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How the support and analytical department of Access Capital Markets Forex broker works

The result of currency trading on Forex largely depends on the efficiency of the broker you work with, and how reviews describe it - with it you can count on good profits. In total, this means uninterrupted and high-quality operation of all services of the brokerage company - analytical, technical, and also the security service.

In this article, we will talk about the characteristics that distinguish an effective team. As an example, we use Access Capital Markets reviews, which we have collected on traders' forums, Trustpilot platform, as well as on social networks.

Let's immediately highlight several important characteristics that reliable brokerage companies have:

  • They are open to communication, but do not impose their services;
  • They have everything in order with their documents;
  • They answer emails quickly and answer calls with high quality;
  • They do not promise constant profits;
  • They have market commissions;
  • They warn of risks.

Some of these signs are noticeable when you first get to know the company. Others can be confirmed or disproved by examining customer comments.

Site interface - review

  • The broker's website has the necessary information to have a complete picture of its services:
  • Tariff portfolios are indicated, designed for investors from a beginner to a large investor (over 100 thousand dollars).
  • The types of assets that clients can trade are listed: currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks and indices.
  • Descriptions and links for installing software - web platform, terminal and smartphone application are provided
  • Forecasts of market quotations and the world economic calendar by regions are given
  • Educational videos and webinars posted
  • Submitted documents regulating the terms of cooperation with investors.

Marco Barlow, 28, Liverpool (UK), insurance agent:

“I like the site of, I chose it precisely for its simplicity. But I could not decide on the tariff - it was scary to invest a lot. The manager contacted me and together we selected the most convenient tariff - "silver". I still haven't changed it, although I have been trading with this company for five months. "

In the responses of traders we reviewed, there were no complaints about the poor quality of information presentation on the site, although the reviews describing reviews, however, relate to the English version of the site, which is used by most of the nine thousand investor clients of the company. Also, the company's documents on the site remain in English.

Access Capital Markets reviews on support department

Technical support is everything when it comes to working with software. Since all trades take place online and are built on the usual market mechanisms of price fluctuations, high-quality and fast work of the software can affect the outcome of the session for the client. Technical failures, of course, occur with every company. In addition, failure can occur on the client side. In any case, it is important that the maintenance operator answers in time and helps resolve the issue.

Also, the speed of withdrawing the earned funds to the client's accounts or to hands depends on the quality of the technical support work. Most brokerage companies strive to automate the process of ordering a withdrawal of funds (you can do this in your personal account, specifying the amount, withdrawal method), but in some, the order must be made manually (by sending a letter to the Support department).

Oliver Orton, 44, Bournemouth (UK), journalist:

“I use a terminal and a smartphone for trading. Twice during transactions from my smartphone, the application froze to me. The first time the issue was resolved for about an hour and the deal fell through, of course. When the failure occurred again a few months later, I also expected this, but operators returned everything to me in less than 3 minutes."

An Access Capital Markets client can order a withdrawal either in their personal account or by contacting technical support. You can also do this by following the recommendations of your account manager.

What Strategies Managers Teach: Access Capital Markets Reviews

The client can get the basics of knowledge about trading on his own - having read the informational videos in the "Training" section of the website. To understand the current market trends, market signals are sent to clients. Traders with premium tariff packages also receive a selection of VIP signals.

All clients of the broker immediately after opening an account receive an account manager who personally gives recommendations. He can also advise where to find more information about trends, strategies, trading different assets.

In accordance with the terms of the “Gold” and “Black VIP” tariffs, not only an account manager, but also a personal analyst is “attached” to the account.

Victor Glowes, 54, Brighton (UK), entrepreneur:

“When I started trading, I chose the Novice portfolio, where I had to deposit $500 at that time, but I quickly realized that I couldn't earn anything like that. They gave me a manager-consultant and I was able to decide on a Access Capital Markets tariff plan convenient and profitable for me, according to which I contributed 5000. I recommend the company for its good service and humane attitude. "

As for strategies, clients note the originality of the approaches of the company's brokers. By the way, the company trains traders on how to make money on a bearish trend.

How to become Access Capital Markets client

To become an investor, you must register and then verify.

Verification is required as the company complies with anti-fraud laws.

You can get more detailed information about the company, its tariffs and commissions by phone or by e-mail (they answer within a maximum of a day):

Conclusions: Access Capital Markets reviews are mostly positive. Clients note the openness of work, responsiveness and professionalism of brokers, quick response of the technical service to any difficulties.

