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In our era of information and high speeds, every minute counts. Especially in the area of stock trading, where time makes money. Nowadays due to the development of communication technologies mobile applications are included in all spheres of human life. And stock trading is not an exception.

Trendingraphs forex broker makes everything possible for traders comfort. Mobile version of MetaTrader 4 from MetaQuotes Software Corp. gives you the opportunity to be in the auction round the clock from anywhere in the world. You can work wherever you like.

We decided to recommend the application for our customers due to statistics of Trendingraphs broker reviews. It includes user feedback from various trading platforms. The fundamental factors of choice are: functionality, safety and user-friendly interface.

It’s a proven fact that foreign exchange mobile trading, or “smartphone trading) has provided enormous amount of freedom to traders. Until just recently, a trader had to spend several hours sitting at his computer each week and month. But thanks to mobile devices, today you can trade from almost any place on the Earth if you have a solid connection to the internet. You can even read Trendingraphs broker reviews while you’re at it.

In this mini-guide we will tell you about many useful things you need to know to trade forex as you go.

Mobile foreign exchange trading

Before we start diving into the best mobile devices for Trendin graphs forex mobile trading, it is vital to understand what mobile trading actually is.

Foreign exchange trading from a mobile device has really taken off recently.

And it’s quite easy to see, why that happened. It’s not always easy to fit Trending graphs forex trading in a busy schedule. People got work, family, social life, so it can be a challenge to find time to trade. But this problem is avoidable, if you trade forex from your smartphone.

Over the last three years a lot of brokers like the Trendin graphs broker and providers of charting have begun developing and providing software intended for mobile trading. All you need now to trade foreign exchange is a tablet or a smartphone and stable internet signal.

But is mobile trading a good idea at all? Is it safe? Is it realistic? Does it actually work?

People somewhy find it hard to imagine professional traders and Trendingraphs broker clients using smartphones for ALL the trading they conduct. Of course, if you have a large screen of a laptop or a computer in front of you, it can be more useful for certain tasks, like reading the Trendingraphs broker reviews, but they are not a neccessity. A lot of foreign exchange trading strategies can be implemented using only a smartphone or a tablet.

Mobile devices have really changed the way people trade. You can easily switch most of your Trendin graphs forex trades to smartphone, make your trading experience entirely mobile even. You can trade while cycling, hiking, travelling, or chilling at the beach.

Trading from your phone is safe, realistic, and it does work.

But what kind of phone you’re going to need for trading?

Not all smartphones are equally usable when it comes to Trendin graphs broker trading, some of them are just not technically compliable, and some cannot work with current mobile trading software, but the support for mobile trading grew rapidly during 2019, and in 2020 more smartphones than ever before are going to have simple access to trading platforms.

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What would be the best smartphone for trading with Trendingraphs broker? Lets break this question into several categories.

Best OS for mobile trading.

OS is short for operating system, it is the software that the phone uses to operate its core functions. Two most common operating systems in the world are Android and iOs (iPhone’s OS), however, there are others such as Blackberry 10 and Windows 10 mobile.

We will not review Windows mobile and Blackberry OS here; of course, there are trading platforms on Blackberry and Windows, but choices there are very limited and Trendingraphs broker reviews say that trading from devices using them is just not optimal

Their diminishing market share means that forex brokers and providers of charting are starting to cease their support. We would strongly advise to get something different for Trendin graphs forex mobile trading.

In the end the real choice is Android vs iPhone.

iPhone catched up to Android in 2017, and in in 2018 both operating systems were going relatively even, which continued through 2019. TradingView app launch began in late 2018 on iOs, which helped to close the gap between iOs and Android.

In 2019 though, a dedicated Android application for TradingView was released for Android, making the playing field even more interesting, so in 2020 we as users have some great options for us to choose.

As of now, both iPhone and Android are great for trading forex with Trendin graphs broker. The final choice is more or less a question of personal preference. There is no need to purchase some cutting-edge smartphone for trading, because in terms of specifications even low-end modern devices are powerful enough for it.

