size: from 0,01
  • Unlimited open positions


  • Minimum deposit: $50000
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Spread: From 0.1 pips
  • Trade size: from 0,01
  • Unlimited open positions


DELTA MARKET TRADING ENVIRONMENT REVIEW ’s trading environment is really great, every detail of their activity participates in creating a wholesome and balanced picture. All account tiers share the same leverage level: 1:300. It is a really balanced amount that will help you trade more effectively when you want it, but will keep you somewhat restrained when you feel it’s time to care for your risk management. Spreads stay pretty much the same between tiers too, however, Platinum has it somewhat better, which is not surprising, considering the overall tier cost. 


The difference between various types of accounts is balanced very meticulously as well. Each level has its own merits and benefits, and while it would certainly be more beneficial to get higher tiers for major investors, the tier balance doesn’t push you to do so, ensuring comfortable trading whatever tier you choose. This feeling of not having your hand guided is extremely important for traders, and we value it a lot. 


The safety of trading seems to be another major attention point for . For many traders, the reputation of their broker stands first, when they need to make a choice. The amount of fraudsters littering the financial market is really high in the later years, that is why it’s important to always stay cautious. This should not be a reason for worries when it comes to Delta Market though; this review clearly shows that they are reliable and trustworthy. 




When it comes to the trading platform, Delta Market doesn’t provide a lot of options, like many others. The only choice for its clients would be the MetaTrader4, a wide-known and trusted platform. For someone that decision might seem a bit limiting, but we approve of such a choice completely. MetaTrader4 has everything a trading terminal needs and doesn’t try to make up for absence of key features with meaningless content like many other platforms do. It is rather quick and efficient, and also works quite well on older devices. 


Don’t be tricked, however, into thinking that this platform would be easy to use from the very beginning. It has a “easy to learn — moderately hard to master” learning curve, and you will need to digest some amounts of necessary information in order to master this terminal on a completely professional level. 


MT4 platform also has a lot of great tools to help you in market analysis and daily trading, so make sure to spend some time researching it. 


One more thing: reviews show that they have a specialized mobile app for you to trade from anywhere. You can download it for free from Google Play, Apple App, or Microsoft online stores and trade whenever you want.




Beside the many other benefits Delta Market provides for their clients, they also have an awesome set of trading products. There are about 150 assets for ’s clients to trade, covering a wide variety of goods. There are no cryptocurrencies on the list, however, we don’t consider this to be a disadvantage, since cryptocurrencies are a quite unstable matter and many analysts advise against including them in your portfolio. Here are some of the trading products Delta Marketprovides: 


CURRENCY PAIRS: Delta Market offers a choice of about 50 currency pairs for you to trade. They include the most sought-for pairs such as USD/CAD, EUR/USD and GBP/USD, and many others. 

OIL AND GAS: Crude, brent oil and natural gas options are present in the list and are always available for trading. 

PRECIOUS METALS: The variety here is somewhat limited, with the only two options being silver and gold; however, those are the most usual options for trading anyway. 

SHARES: Of course, Delta Marketalso offers trading shares, without it no broker can be considered proficient. Shares of every company that matters and many more are present and available, Tesla, Google, Apple, Amazon, you name it. 


Delta Market broker SUPPORT TEAM

We’ve had an overall pleasant impression of the ’s customer care service. They seemed always eager to help and solve problems that might arise during the cooperation process. Is Delta Market scam? This answers that question completely, in our opinion — no. No scammer would ever spend so much effort on helping their clients. A live chat option would be a welcomed addition though. 


Phone number: +441507243012




So, is the Delta Market scam? We are sure that they are not. 


There are some minor issues that might seem unpleasant at first, but all of those are mostly related to them being a new player on the broker market. With the eagerness and spirit Delta Market review shows right now, we believe they will not hesitate to fix those, and their quality of service is stellar already. 


Metatrader 4 is a good choice for a trading platform, the beginner-friendliness is an another distinctive benefit. Terms of trading are almost universal with any account tier, the broker doesn’t push your hand to upgrade. And their reputation stays stainless to this day, which is a rare quality for a broker. 


All in all, we believe Delta Market to be one of the best broker choices currently available for a new trader. You should definitely at least check them and see if they would be right for you.

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person Boyd Mark 16.11.2020
What have I learned to take into account in my first year with Delta Markets - risk limits, order sizes, emotions (getting angry– you will lose even more), planning – always, always plan your trading, stop loss levels – your forecast can be wrong, just admit this, and, mainly, THE TREND. Trading against it was my most recent mistake…

person P. Evan 21.11.2020
I wonder how many people evaluate their risk per trade in % or in dollar amounts. All learning courses almost cry - measure your risks, set your goals, plan your trading… I asked many times and only one or two confirmed they really think about this. Unfortunately, many people do not know their % of risk, and then they whine on the forums.

person Gregory Oliver 26.11.2020
Can anybody advice on planning? It seems I have a money keeping problem. As you see I set a financial goal of 100 pips per week. I cannot reach it every week. Sometimes I do more but often I finish losing it all. How can I avoid losses? I plan everything carefully and try to follow my plan and control emotions and yet I keep opening orders that end up as a failure. Trading on USD/JPY

person Stafford Nicholas 30.11.2020
Always work with professionals. Let us be frank, 90% of the people talking about broker trading know nothing about it. If you google Delta Markets, you’ll find dozens of reviews and some of them really weird. My experience is only positive, and I suppose the authors are just weak.

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