Checking out Empire Swiss Forex broker it’s a scam or not?

Finding a reliable Forex trading partner is not an easy task. Serious brokers operate in the same place as scammers, and it is very important not to fall for the latter. Let's analyze Empire Swiss and check whether they are scammers or not.

Let's check the details

An important attribute of a good broker will be to have a proper postal address and a license. Forex brokers operate all over the world, as the currency market is global. But having a license is important in case of any disputes. Empire Swiss has both a trading license and an office. We are also interested to know when the company was registered and if there are any financial institutions with similar names. Empire Swiss was founded in 2011 and has a valid trading license. This shows that we are not dealing with a fly-by-night company. The company has been operating under its own unique brand for all these years. So we cannot accuse Empire Swiss of brand-skimming.

Empire Swiss is checking us out

Yes, yes! Responsible players in the financial markets identify their customers. They have long been methodically forced to do so by the authorities around the world. Therefore, if a broker is not interested in your identity, or asking you to verify it in any acceptable way, then this behavior is exactly what should be suspicious. We want to know the whole truth about Empire Swiss, and he is obliged to know it about us.

Checking the quotations

Often fraudsters manipulate trading prices to trick their victims. The wretched client trades and trades on the upside, but in the end the "market" turns on him. To control, especially in the beginning, it is a good idea to open an account with a competing broker and see if the quotes differ dramatically. If there were Empire Swiss scams, there is a good chance of catching them manipulating the market in this way. But we didn't find that, which we record as a plus for the broker.

Checking commissions

A good broker earns money by servicing their clients' trades, so it is crucial to understand what commissions they charge and for what. Empire Swiss provides a comprehensive description of its commissions on its website. This section is worth a good study. Compare it with how it is described at other brokers.

Checking the withdrawal of funds

The most cunning scammers try to rip off their victims before they try to withdraw money from their account, but there are also more unsophisticated scammers who simply do not return the money.

There are several scenarios for scammers. The first is to insist that they sent the money and to show supposedly electronic bank statements. The second is to say that the payment was sent, but your bank did not process it. That it was stuck somewhere in the interbank market, that the payment system gives a few more days to process it, and that it will take additional days to cancel it. In short, they will procrastinate and then stop responding. The third way is to offer to transfer money to a cryptocurrency wallet. For all the appeal of crypto-assets, transferring money using them is irreversible and difficult to control. It can only be used at your own risk. Empire Swiss offers withdrawals to a bank account and uses SWIFT for international payments. Having affiliate status with SWIFT dispels fears that Empire Swiss does not pay. This company has undergone serious scrutiny. We withdrew money through SWIFT and everything went smoothly. Although we did have to pay a fee for it.


In our search for all the truth about Empire Swiss, we checked the broker on important parameters and made sure that the company works and works clearly. At least we did not encounter any glitches or encounter anything that made us wary. We have been assured that the fear of Empire Swiss not paying is unfounded; the broker executed all our trades as we had planned, the charges for the broker's services were quite reasonable and fully in line with what is described in the broker's rules. Empire Swiss has been operating under its own brand since its inception in 2011 and has not been known for forex broker scams or fraud. However, we advise our readers to always be on their guard and always do their own due diligence on all your financial counterparties.

personShelton Michael 15.11.2022
Great broker that is in my country. For me, the presence of the company is very important. I decided for myself not to work with brokers who are not in my country, problems with the conclusion and for a very long time. And in Empire swiss everything is instantly.

personCopeland Erick 21.11.2022
I am a beginner in trade, six months in the market with Empire swiss. The husband taught and registered. He has been trading in this company for 10 years, so we trust. everything suits me! Those support to help if it doesn’t work out.

personCarpenter Michael 21.11.2022
I asked about the option, which is that 1 contract is equal to 100 shares. Then I have to indicate the amount of 100 in information about the order. The operator mentions that I must fill out a 1 on 1 contract.

personMoody Edward 24.11.2022
Support Service Empire swiss Very fast and responsive in online chat. It is very important.

personPalmer Matthew 25.11.2022
I had a problem with a change of password. I helped helped me. All OK.