Okay, but if the computing power is not that important, what is? Most important factors would be the screen size and battery life. Of course, you can trade on a smartphone with a small screen, but it is really tedious and the probability of mistake grows high. A large screen allows you to conduct your trading with much more comfort which is really important in times of stressful trades.

Smart Phone Screen Size

We would recommend a 5.5 inch screen or larger for trading from your mobile device. We have meticulously tested different screen sizes and found anything less than 5.5 inches too small. Of course, if you have small fingers, small screen might not be such an inconvenience for you, but it is still not recommended.

Small screen leads to uncomfortable trading, which leads to making more mistakes. Mistakes in trading are harsh and can cost you a lot of money. So the screen size is really vital for trading foreign exchange from your mobile device with Trendin graphs broker.

Another vital factor is battery life, because you certainly wouldn’t want your battery to die mid-trade. Good news - over the last several years battery life has increased at a huge rate. In 2019, the average battery life of mobile devices went up to over 12 hours of charge, based on mobile web surfing, which utilizes just as much resources and energy as mobile trading. This year we expect to see an increase once again, but no groundbreaking releases happened, so we should probably wait some more.

If your smartphone can hold above 10 hours of charge, it should be enough for trading, but, of course, some phones are able to go for much, much longer.

The age of your smartphone can also influence your battery life, because software gets better and battery quality tend to decline overtime.

We see 13-14 hours of battery life as optimal result, especially if you want to trade while being abroad.

It should be noted, that the actual size of the battery doesn’t necessarily correlate with it’s life time, meaning that a bigger battery does not mean longer battery life. For example, the iPhone 8+ has a smaller battery than the Note 8 from Samsung but the iPhone 8+ lasts 5 minutes longer at 11h 16m vs. 11h 11m.

What do traders want? Trendingraphs Forex broker

There are two important aspects:

• Functionality comparing to the desktop version of the program;

• Protection against hacking and access to the account of Trendingraphs customers by scammers.

There also another options which are important for users:

• Easy interface, which allows you to quickly respond to movements of currencies;

• News feeds;

• Analytical tools.

The ability to customize the language of the interface and news was also in the list of significant factors mentioned in the reviews collected by Trendingraphs broker.

Among undesirable risks for customers of Trendingraphs broker scam is a associated with the illegal distribution of software, which eventually becomes infected with Trojan programs. Trendingraphs Forex is it real?

Trendingraphs Forex broker for mobile platform: benefits

Mobile version has almost all the advantages of the desktop. It includes powerful functionality and reliability. Her tools allow the trader to develop and implement virtually any trading strategy:

• Full and convenient management of the Trendingraphs forex broker's clients trading account;

• All types of orders and execution modes are saved;

• Interactive charts of quotations and history of transactions;

• Among the analytical tools are 3 types of charts, 9 time frames, 4 analytical objects and 30 most popular technical indicators;

• All the same reliable systems to protect customers of Trendingraphs from scam by hacking and data theft;

• Customizable interface language;

• Auto-trading features enabled;

• Mobile chat, mail and financial markets news

Immediate execution orders provide an opportunity for rapid response, and autotrading - automate processes in your personal trading system. For the convenience of brokers Trendingraphs forex broker push-notifications are provided.

In general, functional of mobile version is trying its best.

Trendingraphs forex security: scam preventing, data leak on the network and hacking

Mobile version of MetaTrader 4 is as secure as desktop one and just as protected as the Trendingraphs broker scam protection measures. All the same security system that makes it impossible to access data to unauthorized persons and prevents information leaks. It protects clients of Trendingraphs forex broker from scam and ensures the safety of their deposits. Used 128-bit keys and RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm) have proven their reliability in the process of testing and operating the application. Keeping the password and login from your account in secret, the Trendingraphs broker scam protection system will ensure that any client will be almost completely protected from fraudsters.

Trendingraphs forex and MetaTrader 4 mobile version system requirements

Trendingraphs at Forex can be carried out both on the iPhone and using devices with Android OS.

