5 inexpensive kitchen gadgets that make life easier

kitchen gadgets

Kitchen appliances are not only a stove, refrigerator and microwave.

Kitchen Gadgets

We are talking about small gadgets that will help you fully comply with the recipe, cut off frozen butter without bloodshed, or open a tin can completely independently and peacefully (if your husband is on a business trip). By the way, each of these gizmos is a great gift.

Confectionery burner for caramelizing and flambing

Anyone who tried at home to repeat such a culinary miracle as crème brulee or Catalan cream remembers what trick awaited him at the end of the recipe: “caramelize the top layer with a pastry burner”. What is it and where does it get it?

Cooking Torch Atlas Butane Torch

This is a small "pistol" with a nozzle and a gas canister: yes, it needs refueling, but the available supply is enough for a long time, because we do not flambé every day, but on special occasions. With the help of such a device, you can prepare real confectionery caramel, golden brown crust on casseroles, melt cheese and chocolate, singe the hairs on the chicken skin, if necessary. Can a grill replace it? In the case of browning meat and casseroles - perhaps, but with flaming desserts - the same crème brлеlée - not, because heating up the grill takes time, it bakes too hard and over a large area, but here you need speed and targeted impact.

Electric mill for spices and sea salt

Spices must be properly stored - in a hermetically sealed steel or glass container - and added to the dish freshly ground to fully develop their flavor.

Opener with knife

Solves all the problems that are sung in the famous song "If the knives are not sharpened in the house", preserves nerves, manicure and self-esteem (joke). There are can openers that are not burdened with small knives and vice versa - separate sharpeners, but such a device - stationary, noticeable, will not let you rush around the kitchen in search of all the little things that it replaces. He can open cans, beer bottles and sharpen knives.

Electric butter knife

This is not a slicer, as you might think, but a miniature battery gadget. The blade of the knife heats up and cuts even frozen butter with ease.

Manual cappuccino maker, or foamer

Instead of a traditional whisk, such a device has a beater made of interwoven springs. Powered by batteries, it can foam both hot and cold milk, but experienced housewives use it for whipping butter sauces, and even for making homemade cosmetics.

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