The reasons to choose the Xbox Series X device reviews

Xbox Series X is a perfect your choice for game players


Let's start with the look. Compact monolith, very quiet. Yes, you heard right, the gaming device is small in size. Please compare the options for cool system units that can compete in power with this device. The system blocks are much larger and more massive. Compare this to the PlayStation 5, which is bigger.

The appearance of game consoles Xbox Series X | S

You may ask: "Well, Olezha, well, what are you talking about the size to us here?" And I’ll tell you that most people from the post of a scoop live the same way I do - in small apartments, mainly in cities. The larger the city, the higher the cost per square meter of housing. And this square meter is worth a lot more than your gaming computers and PlayStations.

Ordinary users often do not have the opportunity to equip a separate hall for a playroom. And many, like me, for example, do not have the opportunity to allocate a separate place for a computer or gaming table. Dude, I'm talking about ordinary people here, not about wealthy comrades with houses of 400 squares and other elements of a prosperous life.

Therefore, the Xbox Series X, and the younger brother of the Series S, are the smallest home gaming consoles that fit into any interior.

Microsoft's industrial design is very close to Apple. Just black, or white in the case of the Series S, a rectangle with no cheap lights or unnecessary details. This is exactly what a normal adult would appreciate. And this is exactly what is shameful to put in a living room, even if it is 18 square meters.

Xbox Series X | S in a regular room next to other game consoles


Xbox consoles have always, absolutely ALWAYS been more technologically advanced than the competition. The first Xbox Original brought normal network play, gamepad shooters, and along with the Nintendo, the GameCube was the most powerful game console of the time.

The Xbox 360 gave the people the most user-friendly gamepad form factor that remains the benchmark to this day. "Three hundred and sixtieth" elevated online to an absolute with dedicated servers, introduced achievements that PlayStation, in my opinion, very strangely adopted.

In addition, the Xbox 360 gave us the first Kinect - the best-selling device in its class to this day, that is, for 2021. More than 40 million of these devices have been sold! It was really epic.

If you touch on the current time, then Xbox One offered users a really cool system. Yes, you heard right, despite the jamb with RAM, which, by and large, did not affect the final picture in games, the original, as we say, "Juan" turned out to be a good piece of hardware.

For example, the Xbox One was multitasking, really letting you use apps and games very quickly. That is, the PlayStation 4 could not quickly switch from the YouTube app to the game, and vice versa, but the Xbox One could. Xbox One also had many cool features thanks to a variety of Windows 10 applications: skype, torrent clients, file managers for easy installation of mods, epic FS client for watching movies and TV shows, and so on.

Why am I mentioning previous Xbox in this article? So that you understand that Xbox gaming devices have been disruptive, technology-intensive and user-friendly all along the way. And the Xbox Series X continues that tradition.

 Cool Iron Xbox Series

But let's not delve into the jungle of features of the past glands, let's talk about the current one. I will also clarify in advance that in terms of technology, the older Series X and the younger Series S are identical. When I talk about Xbox Series X, this also applies to the younger model - Xbox Series S. The younger “esca” I advise to take to those who do not have a 4K TV, who need simple gaming on a regular FULL HD TV If you already have 4K TV - look towards Xbox Series X. That's the whole difference.

So, this black monolith has on board a powerful AMD Ryzen 3rd generation processor, as well as a video chip based on all RDNA 2.0 technologies, unlike the PlayStation 5 (by the way!) With its RDNA 1 video chip from the same AMD.

Also, the new Xbox consoles, and "Esc" and "X" fully support all the features of DirectX 12. Of course, the DirectX API is actually owned by Microsoft. And this, as I understand it, is an industry standard. Sony PlayStation implements graphics through other APIs.

Fast downloads

Further, what is there on file storage. In a big black box, as well as a small white box called the Series S, we have a fast SSD with Quick Resume function, allowing you to quickly launch all the games you have on the console's internal hard drive.

Juggling games, as I love, is now easier than ever. You play calmly in The Surge 2. You were invited to shoot in Hunt: Showdown, two clicks, a couple of seconds, and you are already in a team with your friends.

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