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Absolutely everyone who has decided to invest in the stock market is faced with the question: "how to choose a reliable broker?"

A broker is an indispensable intermediary that is the link between the investor and the exchange.

A broker is a company that is licensed to operate in the stock market and is entitled to transact in securities for an investor. Usually the broker is a company, but sometimes a bank offers brokerage services.

What the broker does:

  • Opens and maintains a client's brokerage account on the exchange.
  • Fulfills the client's buy / sell orders.
  • Keeps track of his investments.
  • Pays taxes for the client (if the broker is also a tax agent).
  • Teaches stock trading (develops free and paid webinars and trainings).
  • Prepares analytics for markets and individual securities.
  • Offers money on ready-made strategies (analyzing the market, sectors and individual assets, offers investment ideas).
  • I will describe the main points that a novice investor should pay attention to when choosing a broker.

In this review, we have all services for ChaseCapitalOnline review as an example.

For a relatively short period of work of the company in the market, it managed to earn a brilliant reputation.

When we collected information about the company, ChaseCapitalOnline reviews, which we studied a lot, became the basis for an opinion. Regular customers rate cooperation with the company excellently. Clients rate very positively the professional work of the support service and the variety of trading accounts.

ChaseCapitalOnline reviews of portfolio and account types

The site provides information on 4 types:






Deposit (dollars)


15 000

25 000

50 000

















Broker ChaseCapitalOnline - review

It was easy to find reviews, on the Internet you can find many positive reviews about the company and its services.

Excellent reviews can be found for the following parameters and services:

  • Clients rate the security and stability of the broker positively. The broker maintains a Know Your Customer (KYC) security policy.

The Know Your Client policy is a common part of any broker's internal control system. However, not everywhere it is given sufficient attention from the point of view of organizational and documentation support. Such a policy, if it permeates the entire activity of a financial institution when performing transactions, can significantly reduce regulatory risk. So far, such a document as the "Know Your Client" policy is not mandatory for brokers, but the need for it is becoming more acute.

  • Of course, the privacy policy and data encryption are important for customers, and therefore the company does not store any passwords or other customer data other than data for verification and trading. Of course, even this data is highly encrypted.
  • The transaction speed is very high. Transactions are executed within the specified time frame. Withdrawal of funds takes no more than 12 hours.
  • ChaseCapitalOnline reviews say that this broker is great for beginners.

Broker reviews. What customers say:

“I have been a client of ChaseCapitalOnline for 1 year and in general I can recommend a broker. The spreads are normal. I am very pleased with the support. Questions are answered quickly and well. It has always been easy for me to get in touch with the support team. The server is stable and there are no strange rates. Order fulfillment is mostly good. Sometimes there are requotes or it takes a little time.”

“I have been trading with ChaseCapitalOnline for more than half a year and have never experienced any problems. With no other broker I have received such low spreads, good prices, better charts. Most importantly, this broker pays out the requested profit quickly (maximum 12 hours). I can only confirm all the other positive aspects of previous traders. So far, I have not had server crashes.”



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