Trendsmacro tips: why buying Forex strategies and video courses can be scam scam


Trading with strategies is pointless without basic skills and understanding of the market. A good algorithm requires constant modernization. The trader must understand what changes need to be made to the strategy in order for it to correspond to the changed market.

Advice from it is better not to use ready-made strategies, but to create them yourself, based on personal experience and information that is available on the Internet. Then you will understand exactly how they work.

If a trading school offers to buy a strategy from it in one form or another, it means that they are trying to make money on you. As noticed by analysts of Trendsmacro scam avoiding service, it will take your time and waste your finances.


Trendsmacro Forex broker tips: Video lessons

They can be short (dedicated to a specific topic, tool, indicator, strategy) or consist of several dozen videos covering many topics. Let's see why those courses can cost quite a lot.

Their authors spend time writing a script, recording, editing and processing video. They also are engaged in promotion. Since any work has to be paid for, charging for access to videos is quite normal.

But in most cases, video tutorials provide basic concepts or cover very specific topics. Both are freely available (in texts, articles, publications). Most often, the author of the video tutorial borrows what he found and just records the video. So there’s nothing exclusive about them, and that’s not the valuable education source.

Trendsmacro warns: not all video tutorials are informative. Many of these are lengthy advertisements for courses or personal training with an author. This is what many so-called experts use to attract their future buyers.

There is a separate category of video tutorials that can be considered harmful. They teach different variations of Martingale and other "win-win" strategies, promote individual brokers or give a distorted view of the Forex market.

Many people are unable to distinguish scammers (those who trade against a client) from brokers (those who provide access to interbank liquidity), and also do not understand the risks that accompany margin trading. They often use educational videos to mislead people. tip: fully trust in video tutorials is pointless. Over the years of the existence of forex trading, a huge number of free videos and channels have appeared that provide the same information as the authors selling their visual content. There are hundreds of thousands of hours of video on the web.

But even this is not the main problem of learning to trade by watching videos. The point is that such forex courses do not provide feedback. If you do not understand something, you will not be able to get advice from the author. So learning to trade in Forex by video is akin to self-study.


Trendsmacro review: Seminars and webinars

Live classes are organized by banks, brokers, forex dealers and traders who want to share their experiences.

About seminars

These are face-to-face meetings. They can be either free or paid. Some mentors try to earn extra money by selling paid programs and courses after the live seminar.

Seminars can be divided into two categories:

  • Events for newbies, which explain the very basis of trading and general terms,
  • Professional meetings which have the exact thematic and gather the people who are experienced enough to discuss the subject.

The first are dedicated to:

  • The general picture of the Forex market.
  • Specifics of margin trading.
  • Types of orders.
  • The basics of technical, fundamental analysis.
  • Opening an account.
  • Conducting transactions.
  • Types of charts.
  • Trends.
  • Flat.
  • Indicators.

Professional seminars cover deeper topics. They provide specialized and more complex knowledge. Some introduce the latest market instruments.

Tip from Trendsmacro: If you're a beginner, choose your seminars carefully. If you visit a lot of them, you will definitely get confused in theories, methods and trading systems. Also this can cost a lot.

The quality of the paid beginner seminars is not much different from the free ones. They are carried out to make money on the promoted name. Warning from scam preventing service: there are no revelations or secret techniques, so please be careful and aware.

Webinars are held remotely (mainly via the Internet). Everyone can take part in them, regardless of their location. But they are inferior to regular seminars in that it is more difficult to communicate with the presenters.

It is technically easier to organize webinars, since you do not need to rent a room. Therefore, they are carried out by numerous scammers. Those ones force trainees to register with the dealer they want or impose useless training materials.

According to scam experts are those who try to sell their knowledge for money with no training practice. In fact, the information they give is freely available. They are well aware that they are deceiving people, but they continue to present their seminars and webinars as an opportunity to receive some kind of revelation.

Of course, there are benefits in participating in seminars and webinars. But it is important to choose those forex courses or trading school that offer the necessary information, not self-promotion and not some rubbish.


Trendsmacro tips: Live Trading Rooms

This is a separate type of training. The bottom line is that an experienced trader (or team):

  • open a real terminal with obligatory proof of the relevance of quotes;
  • trade and explain each of their actions with calculations.

Traders are connected to them, there’s open text or audio chat. That’s the best part: traders can open deals after the mentor and adopt his experience.

Practical lessons are almost always expensive. They cost a lot. But the real practical courses are even more expensive, and to access them, you either need to be a very good trader or get a recommendation from well-known traders. The price can reach several thousand dollars. The plus is that the mentor shows everything he is capable of and answers the questions asked.

Trendsmacro draws attention to the fact that “friendly” courses are not available to the mass trader. But everybody can find a Live Trading Room for a reasonable price.


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