To register on InvestingViews, you just need to select the type of account you want to open.

Nowadays trading has become easier.

All you need is stable Internet connection and a laptop or PC. In some cases, you can even trade on your smartphone. Of course, you still need a broker. 

Before looking for it, it is worth highlighting a few important points for you.

In this material, we will learn how to look for a good broker and analyze your investment strategy. We take the broker InvestingViews reviews as an example.

InvestingViews Review: Contact Information 

The company has been operating since 2020. All contact info you can see on the official website review: 

Phone number: +442038682485


Cruz Invest LLC

Reg. number: 1063 LLC 2021

First Floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Tower Bridge Business Centre, St Katharine Docks 46-48 E Smithfield, London E1W 1AW, United Kingdom 

The company can be contacted by phone or email.

The company's support service works around the clock and will answer all your questions at any time. Contact details can be found on the website as well.

InvestingViews Review: Estimate How Much You Want To Invest

In theory, you can start with any amount. But small volume usually does not compensate either the time spent on the trades or money spent on trading. It is worth starting to invest if you are ready to risk several tens of hundreds of dollars. It is important to think of a situation in which you are losing your money. If you realize this isn't the end of your budget, you can give it a try.

InvestingViews Review: Finding a Broker

If you are ready to start learning, plunge into the topic, study the statistics and reports of the exchange in the morning, and follow the charts in the afternoon, you can trade on your own. Then you will need a broker like InvestingViews reviews to act as your mediator when you access the exchange. You will make buying and selling decisions, and the broker will fulfil your orders.

If you do not have a lot of energy and time to invest, you can ask for one of the forms of trust management. With such a system, you entrust your money to professionals and leave the decision-making to them.

One of the possibilities is to conclude an individual agreement with the trustee, transfer money to him - and he will decide for you when and what assets to buy and when to sell. Its purpose is to invest your savings with maximum benefit at the level of risk you choose.

InvestingViews Review: How to Register and Verify on the Platform

To register on InvestingViews, you just need to select the type of account you want to open: a demo account or a real one. In both cases, you must fill out the form, indicating your age, contact information.

Before starting to trade, you must pass a check. The company supports legislation that is aimed at combating fraud, so customers can feel comfortable with their money, but in return, they must show trust and openness:

Send a copy of your passport or identity card to the address of the company;

Give truthful information about your age and place of residence, confirming this with a document (for example, an electricity bill, where the address and full name are indicated);

 Share a photo. Review: Account Types

After completing the registration procedure, you need to select the type of account

There are 4 types of accounts:

 Bronze (minimum)



 Platinum (maximum)

InvestingViews transactions

There are two ways to withdraw money, they all comply with legal regulations.

Withdrawal of funds to a bank account. An order is created in your account, the request is sent to the support service and will be completed within 3-5 business days.

Transfer through payment systems. Processing is carried out through the support service, it takes up to 48 hours. The system does not matter, the broker works with each.

What do customers say?

Trading with InvestingViews was my first experience, so I'm very glad everything went well. This company gave me so much support and assistance, and I was able to close some really good deals. I just hope that our cooperation will continue successfully as well.

InvestingViews is a model for everyone. These guys are great and professional, and every time I communicate with them, I am filled with optimism. This is what a customer support service should look like.

Yes, InvestingViews has the best working conditions, especially when it comes to new traders who just want to gain knowledge and enter the market. Everything else is fine too. I wish prosperity to the company!

InvestingViews forex

InvestingViews scam


personMitchell George 01.08.2021
Wish InvestingViews were a bit faster in terms of response time. Otherwise they are totally cool, but this is ugh.

personTate Kristopher 13.08.2021
As a beginner trader I believe the most important quality for a broker is it’s reliability. InvestingViews is reliable, so they stole my heart.

personRice Oscar 17.08.2021
Financial market is weird. Good thing there are guys like InvestingViews to help you with navigation. I didn’t work with them yet but the sheer amount of knowledge they demonstrate impresses me.

personPrice Douglas 06.08.2021
I don’t know if I will join InvestingViews with all that forex stuff or not, but they seem really promising. If you judge them by their ability to show their good sides, they are very professional.

personGaines Daniel 10.08.2021
InvestingViews, yeah, they have their vices. Still, I believe that they’re like in top 3 choices for a beginner forex trader to work with. Really, they are solid.

personPark Erik 23.08.2021
Was working as a, what you call it, partner? With InvestingViews for a while now. They’re fine, though i wish they had faster withdrawal time.

personNicholson Scott 01.09.2021
5 months ago I registered, several withdrawals made and I am very satisfied! Thanks very much!