personConley Brian 04.12.2022
If anyone is interested, I can share my experience of the broker Empire Swiss. I believe that the demo accounts are all not that, because the real execution of orders and the quality of the service must be checked on a real server, and not on a demo account (this is my personal opinion). There are often different quotes even for many brokers. He registered, went through all the necessary Ferification procedures and already managed to put money, as a welcome bonus of 100 bucks is available. Accordingly, he traded on this bonus, but at the same time on a real server, and not on a demo account, and I can say that the performance is simply excellent. By the way, Max's credit shoulder on this type of account 1000. This is more than enough for 100 dollars of balance. According to the test results, I was satisfied and now I am already trading on my deposit is small and in the same way everything is good and there is a stable increase on profit according to my strategy. Now I’ll test as Forex Broker Empire Swiss will get a profit to me, and if everything is fine with this, I will make more deposit.

personGordon Christopher 07.12.2022
It is amazing how interesting it can be to trade in the forex market. But, of course, certain factors play an important role here. For example, the ability to trade, an understanding of what is generally happening on the market and, of course, the conditions of your broker. If I was asked to write empire swiss review, then I would write the following. This broker hooked me by the fact that there are very loyal conditions for beginners. This is very important for me, since I am still a stump in these matters. Was. Now the situation has changed a bit. Largely due to the formation of the Empire Swiss broker. For example, webinars, seminars, videos, trading strategies, courses. All this, along with a demo, can help anyone who wants to take the first step in trading. And this step is not painful. Firstly, because there is only a minimum deposit of $ 250, secondly, you can still get a bonus on top of this bonus and the third is, of course, the main feature of this broker is the first deal due to the broker. Therefore, do not worry that emotions will take their own and you will merge the first depot.

personJacobs Edward 26.12.2022
I have long wanted to start trying Forex trade, starting gradually, but I had problems with the search for a suitable broker. I realized that the Empire Swiss broker is perfect, especially since the broker’s website has a large number of materials for teaching beginners, although it will also be useful to read some materials more experienced. I also liked the reviews about the broker. In order to have a general idea, it is not enough to read textbooks, but the courses are just the most suitable for such purposes. I started meeting Empire Swiss with these courses. Special thanks to the lecturer for the excellent presentation of information. After the courses, I had an idea of ​​how to trade and what skills and actions from me will be required in the future. There are still good video textbooks. You can see them instead of courses. He opened a real account for trade for $ 1,000. A month later, he withdrew $ 700, which he was able to earn. I continue to continue to trade with the broker Empire Swiss. And by the way, he began to study different types of market and directions to trade.

personSimmons Stuart 30.12.2022
I have been trading from last year. To earn with the broker Empire Swiss is really, I’ll say right away. Derive a profit. But this does not mean that the company works exemplary in everything. I have noticed this situation more than once: I order the withdrawal of funds, and it has not been approved or approved for a long time, but the money has not yet arrived, I am writing about it into technical support, I will receive a standard answer that the term of the withdrawal has not expired yet if after this time the expiration of this time I won’t get money, then I can send a complaint. On this, the dialogue with technical support ends. But, somewhat miraculously after this conclusion comes in a matter of hours. Does this mean that my appeal somehow accelerated their work? So I could immediately do it faster, and not after I complain. It seems to me that for technical support and for conclusion, different people are responsible, because if I turn to technical support on technical issues, they immediately answer me and do not send an unsubscription in the spirit of “this is how to kill and come”, but help to figure it out if the problem is the problem On their side - fix. And with the conclusion they are so in no hurry. I saw from other people reviews that in 2 days they bring out, and even faster. And I have a stable 5 days. Every time on the 5th day I write to them and after that the money is credited to the card. If I had accrued the conclusion faster, I would not write about this.

personJohns John 30.12.2022
My opinion is based on the experience of trading a crypt on the exchange. On the exchange, when everything is calm and liquidity, there are no problems, but when they really want to sell everything, you can wait a very long time for the application and at the same time the price already fail so that instead of a profit there is a loss. And Empire Swiss, applications will be executed almost instantly, even on a sharp fluctuations in the market. I don't know how they decide it, but if it is honest, it doesn’t matter. I think that they simply act as contractors in front of customers in crypt, and then they cleanse everything on the exchange. Otherwise, I do not know how to explain this that everything is much faster than on the exchange. The main thing is that I would get a loss or small profit on the exchange, and then I have time to do everything and get a lot more money. Plus, you can take a credit shoulder, which is more profitable than trading only on your cache on the exchange. That is, according to the crypt, the conditions of trade are much better than on the exchanges and this determined my choice of Empire Swiss broker. Something like that guys. We will further earn money.

