LST-IC review 2022 and broker opportunities

Choosing an intermediary in the financial markets is a responsible activity. It is important that working with a broker is comfortable and safe. And for those who are just beginning to learn about trading, good support services and training materials are critical. Let's examine LST-IC broker review, its advantages, offered services, and tools. And we also compare the LST-IC trading platform with competitors. Let's find out not only the pros but also the cons, in order to make an informed choice.

Website - entry point to the LST-IC platform

Any person or organization only has the chance to make a first impression once. When it comes to the business you are handing your money to, it is very important that everything is as flawless as possible. The website we examine in this LST-IC review does not lose out to the competition. It is accurate, informative, and intuitive for someone with little experience in trading stocks, bonds, or currencies. There is no obtrusive advertising or other signs of unscrupulous traders. Quite the contrary. We immediately see information about the knowledge base, which is useful for beginners, and a short list of product classes. The LST-IC trading platform allows you to work in the stock markets, commodities, trade stock indices, and currencies. In total, the broker offers more than 1500 products but does not dump them on your head. The full list is already available inside the trading platform, where it is presented in a structured way.

Also, in one click there is information about the registration of LST-IC, legal information, types of accounts of LST-IC, trading terms on the platform, contact details of the company, requirements, and conditions for ensuring trading security. Everything that is worth studying carefully before you start cooperation.

Information from reviews about LST-IC indicates that the broker LST-IC is suitable for novice traders. At the same time, a solid package of trading products will suit those who already have trading experience. Experienced users can immediately evaluate the technical parameters provided by the MELIORATE trading platform – the communication speed is indicated right on the first page. The level of quality that the company will be obliged to meet is immediately stated.

Learn - understand – trade

We are sure that most of the readers of LST-IC review are still just beginning their journey in the cryptocurrency, Forex, and classic commodity exchange markets. Therefore, we will pay special attention to the proposed educational materials.


The first, and most important, is a dictionary. The presence of a dictionary of terms is important already because it will be a starting point in case of any disputes or clarifications of nuances. This will not allow you to give a different interpretation, referring to external resources. In addition, a cheat sheet at hand will be convenient until you learn all the terms.


A valuable resource. After all, specialized literature in any discipline is expensive everywhere. And here the broker gives access to it to all his clients. It can be seen that LST-IC takes clients'  training seriously.

Video Academy

Modern training is impossible without video. Not everyone, especially modern people who have grown up on YouTube, will be able to effectively learn large amounts of new information solely from books. Having a video resource is a big benefit to the LST-IC rating. 

Market news and analytics

But even an experienced trader cannot work without it. After all, trading means constantly analyzing the signals the market gives, working with data, building your own forecasts, and studying others to understand how competitors will perform.

Of course, the news is not a unique service. But it should be noted that a good news and analytics service costs a lot of money and the fact that LST-IC provides it to its clients is another major plus to its rating.

By the way, LST-IC news and forecasts can also be used for training. Watch the market and test your hypotheses with live examples. See how your virtual profits grow by working in the "sandbox". And if it's not growing, keep learning.

LST-IC Support Service

Let's make a reservation right away. Having a good support service for a financial service is a condition that is both extremely necessary and at the same time not often fulfilled. Unfortunately, effective and qualified customer service is a very expensive pleasure, and therefore we regularly encounter imitation support in various fields, instead of real customer care.

LST-IC provides customer support 24/5, that is, during the hours when there is trading on the markets. When the exchanges go on days off and turn off the terminals, the MELIORATE support service is also silent. Of course, everyone would like to be able to get consultations these days as well, especially as it is a distraction from order books (Depth of Market). But let's be fair - that would make the broker's service more expensive. And no one wants to pay higher commissions. You could say that the broker is keeping the right balance here. LST-IC provides it during the hours when trading is going on and quick help is desperately needed.

Commissions and tariffs

Comparing the conditions of the company from LST-IC invest review with its competitors, it can be noted that the commissions are give or take close. This is definitely a good signal. A broker who promises free or very cheap service is deceiving his clients. He either hides his commissions, which eventually become unexpected at withdrawal or even worse - he simply cheats and steals from his clients. If a broker sets average market commissions it is a good signal that he does not earn from ruining his clients but from their work. And most likely he is interested in them to continue earning and to earn exactly with him.

It is worth noting that LST-IC declares the absence of additional and hidden fees. Such a healthy approach is to be welcomed. It gives you better control of your trading account and does not create unnecessary reasons to clarify the relationship with the support service. And therefore, it makes their work cheaper, which has an impact on the client's overall costs.

An outsider's view

We did not limit ourselves to our own analysis but interviewed LST-IC clients who agreed to tell about their experience of cooperation with the broker.

Barbara Hoffman, a hotel manager and trader:

"I am only a beginner trader and am quite conservative. I am not satisfied with bank interest on deposits, but once again I do not like to take risks and I am not going to. I chose LST-IC because it allows me to trade bonds. Such an investment tool suits me and the LST-IC trading platform suited me. Everything was quite comfortable and understandable. My basic knowledge was enough to find out how to open an account, deposit money into it, and start trading. Now I am studying the materials in the video academy and practicing with other products with a demo account. I am not sure if I will ever trade with my own money on Forex, but I want to understand how other markets work. So far my impressions of LST-IC are the best. I got from the company what I hoped for".

Klaus Muller, an engineer:

"Trading on the stock exchange is primarily a sport for me. I strive to earn money not to increase my savings, but to make my brain work. I think this is a great way to prolong active years. I started trading on the stock exchange even before the Internet became ubiquitous.  The list of stocks that are available on the LST-IC platform suited me. There are some of my old favorites and some that were unavailable to me about 20 years ago. It wasn't the first broker I chose, but the balance of conditions and quality of MELIORATE's work suits me better. So I'm here for now. I have already tried to deactivate an account with LST-IC to see how the broker deals with departing clients. There were no unpleasant surprises. I'm satisfied and so far I'm here. And apart from stocks, I want to try cryptocurrencies. What suits me is that I don't have to look for another broker to buy bitcoin. You can do everything in one place. But for now, I'm just looking closely."

Alexander Schultz, a pensioner:

"Trading is my second job. I have been trading Forex for a long time because currency trading makes it possible to get a good income in a short time. And unlike the popular cryptocurrencies now, with the dollar and the euro, you can predict where the exchange rate will go. I think I've already learned how to do it quite well. I really like how the LST-IC trading system works. I've gone through a dozen brokers in recent years. Everything is convenient for me here. And the settings of the personal cabinet, data visualization, and the news feed – everything is at the highest level. And I have something to compare it with."


After a few weeks of using the trading system, some disadvantages have been revealed. First of all, it would be desirable to have a more extended toolkit. Yes, this is the wish of an experienced trader who has tried many terminals. Nevertheless, even if for an additional fee, it would be nice to get the opportunity for more subtle settings. However, to be fair, we note that this is more a matter of habit.

It would still be nice to have an extra customer support service during non-trading hours. It would be worth the extra money. Such offers are disliked by those who want to save on costs, and they are right. But there is a type of client for whom 24/5 is not enough. They need 24/7.

We would also suggest expanding the academy and knowledge base with additional books and video courses for extra money.

Nevertheless, the overall impressions of the platform and service of LST-IC are most positive. We hope that the broker will find an opportunity to satisfy our wishes as well, even if they are not so relevant for the majority of clients.

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