personMay Herbert 10.09.2021
«Very helpful and useful. Unfortunately, because of my illness, I closed my account prematurely. "

personRandall Harry 18.09.2021
I acted alone and now decided to withdraw my money. I have received excellent help from David Borg. He did it well !!!

personBarton Peter 22.09.2021
Great investment platform Excellent returns, especially compared to the current financial period. The platform is understandable and communication is amazing - new possibilities are explained in great detail, and on active investments are followed by regular updates. Keep it up!

personLambert Paul 28.09.2021
I always trust the opinions of experts and have performed the research correctly before opening an account with this company. My experience in the deduction of funds has inspired me with great trust, the support service is friendly, the broker gave me the best advice so I do not constitute anything. Sincerely and satisfied with my results.

personCasey Martin 28.09.2021
I work with this company many years together. When I started, I was very scared and skeptical, because I had no experience in this area. Probably I was named a great customer service manager who led me through the market with his skillful hands. Christina makes a great job for my account. I have not only received excellent knowledge, but also a profitable business that brings me constant results. Thanks very much! InvestingViews is a great company with highly qualified specialists! Recommend!

personBenson Jeremy 11.10.2021
Now feel really mad at the whole trade world. Where are these profits about which you have screamed? I have not seen her yet. I work together with investingviews and everything seems to be fine. I just thought that things will develop much faster.

personJackson David 11.10.2021
I am currently working together with investingviews and will not soon go somewhere else, but that's what makes me crazy - your customer undertaking! Come on, why do I have to wait on a phone for minutes before I get an answer? Can not you work a bit faster? Everything else is ok, it's just your reaction time.

personBall Brett 23.10.2021
I will not participate in arguing over investingviews, come on. Who cares about all this theoretical points when these people really make me good money in reality? Waste of time

personMcCormick Jordan 26.10.2021
Look, people, I understand that all the trade is now in flames and the hype is investingviews real. It's just not my beer, I think.

personMcDowell Walter 02.11.2021
No Pencil Can Teach You to Draw, That's your job. That's What I Think of investingviews And All The Others like Them

personBailey Edward 06.11.2021
Have just started working with investingviews Two Days Ago Aaand Yet To See Any Considerable Profit. I'm a bit confused now about how almost money can come and go in this trading business. Hope Will Soon Find Out What It's Good for.

personFisher Gerald 12.11.2021
It Seems to Me That All You Guys Are A Bit Too Overhyped About That Trend With Foreign Exchange. Sure, I've Heard A Lot About Brokers Like investingviews Too, But Come On, It Doesn't End With Choosing a Broker, You've Got To Be Well Educated and Smart Too.

personPitts Daniel 17.11.2021
I am Really Far from All That Trading Myself, But My Wife Says She What Checking Those investingviews Folks and Found Out They're Real Deal. Not Urging You to Take Her Word For Granted, of Course, But Pls Leave Your Opinion Here IF You Try Them Yourself. BECAUSE She's Trading and I Really Want To Understand What Child Of Company She's Dealing With

personHood Mark 21.11.2021
Yup, investingviews IS My Broker for Some Time Now, helped A Year Or like that. They Are Fine, You Just Have To Adjust Your Expectations - Do not Wait Too Hard For A Money Shower, It's Not a Broker's Task To Organize Those.

personWelch John 24.11.2021
I'd Really Wish investingviews HAD A Bit Faster Response Timing When It Comes to Customer Support. Everything Else is Okay and I Really Like Them, But Customer Care Irritates Me Sometimes.

personNorman Eustace 10.12.2021
Reliable broker with excellent customer service and rapid transparent output of funds. Highly recommend! The company pays great attention to customer comfort. For this, the broker has many services. In particular, this is a convenient mobile application.

personDixon Erik 11.12.2021
Broker with excellent customer service, I like it very much. One of the best support services with which I have ever worked with. I had a problem with the removal, and not only helped me quickly, but also explained how to avoid this problem in the future.

personJoseph Emil 17.12.2021
Really well-proven itself and trustworthy broker, he treated me very well. I chose this broker because of its regulation, and so far my experience was really pleasant, it really seems worthy and real broker.

personGilmore Peter 18.12.2021
In general, the broker works at a good level. Easy to use trading platform. It has features that simplify me trade.

personDay Michael 20.12.2021
It is good that they are my trading partners. They give effective trading tips. Minimum slippages and fees. Profitable trade. Several months have passed since I joined this brokerage service. While I am pleased with the services.

personJefferson Clinton 24.12.2021
I am happy that they carefully relate to my trade needs, especially because I'm new to all this. Just joined them last month. While I see good results.

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