Trendsmacro review from expert traders.

Trendsmacro reviews


Trendsmacro broker for last few months becomes more and more visible, so we just can’t stand of making this review article. methodology is to cooperate with the main monetary foundations in every district the organization works in. At present, Trendsmacro has considerable connections in Europe with liquidity suppliers, and that’s what makes it most interesting market participant of 2020-2021 years.


On market since



Local Regulators


Marshall Islands

What traders think of company?

Trendsmacro reviews received from traders were rather positive.

The broker has earned neutral reviews for location in offshore, but there’s no reviews about scam or fraud were found. And that means that the company has chosen this location for its lower taxes requirements. A lot of financial companies do that, especially ones from EU and Eastern Europe.

 Terms of cooperation

The trading conditions offered by the company were not much different from the standard set that brokers implement for EU:



Stocks, currencies, indices, metals and energies

Minimal deposit





Floating from 2.8 pips

Minimal spread


Minimal lot




Trust management



Trading platform





50 currency pairs,

45+ CFD

Account Currency



No commission for all accounts

3 types of accounts were offered:

  • Bronze (minimum)
  • Sliver
  • Gold
  • Platinum(Maximum)

 In general, the attitude of traders towards trading conditions of a broker was positive.

Positive reviews for:

  • the ability to choose the type of spread;
  • the ability to use several accounts.
  • wide selection of instruments and currency pairs.
  • No commission even at minimum account plan
  • Minimal trading amount


Broker proposes Web Meta Trader 4 and WebTrader  which is the online rendition of the well-known MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform. That’s why actually you don’t even need to download and install Meta Trader 4 or other extra software on your PC. You can just use your browser on desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet all over the world and get access to your trading account as fast as your Internet allows you.

So you need stable Internet connection, any digital device with browser on it – and after that you can start trading.

Advantages of the MetaTrader 4 WebTrader:

  • No Need to Download
  • Access from any Web Browser and OS
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Admission to Trading Anytime from Anywhere
  • Solid Data Protection
  • Assortment of Pending Order Types
  • More than 30 Technical Indicators
  • Graphical Objects
  • Supporting accessible


Deposit and withdrawal of funds

For depositing and withdrawing funds, broker has methods that are currently offered by almost every broker in EU:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Bank transfers.

Customer service

Company offers a lot of additional services but most of them depend on account type that you choose for trading. Trendsmacro reviews show that most traders are moving from lower account type to higher one when they find out that it contains something that they need. Main benefits are:

  • training;
  • automated trading;
  • analytical and informational materials;
  • personal consultations and personal trading sessions.

Trendsmacro Forex broker has earned positive reviews:

Company makes strict security requirements for its own customers. On-site verification is a whole multi-stage procedure.

The second argument: privacy policy, data encryption - the company keeps safe all the passwords and other customer data. All the data in encrypted and used only for verification or trading purposes.

Withdrawal requests are processed fast and accurate.

The company provides excellent service. The support works efficiently, technical issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Conditions are suitable for beginners. The standard tariff allows you to enter the market with an amount of two hundred fifty dollars and immediately get several recommendations from professionals.

Trendsmacro reviews from traders

Here are some examples of Trendsmacro reviews taken from different sources (FB, Google, Trustpilot etc):

Charles Hudson, 34, Accountant  ,  Manchester, GB

“I've been working with Trendsmacro for six months. Although a very young broker, it is immediately evident that the staff was recruited from professionals - they give very sensible advice. I have been on the market for several years, but for the first time with this broker I realized that I can start putting off a financial cushion ”;

Jacek Szczepański, 27 , Project manager, Krakow, Poland

“I finished my session at 6 am. Ooohhhhh! Those who are still on, good luck guys! I ordered a withdrawal of money. Last time I had to wait five or six hours, I slept well, and the money was already on my account! I love this company ”;

Olof Lundberg, 65 , Retired,  Malmo, Sweden

“The market is the market. If you went bankrupt and lost the first thousand, then I will tell you - there will still be roofing felts! I also lost and even more. I am still cautious about this, review -  I have already taken silver. As long as I'm lucky, or their strategies are working. I will definitely stay with this broker further. "

Most English-speaking users describe the company as having a good track record, paying money regularly, with good understanding service.


