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 Empathy, fear, greed, sympathy, love. For online criminals, these and other concepts are tools of work. They do not have to steal anything in the usual sense of the word: the victim, processed by classical psychological methods, gives in their hands whatever they want. scam detection specialists will tell you about things scammers often rely on.

AssetShot scam check: top psychological tricks


9 out of 10 orders to provide legal assistance to investigate crimes committed on the Internet. 

AssetShot scam detection expert describes a typical scheme for committing this kind of crime: a criminal hacks the account owner's profile in social media, after which he begins to send messages on his behalf to his relatives and acquaintances who are on his friend list. They contain requests to provide the details of their bank cards for credit funds. Influencing the feelings of the account owner's friends, the scammer uses different reasons: he says that the card is lost, or it has expired, or he just needs to transfer money to the bank card indicated by him to help his friend repay the loan or pay a fine. reviews, that a lot of people receiving such messages without making sure that they are dealing with the real account owner, transfer their savings or transfer the requested data to the attacker, forgetting that this information is strictly confidential. The kidnapper, having received the bank card details, transfers funds to other accounts. AssetShot reminds us that nobody can ask for your bank card details. 


The scam itself is very simple. Fraudster makes himself or herself an account on some dating apps or in social media, like Facebook. Of course, it is not a real man or woman. He or she sends virtual gifts and write touching messages in English. Little bit later scammer starts asking for your life and work. And asks you for your password and login on your trader account, or your credit card. scam detection expert tells the nuances of such cases, the scammer manages

to gain the confidence of the victim and, under the pretext of own experience in trading for a several years and will to help, takes possession of her of her account. Of course, all the money soon are gone. Victim provides all the data, including passwords, card accesses, and emails, and her money are usually transferred through the money transfer system. At the same time, victim at this point usually has no questions about why she is giving her confidential information so easily.  Sometimes stealing trading account is not enough for the scammer. They can continue to demand payments from the victim for any reason - they fell ill, they need to pay for a ticket to other city, their child needs money for some surgery etc.

After the victim, having exhausted all resources, stops sending money to scammer or change card or account data, he no longer appears. Payments on loans taken will remain as a single sign of fraud for a long time. scam detection tip: all you have to do when someone wants you confidential data is ask yourself what you will do if something goes wrong. Any interesting stranger that is a picture on a screen for you doesn’t exist until you meet him or her in person, especially if you suddenly find out that you’re the one he’s been looking for his own life. And even more - if he appears to be a good trader and wants to earn a lot of money for you with your trading account and your credit card.


AssetShot scam check tip: Be able to say "no"

As practice shows, it is extremely hard to find and bring such scammers to justice. They are encrypted, use different IP addresses and insure themselves in every possible way. At the same time, they have millions of ways how to lure money out of you. Anyone can find themselves in such a situation. AssetShot scam check team warns: scammers often use for their purposes the information that we post about ourselves on the Internet. They gain momentum when the victim starts communicating with the perpetrator. Entering into virtual contact, a person falls under the influence of a well-thought-out line of behaviour, the purpose of which is one - to gain access to your resources. In this case, the methods can be completely different. Someone presses on pity, calling for help for seemingly sick children, someone promises millions in winnings, someone guarantees success in love relationships and a career, and someone offers to get diamonds for your money in Africa, in fact, not going to do any of this. scam detection tip: the world of cyber scam never stops evolving - while you are reading these lines, cybercriminals are planning new attacks and developing next-generation malware. There is only one way to protect yourself - not to enter into confidential contact with strangers. And if you do – please contact your broker and change your passwords immediately.


personRice Gerald 27.06.2021
Six months ago, I completed an online training course and decided to open a personal account. At first, at one broker I leaked a couple of demos, thought, and opened a real account in AssetShot. Poured to start three hundred on the basic level, trading now, on leverage 1: 300. I was surprised that, in principle, this broker does not have a demos, so I experiment with different strategies in another place, and here I am already seriously working on the result with tested and examined ones. With the terminal MetaTrader 4 I figured out, there is nothing incomprehensible. Fixed spreads, the efficiency of transactions, no slower than in the demos. In fact, the only difference is that the demos do not go to the outer edge, but with a real account, I trade just on the international market.

personScott Anthony 12.07.2021
About one and a half to two months ago, I was looking at about variants for broker search, had my eye on TeleTrade then. But decided that it would not approach me becouse high commissions cut the whole meaning of independent trade. I stopped on AssetShot due to spreads and other conditions. And I see a profit. Definitely, you need to learn and understand. Previously, my rise was only on demos, but in real life I had enough time to go into the negative, the profit went purely for luck. Here the broker gives all the possibilities of a stable plus. Excellent strategies, low spreads, very sensible technical support. Help and prompt. There were drawdowns too, but managers help with the placement of orders so that in the end you can go to zero or even at least not to a strong minus. AssetShot does not have its own demos, it’s not very likely for newbies, but for a basic level of knowledge and skills there’s just enough.

