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AssetShot scam 

In this article, we will tell you where to start trading, how to find a good broker and develop your strategy, what asset to choose so as not to burn out and not to lose your investment.

We use AssetShot reviews as an example. 


AssetShot review: what we know about broker 

This broker was chosen for its reliability and reputation: it managed to earn a positive response from clients, although it has been operating since 2020. 

Contact information 


First Floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown, P.O. Box 1574, VC0100, St Vincent and the Grenadines

The broker is as open as possible to negotiations, which is very reassuring

Customer service is available around the clock, 24/5, as many investors prefer to be in touch during periods of breaks on the exchanges or switch between currency trading sessions around the world (like Forex). 

AssetShot review: customer and analyst reviews show that it is better to choose currencies as the first asset (and it is available at the account type for beginners), it makes sense to connect raw materials if you have either experience or capital and desire to try a new market. But indices should be chosen to diversify risks since this market is subject to less volatility: this is not the place where you can earn a million for one dollar, but this is exactly the place where you can save a million and slowly grow your deposit due to a stable increase in price.

AssetShot review: How to find a broker

If you have decided to enter the market, have chosen your assets and a broker for yourself, you need to choose a suitable investment plan:

  • Decide what order you choose to run;
  • Choose the size of the leverage;
  • Study the issue of withdrawing profit to your accounts.

We have highlighted the most important points that usually form a client's request. However, there is still the most important criterion – safety for both personal data and money. The company needs to be protected. For example, at AssetShot scam and hackers will not get to the data because:

  • The company uses encryption;
  • SSL certificate is used;
  • Data is stored offline - on servers with round-the-clock armed security;

All clients undergo a verification procedure. 

The company supports international legislation to protect client accounts from shadow use and money laundering.

Thus, one of the defining criteria for choosing a broker is what it can offer as security guarantees. 


AssetShot review: Registration and verification

To register at AssetShot, you just need to choose one of the offered options for opening an account: a demo account or a regular starting one. In both cases, you must fill out the form, indicating your age, contact information.

To start trading, you will have to go through verification. The company supports anti-fraudulent laws, so customers can be calm about their money, but in return, they must show trust and openness:

  • Send copies of your passport or identity card to the company's email account;
  • Provide true information about your age and place of residence, confirming the latter with a document (for example, an electricity bill, where the address and the full name of the client are indicated);
  • Provide a photo. review: Account types and plans

If the usual registration procedure is chosen, then the next step will be to choose a tariff plan. 

4 types of accounts were offered:

  • Bronze (minimum)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum(Maximum)

How to withdraw earned money at AssetShot to your account

There are three ways to withdraw money, all comply with legal regulations

  • Withdrawal to a bank account. An order is created in your account, the request is sent to the support and within 3-5 working days it will be executed.
  • Transfer through payment systems. Processed via support, it takes up to 48 hours. The system does not matter, the broker works with everyone.
  • Withdrawal to the card account. Only for those plans in which it is available. Done instantly. 

What do clients say?

Mark Wilson, Ireland, 25, small business owner

AssetShot will be a cool option for you when you understand the principles of Forex and the rules of the market’s work. Learning how to trade with this company is a great choice. You are the creator of your success. Just don’t forget about self-education and read all disclosures carefully. Your success o Forex depends only on you.

Maria Bloom, Berlin, 39, beauty salon owner

Working with this broker is simple and productive. Have never faced any difficulties with deposit or withdrawal. I know that my choice of broker was correct. The support team helped me so many times and there were no problems as well. I can surely recommend this broker. I wish I knew about trading before and started this before the pandemic started. 




personWoods Richard 27.06.2021
I prefer to take precautions, so before opening an account with Capital Hal I called their tech support several times with a bunch of questions. By the way, they gave all the answers and a mountain of important information from above. Intelligent, komtentnye guys reassured me. Registered, started immediately with five hundred. I thought that for the first time this would be enough, with a leverage of 1: 300, and then how it goes, I can add some eventually. I try different strategies, experimenting what is better. Quite pleased. Normal broker, static spreads, and fairly low. No commission for withdrawal. The truth is not enough insurance, but no one bothers to bid, managers do not climb into the account, so I calmly trade.

personChandler Mervyn 08.07.2021
Closer to the beginning of autumn, I ventured to open a real account at AssetShot, decided that I could do everything, so smart I was. Adrenaline broke in, I've tried this, and that, and soethung else, in general, went nuts. Then the excitement subsided, I decided to look for a thoughtful approach and a long-term perspective. Because I leaked, of course, on experiments, and about a hundred dollars from those three that I immediately put. So it was necessary to return this and then to choose a certain strategy. The idea was successful, I gradually climbed out. It is clear that I had to give up catching chances of drawdowns. With a leverage of 1: 300 and static spreads, I returned my hundred by the end of the month and went smoothly into growth. As soon as I saw it, immediately made a withdrawal. I did not even look at the time, but it was already late in the evening. In the morning the manager called back, said that my bid was accepted, I filled out the documents and within an hour the money went to the card.

