Types of a safe night table lamp for children reviews


How to choose a night light in the children's room

In order for a child to develop without harm to health, there should be "correct" light in her room: moderately bright and even. A lamp by the bed to read at night or for the entourage (because many children are afraid to fall asleep in the dark). Table lamp on the table - for activities and creativity.
A good lamp embodies strength and safety. The table lamp must remain intact during a fall, and the pendant lamp must be securely fastened. Of course, you should take into account the wishes of the baby. Favorite character and pleasant motives will set you up for a good night's sleep. It is better to choose LED bulbs, they do not heat up, so they will not burn. Read more about everything in the article.

What are the nightlights

Varieties of lamps will help to create multilevel lighting in a children's room.

You need to choose based on the age of the child. Consider the most convenient and safe options.

The electronic mobile, controlled remotely in the on state, rotates to music. It has several modes of operation:

  • turn on the glow,
  • playing melodies,
  • movement

Mobile on the remote control

Each function can be used simultaneously or separately.
It has a fascinating effect on kids. In addition, the bright colors of hanging animals and music develop a child's hearing, vision, ability to concentrate.


Attaches to the back of the bed, small size. Most often in the form of a musical or ordinary toy. Powered by a normal battery, securely hidden from the child. The small light flux of such a night light is better suited for a newborn.


Stationary LED night light that shows a programmed pattern on the wall or ceiling. The minimum amount of light does not interfere with a night's sleep, with sufficient visibility for feeding and caring for the baby.

Night light toy

Most often, such a night light is a plastic or plush animal figure. Glows dimly, makes sounds that mimic animals. This feature motivates the child to go to bed without whims, takes up little space and has a beneficial effect on sleep.


Night pillow with projector

It looks like an ordinary soft toy, but after unfastening the Velcro, it turns into a pillow. She projects the starry sky or the outlines of animals on the wall or ceiling. Glows in one color of your choice, or simultaneously with several, but about twenty minutes, then turns off. This time is enough for the child to fall asleep.

Night light with projector

It is established in heads of a bed. Suitable for children over three years. As a rule, images of favorite cartoon characters capture kids and they turn it on before going to bed. The light is enough to look at the pictures in the book and does not interfere with falling asleep.

Night light sconce

Mobile, with enough light in the room. Design solutions for lamps have no boundaries, for every taste and interior: animals, figurines, houses, etc. Most often equipped with air purification thanks to the built-in ionizer, which creates good conditions for healthy sleep.

With the advent of the baby in the family, the purchase of a lamp solves several serious problems:

  • it is convenient to get up to the child at night - there is no need to turn on the general light;
  • restful sleep, because children are afraid of the dark.

    Lighting should be soft, subdued and not directed to promote the baby's night's sleep. This is given by table lamps. Soft half-light promotes fast falling asleep, preventing fears and fears of darkness, which is extremely important.

    For older children, a night light is necessary for orientation in space: to drink water, find mom and other important things. The main task of such a lamp is to create diffused light in order to examine the outlines of objects without disturbing sleep.

Good night light

When connecting to the socket, the length of the wires is important: it is undesirable to put the bed near the sockets, it is better to connect through an extension cord.




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