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How the support and analytical department of Access Capital Markets Forex broker works

The result of currency trading on Forex largely depends on the efficiency of the broker you work with, and how reviews describe it - with it you can count on good profits. In total, this means uninterrupted and high-quality operation of all services of the brokerage company - analytical, technical, and also the security service.

In this article, we will talk about the characteristics that distinguish an effective team. As an example, we use Access Capital Markets reviews, which we have collected on traders' forums, Trustpilot platform, as well as on social networks.

Let's immediately highlight several important characteristics that reliable brokerage companies have:

  • They are open to communication, but do not impose their services;
  • They have everything in order with their documents;
  • They answer emails quickly and answer calls with high quality;
  • They do not promise constant profits;
  • They have market commissions;
  • They warn of risks.

Some of these signs are noticeable when you first get to know the company. Others can be confirmed or disproved by examining customer comments.

Site interface - review

  • The broker's website has the necessary information to have a complete picture of its services:
  • Tariff portfolios are indicated, designed for investors from a beginner to a large investor (over 100 thousand dollars).
  • The types of assets that clients can trade are listed: currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks and indices.
  • Descriptions and links for installing software - web platform, terminal and smartphone application are provided
  • Forecasts of market quotations and the world economic calendar by regions are given
  • Educational videos and webinars posted
  • Submitted documents regulating the terms of cooperation with investors.

Marco Barlow, 28, Liverpool (UK), insurance agent:

“I like the site of, I chose it precisely for its simplicity. But I could not decide on the tariff - it was scary to invest a lot. The manager contacted me and together we selected the most convenient tariff - "silver". I still haven't changed it, although I have been trading with this company for five months. "

In the responses of traders we reviewed, there were no complaints about the poor quality of information presentation on the site, although the reviews describing reviews, however, relate to the English version of the site, which is used by most of the nine thousand investor clients of the company. Also, the company's documents on the site remain in English.

Access Capital Markets reviews on support department

Technical support is everything when it comes to working with software. Since all trades take place online and are built on the usual market mechanisms of price fluctuations, high-quality and fast work of the software can affect the outcome of the session for the client. Technical failures, of course, occur with every company. In addition, failure can occur on the client side. In any case, it is important that the maintenance operator answers in time and helps resolve the issue.

Also, the speed of withdrawing the earned funds to the client's accounts or to hands depends on the quality of the technical support work. Most brokerage companies strive to automate the process of ordering a withdrawal of funds (you can do this in your personal account, specifying the amount, withdrawal method), but in some, the order must be made manually (by sending a letter to the Support department).

Oliver Orton, 44, Bournemouth (UK), journalist:

“I use a terminal and a smartphone for trading. Twice during transactions from my smartphone, the application froze to me. The first time the issue was resolved for about an hour and the deal fell through, of course. When the failure occurred again a few months later, I also expected this, but operators returned everything to me in less than 3 minutes."

An Access Capital Markets client can order a withdrawal either in their personal account or by contacting technical support. You can also do this by following the recommendations of your account manager.

What Strategies Managers Teach: Access Capital Markets Reviews

The client can get the basics of knowledge about trading on his own - having read the informational videos in the "Training" section of the website. To understand the current market trends, market signals are sent to clients. Traders with premium tariff packages also receive a selection of VIP signals.

All clients of the broker immediately after opening an account receive an account manager who personally gives recommendations. He can also advise where to find more information about trends, strategies, trading different assets.

In accordance with the terms of the “Gold” and “Black VIP” tariffs, not only an account manager, but also a personal analyst is “attached” to the account.

Victor Glowes, 54, Brighton (UK), entrepreneur:

“When I started trading, I chose the Novice portfolio, where I had to deposit $500 at that time, but I quickly realized that I couldn't earn anything like that. They gave me a manager-consultant and I was able to decide on a Access Capital Markets tariff plan convenient and profitable for me, according to which I contributed 5000. I recommend the company for its good service and humane attitude. "

As for strategies, clients note the originality of the approaches of the company's brokers. By the way, the company trains traders on how to make money on a bearish trend.

How to become Access Capital Markets client

To become an investor, you must register and then verify.

Verification is required as the company complies with anti-fraud laws.

You can get more detailed information about the company, its tariffs and commissions by phone or by e-mail (they answer within a maximum of a day):

Conclusions: Access Capital Markets reviews are mostly positive. Clients note the openness of work, responsiveness and professionalism of brokers, quick response of the technical service to any difficulties.

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