personGreen Daniel 20.07.2021
Somewhere after mid-summer, I came to AssetShot. On the spot decided to trade in the medium. After a while, I began to scalp. From experience, I can say that for an experienced player there are quite enough opportunities for both. Really convenient, simple and affordable. Technically, the broker has normal conditions for scalping, the speed is excellent, there is almost no requote. Purely for myself I prefer all the same medium term. I like to work without much risk, I use technical analysis. While I am using Stress Free, I also test a native analytics, it works, the accuracy is sufficient and the volumes are impressive. Well, it's still easier for me with a ready-made strategy. I don't have much time to sit and control events in the process. During this time, I withdraw money twice, to a bank card and webmoney. Without comission and quickly, every time for half an hour.

personPerkins Donald 20.07.2021
At one time, everyone was sitting at Alpari, I know this from my acquaintances. Well, and I, too, of course. Out of stupidity, I delayed the situation, it was a pity to leave good analytics, and with efficiency there everything is ok. But the commissions and spreads did not please, from the word "at all". In short, I quit, went to AssetShot, decided so after reading the reviews. That's what I didn’t expect exactly - it’s such a sane analytics from a young broker. I was following the trade conditions, and in this regard I liked everything. Low static spreads, no commission for withdrawal, documents need to be signed only once before the first withdrawal, therefore there are no problems with registration, as well as the need to trade in one place. I constantly travel around the country, work on the road and in other cities, and of course from home. It is clear that if it were necessary to sign papers every time, it would be bad business, I could not physically. So, AssetShot surprised me in all moments, I was pleasantly surprised.

personChapman Warren 29.07.2021
I found some kind of excellent convincing review about AssetShot, read the Internet in addition, and looked at the reviews. I left a hit in my memory, and it came in handy when I had to change a broker. Then there was a moment of misunderstanding with FixPro because of one more change in price policy for the worse for me. That's when I remembered AssetShot. According to my feelings, the people here work on reputation. At least, I have never seen any dubious offers from them, although I’ve seen everyone, such as no deposit bonuses. Trading conditions I liked right away. There is no commission for input-output, based on the current rate of the bank. Orders are executed quickly, it takes a second to open a trade, and a couple to close. When the market jumps, it slows down a bit, but not unpleasant, really do not feel the difference. Well, a few more seconds are added. So, I am satisfied with the opening of the account and the trading process here.

personMills Reynold 04.08.2021
Normally, the company works and is developing normally. There is a sense of reliability that it will not go anywhere, whatever the laws do now. And this is the main thing. Well, they work honestly, it is also the main thing.

personBond Bruno 07.08.2021
If you compare this broker with other presented, I can say one thing - he can be trusted, he has 13 years of experience in his shoulders, and there are great prospects ahead. Already, the company has three trading platforms, there are different tools. And a well-organized server service, now they have an office on the Wall Street I think everything will be only better. And if you listen to all who could not learn trade on Forex, see in every corner a conspiracy, then it is not worth starting.

personGreer Williamя 16.08.2021
Assetshot is a greedy broker, hundreds of thousands of customers around the world, from here and a lot of different feeds. Unfortunately, satisfied people write rarely. As a rule, they write on emotions after losing ... I want to dilute it and write it up! It was different over the years of work, but in general I am in a plus and see that the pros is working there. And develop actively. Avtotogovka, new trading terminals and CFD are already declared. I am waiting and I know that they are hardened for a long time, but then everything is reliably, high quality and honest

personShepherd Anthony 23.08.2021
But as a broker, they are quite good and paying out of money, and do not furivate with quotes !!! And it is still not necessary for them, since they have the most difficult to earn, so they have enough money for everything and advertising too

personDaniel Peter 27.08.2021
In AssetshotE, two from a small year already, it seems to complain about what ...

personStevens Brian 03.09.2021
In general, I put it on the firm 5 to keep the guys!

personRussell Paul 13.09.2021
You can also try the basics of trade on a demo account. In addition, you can stay as much as you like with the broker as you like. It helped me a lot for me.

personArmstrong Neal 22.09.2021
Incidentally, the conditions do not change here. If they have come because of low spreads and fear that this miracle will disappear somewhere, then they are in vain. As long as I work with this broker, the spreads are constant low.

personWillis Jessie 23.09.2021
I have changed from this broker nowhere because he offers everything I need: low spreads, debt limit, broad basic functionality, easy lifts and excellent customer care.

personMcLaughlin Abner 29.09.2021
My experience is considerable. I choose this broker because I trust him. I do a win with him. My accounts are protected and my revenues are regularly transferred to me. What could be more convincing?

personEaton Oswin 05.10.2021
I recently received a call from the representative of assetshot. Was surprised, these guys are well in conversation. But I still think

personHeath Williamя 11.10.2021
I have some smaller problems with answering and payout times at work with this broker ... but nothing too serious and they are very great in all other aspects.

personLyons John 13.10.2021
assetshot is really mysterious for me, I lack concrete information to make me an opinion about this company. Too bad, because I thought about connecting my dealers. And whatever broker to select, I seem to be pretty important to me.

personGibbs Daniel 21.10.2021
assetshot is a really average brokerage company that is suitable for traders who have just started their operation. If you are a little more demanding, I would recommend to use it as a platform and act yourself

personSanders Edward 26.10.2021
The question of whether you should decide for assetshot S of your broker can be reformulated as follows: "Are you looking for something special and risky?". If the answer is "No", you may be right for you.

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