Broker Stocks International is not among the scammers?

No one is immune from encountering fraudsters. They are everywhere, but recently they have become especially numerous on the stock market. Most often they pretend to be trusted brokers and use deception to extort funds and steal personal data. It is easy to recognize them - it is enough to look at the quality of the website and the list of submitted documents. As a rule, unscrupulous brokers do not have a valid license, so they work illegally. But, normal companies still exist. Stocks International is not scam and is quite trustworthy. The service has all necessary permits, is controlled by regulators and fully complies with Forex regulations. It is an honest broker with transparent conditions, adequate spreads, convenient ways to withdraw funds. No one had any problems with it, and everyone received money without any delays. Plus, the reliability of the company is indicated by positive reviews and financial statements provided on a regular basis.

How do scammers work?

Unscrupulous brokers lure you in with loud promises of instant payouts. They act assertively, unprofessionally and intrusively. They can be the first to make contact, call, write throughout the day, even after hours. Fraudsters offer unknown tools, and they always have an arsenal of "unique" strategies, ineffective trading signals and paid courses. Here is what else indicates a typical scammer:

  • gaps in history. It is not known when the company appeared, how it developed, etc.;
  • site with third-party links and no secure connection;
  • No special encryption to protect customer data;
  • user agreement as well as contact details are nowhere to be found;
  • Customer service ignores, never answering questions;
  • Impersonation of others' documents. Fraudsters may also publish fake licenses to create a false impression of reliability;
  • offer to download an incomprehensible terminal for work;
  • promise high risk-free profits from day one;
  • prevent you from receiving a payout or simply refuse to withdraw your funds;
  • charge strange commissions, the amount of which depends on the type of transaction;
  • offer tuition;
  • put psychological pressure on the clients;
  • asking for money to be transferred to personal accounts.

Stocks Int is not scam as it does not do anything like that and always works honestly. Clients are a priority here, so they receive quality service. Payments are regular, there is an official website, risk information, financial reporting.

Where can I read reviews of the broker?

Stocks International - legit. This is a mediator with a good reputation, which has been trusted for several years. Positive comments from clients confirm timely receipt of funds and honest work. Most of the reviews are published on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. The platforms are independent and there are traders from all over the world. This is what the broker Stocks International is usually praised for:

  • support service, working around the clock, as well as the competence of operators;
  • low, and most importantly, fixed commissions;
  • no withdrawal limits;
  • clear user agreement;
  • a variety of educational materials;
  • regular payments;
  • transparent terms.

In reviews they often write about the instant execution of orders, which is especially liked by clients. That why Stocks Int - legit.

Peculiarities of broker's work Stocks Int

The company does not impose anything on anyone, does not charge strange fines, is not the first to make contact. It is quite a decent intermediary offering the following:

  • several types of accounts;
  • free access to educational resources;
  • trading and analytical tools;
  • the ability to use a proven terminal;
  • quality execution of transactions;
  • leverage;
  • loyalty to everyone.

Stocks International is not scam. The broker works on the basis of valid licenses, does not limit the choice of strategies, uses special encryption to protect data.

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