personArthur Turner 05.01.2023
After the unsuccessful experience of working with another broker, I went to look for other brokers. I liked this direction and went to me, so I decided not to stop there. I registered here because a friend recommended it. He conducted some checks and noted that Empire Swiss Broker is regulated, an audit periodically passes, wins sectoral awards, etc. After two months of demo version, he filled the score to try. I must say, the performance is good. Until now, there were no strange frosts/jams/outlets. I even see a smooth movement of prices even close to the news! This is a luxury for me. The support service still helped a lot and quickly gave me feedback and advised me at any time of the day. In addition, I tested the assistant broker, and they work well. So the conclusion can be drawn as follows - the broker is very suitable and reliable for traders, you can and even need to rely on it, especially to entrust him with your capital and not worry that it will no longer be tomorrow.

personDavid Rivera 12.01.2023
Should I admit how much I earned on Empire Swiss? I would not want to say this, but I continue to do this (earn and have fun), and this is the reason to join him. What is worth mentioning here? Diversity! They offer as many all kinds of tools and functions as you need for full trade. I trade in a standard account and think about opening an account for shares - quite attractive with a margin from 3%. Headdting is allowed everywhere (I mean both on standard accounts and in shares). I should not pay any commissions. Spreads, of course, depend on market conditions, but quite stringent, starting from 0.1 points. The Broker Empire Swiss is socially oriented by offering participation in industry competitions that create an environment for improving trade skills. The system is understandable and convenient, I am not interested in analytics, although I listen to the morning web seminars and read information that is enough, and it is quite accessible to everyone. I also use a mobile application, very convenient and easy to use.

personBarry Miller 17.01.2023
I checked information about the execution of orders here and found that there are two main types. In fact, I generally have no idea what this means, just in general, and I don’t think that this clearly affects trading activities. Nevertheless, if the Empire Swiss broker allocates this feature as its unique solution for customers, then maybe it is. I am inclined to trust this broker, because it seems to me a deserving trust. As for my experience in trade here, I can recognize the fact that this activity can be profitable with this company. It is important to observe a wise risk management strategy and never stop learning. Training occupies most of the entire trade, I would like all traders to understand this. If you are a beginner and you need help in this, then the materials are in full access, you only need a little time and of course a lot of effort and luck. Empire Swiss is iron reliability, safety and excellent trade quality I can calmly advise everyone!

personChristopher Brown 20.01.2023
It seems to me that some traders may not like that the broker offers one account for trading on their platform. That is, the trader can choose only one type of account. At first glance, it looks like a drawback. But after the opening of the account, I realized that these are precisely the trade conditions that I need. It is possible that these trade conditions are not suitable for someone's trading strategy. Therefore, I think that the best way to check the quality of trade is to use a demo account if you have any doubts. This is the safest and most reliable way to check the trading conditions of the broker in practice. In addition, a demo account is a free service. These trading conditions suited me, so I immediately opened a real account with the broker Empire Swiss. To date, the broker has an extensive client base, which includes traders from many countries of the world. In addition, the company's services and products are provided in accordance with the requirements of regulators. So you can be confident in reliability your funds in the account.

personSteven Walker 24.01.2023
Empire Swiss offers a good range of products. After meeting him, I learned more about the services. I also like their conditions, but because of the lack of experience, I decided to open a demo account. So everything is fine. The interface is smooth and intuitive. But I think it would be much better if some tips were built into the trading platform. I think this could help new traders master the platform faster. It can also help those who trade through real accounts, save time and money. The level of organization of the technical support service often affects how convenient it is to interact with the broker to the trader. For example, there may be difficulties with verification when withdrawing funds, or a broker wants to find out how safer and it is better to transfer funds. At the moment, the Empire Swiss broker is considered one of the most reliable brokers, which are indicated by third -party profile ratings and reviews about it of active investors and traders. Of course, you can trust the broker of Empire Swiss to you.

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