personWalters Abel 14.07.2021
In life, I had to change brokers more than once, I saw everything. Now I see AssetShot as a young but very promising broker. I have the feeling that this project was created by the same experienced people, that are very good at this sort of thing, like I am. Enjoing, how everything is clearly and stably organized. It can be seen that the system was created not for pumping out deposits on spreads or drawing left spiers, but to make a profit on the growth of customer profit. I respect this approach as when the better for you, so much the better for me. Fully satisfied spreads, low, static. For half a year I have been trading dollar euro. Good fit analytics, really helps. No commission for withdrawal. Well, there are downsides, as it were. Call the support does not always work from the first time. And I think that in addition to the basic tools, one could also add various additional services such as webinars, contests or intertrader tournaments, which is not enough, to be honest.

personButler Anthony 21.07.2021
I do not really have a good experience with popular brokers. First, I got burned with Gerchik and Co. on unpredictable analytics, and the prospects of obtaining a profit is 50 to 50, a strange strategy, or you are lucky or not. Tired, spat, gone. It is clear that the new broker I has decided to choose on the basis of specific and unambiguous analytics, and stopped at Alpari. And there were not very favorable trading conditions. Again, not that. Opened an account at AssetShot, decided to try it with a little-known broker. In principle, judging by the reviews, I would have liked the analyst, and the conditions came up. So I started to work, and happy, knock on wood. There is nothing particularly unique, the terminal is quite widely known, MetaTrader 4. Good volumes, all information is provided in a convenient format, orders are fast, and I pleased with low static spreads. There is no commission for withdrawing money to the card and the transfer of money is quick, within an hour.

personNicholson Harry 22.07.2021
In the spring I worked with FreshForex, and I had to refuse, because of delays in the money withdrawing. I switched to AssetShot, there are no differences, but the money is withdrawn quickly, in half an hour you can withdraw almost any amount you need. In general, I am pleased with the work with this broker. The system is stable. The familiar terminal MetaTrader 4, no fuss, no muss, everything works quickly, there are no brakes with orders. Low spreads, static. In addition to this, there is no commission when withdrawing money to the card, only a banking one if there are such the bank conditions. Also, there are no demos and micro accounts, but I'm not so much a fan of it. I know that such accounts use kitchens that do not work with the external market, but we want everything in real terms, right? I would like to recommend enhancing the work of the support, there are not enough two communication channels, guys. Phone and e-mail are already the last century, it would be necessary to fasten online support on the site or at least make a contact in Skype or Viber.

personHart Bennett 01.08.2021
But in general, all this is not critical trivia, no DC scam. And if you compare to commissions in other offices, for example, in Swiss Dukas, it will still be in Assetshot.

personCooper Anthony 05.08.2021
I once helped the training programs that Assetshot provided. First, they are relatively inexpensive, secondly, a good feed supply.

personCampbell Baldric 12.08.2021
I am generally a newcomer on Forex, I can't count the expert at any defold, but there were no problems with the work of SAssetshotpoke. Neither problems with the conclusion, nor Revolotov.

personDawson Michael 14.08.2021
So because it is not known that there is no limit to excellence - quite a logical path of development, as for the international group of companies, grow always to grow. About stocks, about% per deposit - an excellent offer, the only thing if used the opportunity to receive% on a deposit with sums slightly lower, in a couple of thousands, for example.

personFarmer Michael 22.08.2021
Personally, I most conquers the potential of FC. Whatever the company has reached, it still strives for something more. Runs new services, updates the platforms, comes up with interesting stocks. And in general, it is not surprising why her audience is only growing.

personMurphy Lee 08.10.2021
So I have a good capital to start my trading career. The only question is now what broker should I choose. I have heard many discussions about assetshot. What do you all mean? Are you real?

personBryant Edward 11.10.2021
Unfortunately, I had to stop acting for a while - you know, life is life. But still I'm really grateful assetshot that they helped me when I just started. If I ever decide for a return, this would be my first call.

personStevens Bryan 23.10.2021
Okay, today I received my third payout from this broker ... I have $ 300! Of course it is not so much, but it is still a real profit. I urge you not to listen to talk, try to dissuade from trading. Only if you are ready to risk something, you can earn something. That's the main thing I've learned from this broker.

personGilmore David 24.10.2021
I would not lie, my expectations of this broker were low because I have read many contradictory information online. All the more I was surprised when they earned me about $ 800 practically from nothing. That was great, people, I will stay by your side.

personStephens Stanley 25.10.2021
I have some acquaintances in the world of brokers and the general mood at assetshot is that it is medium-sized brokers or the like. Of course, I can not completely rely on this kind of chatter, as this could only be competitive lies. You know it is sometimes like that.

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