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In recent years, internet fraud has been gaining momentum. There have been cases of using the broker's name to steal client funds. Here we describe the main fraud options.

With the help of experts from ChaseCapitalOnline, scam can be easily recognized and neutralized.

Also, having studied all the signs of the actions of dishonest companies, we can practically deny the possibility that scam.

We would like to note that most of these options are used in any areas related to working with finance. Read them carefully to increase your knowledge of the security of working with financial flows online.

ChaseCapitalOnline Scam protection tips: fake websites

Scammers register a domain using the broker's name or part of it in the website address. 

Then they borrow the design and content so that the user, when visiting such a site, could visually confuse it with the official one.

Such a site contains a fake login form, into which an inattentive user will enter his username and password from the client's account. There is also a fake registration form where the user will leave his personal and payment information instead of the real company to the scammers.

Bank customers often fall victim to phishing sites, and fraudsters also fake online banking login forms.

How to recognize scammers: ChaseCapitalOnline Scam check advice

Always check which domain you are logged on to, especially if this link was given to you in Telegram channels or chats. If you are already a client of the broker, take a look at the site navigation. Most often, scammers do not copy all pages, but limit themselves to the main page. Be sure to pay attention to how the login form looks like.

Fake pages on social networks

Many clients are used to communicating on social networks or messengers. Instead of contacting the broker's like broker official contacts indicated on his website, such as LiveChat, phone or email, they simply type the name of the company in a search on Facebook or Telegram.

Of course, each broker has its own group. But when you search for Facebook, you will find dozens of different groups. Some of them are the official groups of the broker, some of them belong to partners, and some are fake, pretending to be official. Scammers are waiting for the last clients of the broker. To answer the question under any plausible reason, they request a username and password from the client's office.

How to protect yourself

First, it is necessary to clearly understand that all deposits and withdrawals of funds are carried out only through the client's office. ChaseCapitalOnline scam detection team tips:

Otherwise, the protection methods here completely coincide with the previous option: verify your phone number with the broker and do not transfer your card details, as well as your login and password, to anyone.

If scammers break into your account and try to withdraw funds to another wallet, the code to confirm the withdrawal will immediately come to your verified phone number, and you will notice suspicious activity.

None of these signs when studying the site indicated that is a scam.

Basic safety rules for working with a Forex broker's office

Let's summarize all of the above ChaseCapitalOnline scam check tips and list the main points that will help secure your client profile and your funds:

  • ChaseCapitalOnline scam check specialists warn: Always indicate your real data in the broker's profile and go through full verification. The required minimum is phone and mail verification.
  • Set up complex passwords, store them in special programs in encrypted form.
  • Install antivirus software on your computer and phone.
  • Always pay attention to the domain when entering the broker's office.
  • Set up two-factor authentication if technically feasible.
  • Configure the receipt of withdrawal confirmation codes to your phone.
  • Never share your passwords from the broker's office or trading accounts in social networks and instant messengers to anyone. Official support will never ask for a password from your account or account.
  • Remember that all calls from the ChaseCapitalOnline broker usually take place after a request from the customer.


personSpencer Paul 17.01.2022
Reliable trading company. I am so grateful for the fact that they became my broker, they are really good. I have never had problems with the output of funds or any of their tools and services. There was almost a year with them.

personAllen Matthew 22.01.2022
Everyone needs a good broker. Well, that I made the right choice. They are professional and always provide good services. One of the best brokers in the trade of cryptocurrencies. I really like that there is a lot of useful information about Bitcoins on the site.

personFarmer David 25.01.2022
I like working with this broker. A set of tools is excellent. Useful customer service. They are always ready to help me in all my trading problems.

personCameron George 01.02.2022
They have excellent trading conditions, and their customer support service is always ready to help me in all my problems. I get a good profit and nothing to complain about. Excellent serviss

personWarner Claude 03.02.2022
If I recommended a broker for forex trading, I would recommend this. No complaints over the past few months. They provide good support, excellent services.

personWaters Brian 18.02.2022
Excellent broker for beginners with very good conditions and cool materials for teaching trading. There were no problems with payments.

personJoseph Paul 07.03.2022
Constantly best for me. Very stable and reliable broker, with uninterrupted performance and low cost. Recently, they had small legal troubles, but I still remain with them, as it was already used to it.

personO’Connor’ Marshall 12.03.2022
Everything works smoothly, the costs are also quite cool. Despite reports of blocking foreign customers, they recently opened my bill, so I think everything is in order.

personChapman Malcolm 21.03.2022
A good broker without any oddities with a credit shoulder restriction. In addition, payments occur on time, I never encountered any administrative problems. The trade itself is also worthy, orders come as expected.

personHarmon Peter 30.03.2022
The safety of the accounts of accounts and the trading portal is much better than any broker I have seen. I am surprised how many brokers have such an outdated security standard. 2-factor authentication is currently the minimum standard. Especially when a lot of money is put on the map.

personWilkinson Paul 13.04.2022
In general, quite a good brokerage business at the expense of low spreads and stable platform. No restrictions on any strategies and robots.

personHart Robert 14.04.2022
The best broker I have ever used! I do not know why his rating is so low, but believe me, this is a very good broker :).

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