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Buying a dishwasher is a landmark event for any housewife. With this technique, there is more time in the kitchen, which can be spent with family and friends, and not to spend your life on a monotonous dishwashing. To make the appliance last as long as possible, it is important to know the rules of operation of the dishwasher. Consider them in more detail.

When operating a dishwasher, its owner should follow a few rules:

  • Take care of and prevent breakdowns every day.
  • Use appropriate chemicals.
  • Carry out deep cleaning regularly.
  • Avoid accumulation of mold and rust.
  • Prevent scale.
  • Dishwasher care products

Want to increase the life of your device? Then you need to choose the right detergent. No matter what type of machine you have, you can't just take it and fill it with washing powder, which is usually used for laundry or hand washing dishes.

You can find a wide variety of detergents in chemical stores and relevant supermarket departments.

Powder. The cheapest option, but in this case, the user must determine how much to add per work cycle.
Gels. Powder of liquid consistency, which (as in the previous case) is added at the discretion of the user. There are also capsules, one is enough for the wash cycle.
Tablets, which contain soap and rinsing components, have everything you need for complete cleaning and care of the sink. Do not leave stains, allowing the dishes to shine like in a TV commercial. Dishwasher care product is used at the final stage of washing: it is added to a special department, and the device already takes as much substance as needed.
Softeners. Add in the case of hard water to avoid the accumulation of scale.
Fresheners, remove odors inside the machine. They are fixed on a basket inside the device, and their resource is enough for tens of working cycles.

Deep cleansing

In the case of daily intensive use, the procedure must be repeated once every 3 months. How is this done?

Loading baskets are removed, protective covers are removed.
The filters are cleaned with a brush (you can use an old toothpick), and the nozzles - with ordinary wire, after which the parts should be wiped with a cloth to remove all dirt.
The drain hole is thoroughly washed with a soapy sponge.
The blades are removed and washed under running water, as are the door seals.
All items that can be removed are washed well with soap.
In the end, all parts are completely dried and mounted in place.
How to deal with scale, mold and rust in the dishwasher

No matter how carefully you treat your equipment, it will still get dirty over time: scale, rust and mold will appear on its walls. These problems cannot be solved by simple preventive measures. So what to do in each case, what are the rules of care for the dishwasher?

Fighting scale

It is quite easy to remove solid deposits on the surfaces of heat exchangers. Turn on the appliance without filling the dishes. Do not forget to fill it with one of the following substances:

  • citric acid;
  • table vinegar;
  • baking soda.

Turn on the dishwasher and let it run (at an optimum temperature of 60 degrees). When finished, clean the loading chamber of dirt, and then turn it on again so that the device works an additional cycle with clean water. As a result, the scale should disappear.

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