More information about Trendsmacro:

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Trendsmacro scam

Here you can sit on the demo account as long as you like. Learn the technology as I do. This does not interfere with trading. I am already making a profit.

personAdrian Bale28.02.2021
Experienced traders act like they were born with this experience! Where is the solidarity? In fact, everyone started somewhere. This service is a good start.

I'm just practicing. I can't advise anything yet. I study the market and brokerage services. Everything seems attractive here. There seem to be many satisfied users. We'll see.

Heard a lot of good things, decided to check them myself, so opened a live account few days ago...what amazed me from the start is the smart leverage ratio policy they use. It both allows you to earn good money and keeps you from going on a losing binge when the trading is tough. Most traders would just give you some sky high leverage ration to suck all your money out, but these guys are quite different.

So I disagree with you! Yes, they do not offer a leverage of 1:100. Are you seriously? Do you want to bury yourself in a hole in debt? Here unreal positions are eliminated in time. I believe that this is only for the benefit of careless traders. It's like a father's hand that will keep you from making a stupid decision.

personBrian Nash29.03.2021
The margin trade is great ... the opportunities are great. I highly recommend trying it. And if you are scared, then there are enough other functions that can build a strategy without loans.

personHarrison Hunt31.03.2021
Has anyone tried to trade here with leverage? I have never practiced this, but my income is constantly low. This broker is advised as a marketplace with good margin trading opportunities.

personMark Freeman01.04.2021
Fantastic promises are for scam services. Where you see unrealistic opportunities for trading loans – this is definitely a sign of a site that simply will not pay you back your money. Be reasonable come on

We don't live in a perfect world, so if you find a perfect broker to cooperate with, by all means, let me know... what I've learned during my time is that big brokers don't give you really high leverage ratio, so if you're seeing some over-the-top leverages, it's most likely some single-day company better left alone...

personLeonhard Rim05.04.2021
What are you, come to your senses! Moderate leverage offers are an example of not lying to you! With this broker you will not be able to increase your debts to unimaginable amounts. Trust the professionals, they will not promise you mountains of gold and therefore will not disappear with your money.

I am not ready to deal with a platform that does not have the possibility of margin trading. This is where the real fight begins! There is always a chance to get more. I love it!

personEnrico Rampey16.04.2021
Brokers are like fly-by-night butterflies. But not this particular one. For six months I have not had any failures. I hope for further cooperation as productive.

personDirk 24.04.2021
Everything you see is true. The spreads are really low. No hidden fees. You get fair trading.

personLuc 29.04.2021
I decided that I would wait out the next global crisis on this platform. Here, trading continues without panic or manipulation. My manager remains in touch with me at any time. I feel confident.

personCristian 11.05.2021
I did go and try those terms of theirs . Deposit is low, that’s true, and there’re not so many ways to add money to your account, that’s true as well. But the big fat plus is that you can just trade as much as you need and get no additional commissions or fees, and other brokers charge you for each position opened. Maybe it depends on number of clients or their exchange agreement idk, either way you just have your spread paid and your trades working.

personAlfonso 14.05.2021
I have been trading with a broker for 2 years. During this time, a lot has happened, both positive and negative trends in trading. In the end, however, I'm still in the black, and that makes me happy. But as for the broker, I can say with confidence that this is the best broker - reliable, fair and loyal to its clients. He creates good trading conditions and helps with analytics.

personBenjamin 21.05.2021
Good afternoon everyone. I am new to the market. I started my first steps in trading on the market with a broker, read a lot of positive reviews about the broker from existing clients and decided to cooperate. I am satisfied with the broker, all conditions are met, I recommend.

personMarc 26.05.2021
I have been trading with the company for a long time. I like the way they work in technical support, they explain everything very quickly and easily, which simplifies the work and makes their service one of the best among brokers.

personRonnie Greene 04.06.2021
What I like most about this broker is absence of commission and low entry threshold. And customer support here definitely made my experience better.

personWilliam Hernandez 14.06.2021
I didn’t know a thing about forex trading when I started, so I picked this company by reading reviews. Made an account two weeks ago and it’s been going great. There are so many interesting trading instruments and options, and support will always help you if you need anything.

personRobert Harris 25.06.2021
Since I grew bored of stock trading a couple of years ago, I’ve been scalping only. Most companies don’t support it, so it was good to find one without such restrictions. Also, I trade here daily and encountered almost no transaction delays.

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