Your devices should meet the following requirements:

iPad and iPhone

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad  iOS from iOS 4.0 and later


OS Android OS 2.1 and later mobile devices


MetaTrader 4 other versions in Trendingraphs Forex broker

Trendingraphs forex broker recommends the MetaTrader 4 web terminal if you face some problems with mobile network. It works great in any browser:

• Complete set of familiar operations with market and pending orders;

• 9 timeframes;

• Trading from a chart,

• Ability to view history, quotes and current trading positions without connecting to the network.

MetaTrader 4 proposed as a powerful and reliable trading platform by Trendingraphs broker for Forex allows you to make trading easy and efficient in any circumstances, enjoying all the benefits of Trendingraphs scam protection. Remote access to trading, regardless of place and time, creates unlimited opportunities for the implementation of Trendingraphs Forex broker clients' strategies. Trade profitably and comfortably.

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  1. Amelie.N. 03.01.2020
    Hi everyone! I’ve been working with Trendingraphs and it satisfies my needs as a trader but I began to wonder if I’m missing something. Can anyone compare it with some other platforms for me? Or should I just continue? I mean, profits are nice, but maybe I can improve it
    1. Moritz.Z. 08.01.2020
      Trendingraphs is quite decent, I only wish they would establish cooperation with some trading terminals other than metatrader.
      1. Ben.Men. 16.01.2020
        Can not say much on the topic of Trendingraphs. They are okay, not great, not bad, just that — okay. Good option for beginners I suppose.
        1. Oklandos56 17.01.2020
          I think these Tradingraphs guys are a bit overhyped right now. Sure, they are decent in comparison to every second trading platform (which most likely would be a broker scam btw), but their support quality is far from perfect, for one thing. They still have a long way to go in order to be the best.
          1. Sande Of 19.01.2020
            Tradingraphs, okay; yeah, I had some experience with them, was mostly satisfied, but, you know, wish the withdrawal time was shorter. Sometimes they made me wait like two days to receive my money. Profits are good tho. Broker reviews seem to adequately represent their activity.
            1. Kevin Fort 20.01.2020
              Got myself into trading recently, started with Tradingraphs. Due to my lack of experience I cannot compare them with other trading platforms, but they seem okay. Not bad at least. Do not expect sky-high profits but one can surely make some money there.
              1. LinkBink 22.01.2020
                My experience with Tradingraphs was okay, but I’d like their support service to be more responsive to be honest. They are proficient and polite, but the timing isn’t always good.
                1. asortght 22.01.2020
                  So, today’s my first withdrawal from Tradingraphs! Got some good profits and looking forward to getting my hands on them :) so much for all the advisors who tried to talk me off forex and investments.
                  1. Emily1398 28.01.2020
                    Haven’t heard before about those Tradingraphs guys, can anyone share info? I’d like to know my possible broker a little better.
                    1. Reece.K 02.02.2020
                      Got a call from one of the Tradingraphs support guys; he was quite nice and helpful, but I’m still not sure about diving into forex.
                      1. Mason O. 08.02.2020
                        Worked with Tradingraphs for a while now, sooo, if you care to know, they are quite decent. Loved their terms, but the withdrawal time leaves a lot to be desired.
                        1. Jacob M. 13.02.2020
                          Tradingraphs contacted me earlier this week with some interesting prospects but I’m not sure if foreign exchange market trading is a thing at all. Is it a legit way to make money, anyone?
                          1. Liam Parry121 17.02.2020
                            I’ve been googling a lot of information on trading lately and heard of Tradingraphs; some guys say that they are good and I think on trying their services. Don’t have any concrete proof yet tho.
                            1. Mia T. 22.02.2020
                              Tradingraphs caught my attention some time ago and I was following their activities, but can not say anything specific yet, want to try them myself.
                              1. Saman N.N. 25.02.2020
                                Tradingraphs are JUST AWESOME. I’ve never thought that forex trading could be so easy and fulfilling. Best broker ever.