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personLynch Nicholas 15.05.2021
Looked through all the thematic forums, while I was determined with the broker. I wanted to work steadily and not to jump every 3-4 months in search of more comfortable conditions. In principle, the young broker access capital markets more or less approached my requirements. Although I was a little prejudiced by the fact that he was only about two years old. I talked with technical support, found out everything, opened an account. Figured that I can start at five hundred dollars with a leverage of 1: 300. Let's see how it goes, maybe I will add more. Here are static spreads, slightly below market average. No commission for input and output. By the way, there is no conquering content on the site, from the word "all". No tournaments, contests, bonuses for topping up or holiday promotions. Broker is only for quiet work exactly. Platform Metatrader 4.

personHoward Godfrey 16.05.2021
At the end of the summer I opened an account with Forex broker access capital markets. Initially I forgot to eat and sleep cos I was all on adrenaline. Tested all the tools, experimented with strategies. A couple of times I flew into drawdown and spent a whole hundred dollars in a couple of days. Thanks to support, they helped me get off easy. When I tried everything, I calmed down, sat down and thought. It’s time to decide on one strategy and stick to the chosen line for a while. I understood that without psychos and unmotivated chaotic actions on my part, it was absolutely realistic to go to profit! Static spreads, leverage of 1: 300, disconnections were not, as well as requotes. Until the end of the first month I returned a merged hundred dollars and even added a little from above. It is clear that I immediately decided to withdraw. I did not look at the time, it turned out that it was too late. Therefore, my bid was processed only in the morning. The manager called me back, he helped me pass the verification and somewhere an hour later, the money calmly came to the card.

personEvans Allan 26.05.2021
After the last new year, I registered on the access capital markets broker site. I like scalping, and also prefer medium-term orders. Technically, the broker has all the conditions for this, so I tried both. Order processing speed is excellent. I set my mid-terms mainly for technical analysis, I don’t like to take risks, therefore I tried scalping rather for trifling and a test of the system’s work. I use an external program, sometimes I involved a local analytics. No complaints, convincing accuracy, works with large volumes. But in this case, you have to constantly sit and control the situation, but I don’t want to waste time monitoring events, everything is much easier with the chosen strategy. I have already withdrawn on the card and webmoney, there is no commission, in time it took from half an hour to a couple of hours. In general, I am satisfied.

personTyler Williamя 23.06.2021
I think that every trader must try at least once to work with someone from the top dozens of forex brokers to create his own opinion about the level of services provided and to better understand own capabilities and preferences. I had the experience of trading with Alpari. I liked the speed and quality of analytics, but I left because of uncomfortable for me spreads. I tried a couple of brokers, now stopped at access capital markets. The broker is young, relatively ambitious. At least, technical support pleases with the level of competence and relevance of trending knowledge. Static spreads, no commission for input and output. Very convenient terminal MetaTrader 4 allows you to trade on the road from the tablet. I am constantly on business trips, so the platform application is just a great help. In addition, the papers are signed exactly once at the first conclusion, which makes it easier every time to withdraw on the road. I would not have mastered the paperwork if I had to sign them every time.

personJames Edward 01.07.2021
I began to meet reviews about access capital markets more often somewhere in the winter, but not on top sites, so I didn’t take this young broker seriously. So, noted it to self and that's it. Now there is a large selection of forex brokers, and there is someone to choose from. I remembered about him about six months later, when FixPro recalculated prices in a new way, and I lost all sense to work with him further. I tested a couple more variants. And then I thought that I would not lose anything if I tried to work with a company unspoiled by fame and popularity. I must say that the decision to start trading with access capital markets should be made if you have your successful trading experience. You can hope, of course (and this is justified) for sensible local analytics and the help of competent support, but I warn you that for beginners it will not be easy here at first. There are no training webinars, demos and micro accounts, at the basic level there is no insurance. And no one is going to entertain you - the broker does not hold tournaments or competitions. So, if you are ready to fill the bumps on the way to your profitable strategy, here you will find yourself, but if you want everything to go as if by magic, then it is better to practice on other brokers.

personPerry George 06.07.2021
Six months ago, I finished online training of exchange tricks and decided to open my first account. As I was recommended, at first I indulged with demos from different brokers. Ashamed to remember but even there I managed to merge a couple hundred bucks. I trained every day, then self-confidence came, and my knowledge in the head was systematized. A month later, I opened a real account at access capital markets. I put three hundred dollars on a basic level, trading with a leverage of 1: 300. My hands were still itching to return to the demos and try different strategies, but this broker, as it turned out, does not have any demo or macro accounts. As far as my experience and understanding are enough, here are normal spreads, fixed. Reliable and predictable MetaTrader 4 platform. Fast ordering, almost like demos from other brokers. It only turns out that with a demo you can only create local deals, and on a real account everything goes to the external market.

