What points to Bawerk Trading & Investment legit?

Forex is a financial market where, apart from normal brokers, there are many fraudsters. As there are quite large amounts of money traded here every day, it attracts the attention of scammers. They lure by risk-free investing and earning a lot of money around the clock. They present it as if the trader's activity is as simple as possible and does not require any specific knowledge.

Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a scam. The service works legally, confirming the legality of the activity with reports and a full set of licenses. There are positive reviews of Forex brokers, showing that you can trust it. Many of them are hosted on popular platforms.

There are no obscure schemes, universal strategies, or empty promises. All payments are accounted for and commissions are determined by the tariff. The company doesn't ask for certain amounts as prepayment and always honors financial commitments.

More than 70,000 people have opened accounts here. The service offers proven tools, doesn't penalize for inaction, and works openly. The website is official, for the convenience of trading, there is a special platform that doesn't require pre-installation.

The quotes are up to date, spreads are low. Execution of orders in seconds, there are no slippages. For all time of operation (about several years) the company has never delayed payment and has never filed for bankruptcy.

If there are any doubts, you can always check the official registers and get further confirmation of the broker's reliability.

Bawerk Trading & Investment works legally with verified banks and reputable payment systems. There is detailed risk information. Verification is compulsory for everyone. It is possible to use the account after activation.

Many positive reviews point out that the broker is as honest as possible and comfortable to work with. People also like the way the bonus system is implemented. The training is also highly rated, as it is free and accessible. There are videos, articles, books, a glossary of terms, and courses for beginners. It takes place remotely.

What betrays an unscrupulous broker?

Scammers have many schemes, and they like to pass themselves off as trusted companies, copying their websites and even their accounts on popular social networks. They have no SSL certificate, and the list of payment systems is extremely limited.

Here is what mostly betrays an unscrupulous company:

  • there is no license and the work is not monitored by the regulator. This means that no one will monitor compliance with regulations and client's interests are not protected;
  • there is no registration or the registration is in an offshore;
  • the head office is not registered anywhere and the website is barely functional. Usually, scammers have errors not only in the text block but also in the domain name. In addition, there are ads and third-party links due to the lack of a secure connection;
  • a promise of profits almost instantly. Scammers always emphasize this, thus luring inexperienced players;
  • imposing services. A reliable brokerage firm will not be the first to make contact, call from unknown numbers, write from other people's accounts in social networks, and certainly not demand to open an account with it;
  • extorting data to log in to a personal account. Bawerk Trading & Investment is not one of the broker scams and never does anything of the kind and doesn't offer any dubious documents.

Scammers often launch advertisements, adding photos of famous people and «from rags to riches» stories. Moreover, they like to sell various courses.

Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a scam. It's training for free, and the company operates on the basis of licenses.

Can you trust a broker?

The platform is suitable for players with any trading experience. Commissions are fixed and there is a rate for professionals. Spreads are low and quotes are updated regularly. The site is translated into several languages, there is a large variety of currency pairs.

Bawerk Trading & Investment pays everyone, which has been repeatedly confirmed by audits, reports, and reviews. No debts to clients, the only thing is that instant withdrawal is not available yet. The speed of crediting depends on the bank.

The broker offers comfortable conditions, doesn't violate the established regulations, and has non-expired licenses. It provides bonuses for registration, and users need to be verified. The broker has not been seen in any anti-ratings.


Bawerk Trading & Investment is one of Europe's largest services providing direct execution of Forex trades. Everything is transparent, accessible, and open. You can contact support for any questions, there is a convenient web terminal.


Question: - Can I contact the support service via social media?

Answer: - No. You can contact the operator using official communication channels. You can find the full list on the website.

Question: - If I am actively getting calls from a hidden number, what should I do?

Answer: - Definitely not to open the account and not to transfer personal data. Most likely, fraudsters are trying to contact you.  

Question: - Is it possible to call Bawerk Trading & Investment?

Answer: - Yes. The fixed numbers are on the site.

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