Let's figure it out: CharingCrossGroup.com scam or an honest company.

Charing Cross Group

 The broker works on Forex, provides advice on trading currencies, precious metals, indices. It also has access to cryptocurrency platforms and ways of exchanging for fiat.

True, initially this company was aimed at European users, mainly English-speaking. In addition, the service has an official London registration.

Today, Charing Cross Group reviews show that the clientele among the investors is still European mostly. According to the statistics provided by the company's website, there are more than ten thousand users from fifteen countries.


Broker CharingCrossGroup.com review: what we know about it

Registered in the City of London.

The full address looks like this:

Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate,

London EC2N 4AY United Kingdom


It is worth mentioning a few important facts about the broker that a potential client needs to know:

  • According to the user agreement and service agreement, the company provides only recommendations (does not give advice, is not responsible for the final decision-making by the client);
  • If the trading rules are violated (margin decreases below the minimum limit), the company freezes the account;
  • When a client tries to commit fraudulent actions, the broker can close access to the account, close the account, return the money invested by the client, minus the amount of the commission for the services;
  • The company supports the AML program, that is, it requires verification from its customers, not allowing large transactions without personal identification;
  • Broker is a KYC participant, which also requires mandatory verification;
  • This company gives access to trading in the markets of currencies and precious metals, as well as access to cryptocurrency exchanges. However, for VIP clients there is an opportunity to expand the number of assets on individual terms;
  • There is an affiliate program involving referrals, but a broader affiliate program is also available for marketing purposes - for websites, blogs and media.

Website of Charing Cross Group review

The main page of the company's website already contains all the basic information for the client: contacts, payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds, details on investment portfolios.

In the same place, on the first scroll, we can see the menu in the upper menu:

  • The first panel - "About us":
  • Brief info about the company and its advantages;
  • Account types;
  • FAQ;
  • Analytics;
  • Education;
  • Affiliate program.


There are no populist attempts to tell the whole world about the basic strategies, but there is a clearer plan of action:

  • Economic calendar (look in the "Analytics" tab). A slice of market prices, forecast of fluctuations (taking into account seasonality, expert opinions and emerging trends, regional characteristics and events - enter what you are looking for in the calendar search bar)
  • Platform (web terminal based on MT4)
  • Tariff portfolios, including daily market monitoring, analytics.

The “Documents” tab deserves special attention, where there are documents defining the mutual obligations of the service and its users. The documents have not been translated into any other language, considering the user agreement - it is logical, since a separate provision fixes the English version as the main one, even if the translation was posted. Materials about data encryption, confidentiality obligations, verification requirements and participation in international programs, as well as messages about risks and refunds are all posted in the original, which does not allow for double interpretation.


Users Charing Cross Group reviews

The site does not have a special section for reviews (and, perhaps, it will not appear), so you need to look for responses on other sites. CharingCrossGroup.com reviews can be found on a reviews websites, in search and social networks.  


As a result, the top 5 review topics:

Fast withdrawal of funds. The company is praised for having multiple withdrawal methods. Withdrawal request is created electronically and sent to support. Charing Cross Group scam preventing department checks every transaction.

Good start. So far, the broker is more often chosen by newbies who suit the conditions (small size of the standard tariff, from 250 euros)

Nice tools. The presence of a large number of orders, spreads from two pips, long and short positions, CFDs, trailing stop, etc.

Margin trading. The leverage is 1:100.

Convenient access to Forex. All currencies. Working with several assets at the same time. Convenient terminal.

Our conclusions: the site was able to attract novice traders and managed to earn respect (first of all, because it normally withdraws money, without delays).


Unlike the Charing Cross Group, scam in the brokerage environment come across, first of all, on the fact that their money is constantly "stuck".


Among the negative reviews, the most complaints are about the strict requirements for full registration in the service. It is possible that for the EU segment, these requirements are even more stringent (not only scanned documents, but sometimes even a telephone interview, sometimes you need a photo and several types of documents), because all the procedures are required for the most secure trading. But according to charingcrossgroup.com scam investigators, those methods are absolutely necessary.


Account types

There are five types of client portfolios in total. They differ from the "market average" ones in that they immediately clearly divide the audience into three groups, instead of dividing them into several types of tariffs within each.

Accordingly, the approaches to these client groups and the available opportunities are different.

But the size of spreads and leverage for all tariffs are the same, which significantly increases the potential of beginners.


Charing Cross Group reviews about the basic terms of cooperation

According to the position of the Charing Cross Group scam on the site is not tolerated under any guise. Therefore, such verification requirements are necessary. Documents you need:

  • photo of a valid passport;
  • photo of credit cards (the first 12 digits of the number and CVV must be covered);
  • screen of utility bills (thus confirming the country of registration, otherwise there are “smart people” who trade from American IP addresses);
  • a statement (check) for an online purchase (where it is clearly visible that the buyer and the trader are one person).

Moreover, in case of problems with verification, the site has the right to demand physical (on paper) copies of these documents, and even official translations (through a licensed translator).

Account can be freezed under the suspicions of trying to launder money through the service platform. Moreover, if some mistakes were simply committed during the transactions, the money will be returned to the personal account (minus commissions). And if it is obvious that the funds were “laundered”, this attempt will be reported to the cyber police.

This sounds very strict, but it actually works in the clients' favor. The average trader who trades in order to make a profit and create a financial cushion and a constant source of income for himself is unlikely to launder millions. Thus, regular users will find the verification no more demanding than at any other site in our time.


CharingCrossGroup.com reviews

Broker has recently entered the market and offer favorable terms of cooperation to traders - beginners and experienced ones. This broker is supported by its British registration, more than ten years of experience, the presence of more than ten thousand investors, the connection of analysts and technical managers, a convenient terminal, up-to-date quotes forecasts, timely withdrawals and basic training programs.

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