personBradley Donald 23.07.2021
I have studied the conditions of different brokers for the last couple of months, becouse wanted to choose more suitable conditions and examine the availability of offers in general . As last option I chose TeleTrade, but in the end I did not like the high commissions. Then I was prompted by acquaintances of a little-known, but increasingly popular option that is broker access capital markets called. Looked at the proposed conditions, at first glance, everything is OK, good. Since the end of October, I am already here. Slowly I trade and learn at the same time, try different strategies and trade clearly on them. I could get a plus earlier only on demos, and the real accounts with other brokers most often flew into the negative, and the profit went purely for luck. Here, static spreads, and fairly low, I manage to plan. I also managed to get a drawdown a couple of times, and I had to get in touch with managerial support. So to the folks from support, thank you, they understand everything, I'm not the first and I'm not the last. Helped with tips, how to get out at least to zero and not much merge. It is a pity that there are no local demo accounts, bit if you have at least some level of basic knowledge, then you can get the hand of real transactions rather quickly

personHunter Mark 28.07.2021
The first impression of the broker access capital markets, it was not created by newcomers to the business, although the company itself seems to be relatively recent in the market. IMHO, and support, and analytics, and the system itself is developed by those who learned through mistakes on real transactions and knows all the ins and outs of trading. Everything works well, stable. I didn’t see any left intervention by managers, they don’t paint spiers and I don’t twist anything behind my back, this is not a kitchen and not a scam. The falks want to earn themselves, giving the same opportunity to others. The spreads are static, they suit me. I trade a pair of dollar euro since the end of summer. Withdrew a couple of times on the card, the only bank commission was taken. It would be possible to add contests and tournaments, I think it will be done with time. I also hope that they will take additional people to the support staff, because it is impossible to get through the first time. You have to wait for a few minutes when the line is free.

personBriggs Robert 03.08.2021
Great workhorse. Broker access capital markets is a pure machine for profit. If you are ready to learn and develop, of course. No one will to indulge and entertain you here. Tournaments, promotions, bonuses do not wait. The site is simple, there is some general cognitive information, and well, all that you need to know about the broker. In conditions here are four tariff packages, leverage 1: 300, static spreads, smart order execution, very good scalping, a lot of tradable offers (for example, 50 key currency pairs), MetaTrader 4 platform, trading on news, cryptocurrency and available entry threshold. I deposited three hundred dollars for the base level in the beginning. Technical support is experienced, it is clear that they trade quietly all day. Guys, I hope not because of this it's so hard for everyone to get through to you ?

personRose Christopher 15.08.2021
I left Alpari that year, cos I became disillusioned with the conditions. Found a couple of alternatives. Now I am trading with access capital markets. Everything suited me according to reviews and information on the site. Broker trades 50 currency pairs. Spreads are normal, quotes do not crawl beyond the designated limits. The system works without glitches and departures, good speed. Scalping is for fans, and here is everything to it. Requotes happen, as well as slippage. The latter, by the way, can be put out with MetaTrader 4 terminal settings. Beginners here will be bored, and not the fact that once is simple. There are no demo accounts, webinars and videos on the site. Big and fat plus is at competence of a support. Managers are ready to help, regardless of the level of knowledge or tariff plan. For me, there are enough tools for profitable trading and so far everything suits.

personLambert Williamя 18.08.2021
Valid technical support, round-the-clock manager, reliable and secure system, almost instant execution. By and large, there is nothing to find fault with access capital markets broker. Although, wait, there is not so simple with the ability to contact support. There is an email and always busy phone line. If you are ready to hang for 5-10 minutes on the line, then "no problems". MetaTrader 4 platform is stable, there are no delays in withdrawing funds. Quite hard foursome.

personGaines Mervin 28.08.2021
At the end of last year, I opened an account with access capital markets broker on a tip from a friend. Not that I wanted to start trading, rather a friend needed, because of the affiliate program. I am a lamer in these matters, I like to observe, well, and somehow I already understand the terminology. I took the start package for $ 250. Under the terms of the broker, everything is very good, so if there were big risks, I would immediately refuse my friend. In the terminal MetaTrader 4 you can connect trading bots that will do all the work for you. But nobody will adjust strategies for you, of course. Even super smart tech support. With the help of a friend, I avoided the minus, although there was a risk. Step by step, mastering forex. Slowly taxiing into profit. There is nothing much to withdraw, and I will not rush. Such is my first pancake in trading, not even a lump.

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