“Make it look simple”: Review of Stocks Wide account types

Selecting the right broker may seem challenging, especially if you are just beginning your travel into the world of Forex trade. Here is our Forex broker Stocks Wide review as of 2022 – feel free to use it and its algorithm when selecting potential partner.

We’ll start where most people would – the official Stocks Wide website. It should be simple but informative and contain all the necessary information regarding the company and its services. Forex broker Stocks Wide website is mostly in line with this demand. It contains enough information both for newbies and for more experienced players. And, which is also important, you do not have to look for it here and there, opening one tab after another.

The terms and conditions proposed doesn’t look suspicious – the commissions are average as for the market, the minimal deposit threshold with Forex broker Stocks Wide is just 100EUR, which can be also called the market’s average value. But there is also something special about this company. Broker Stocks Wide means of investment are not limited to just Forex deals – the company offers 4 types of assets (see table below). Maybe a bit complicated for beginner, but much more interesting, then just one type. Besides that, there is a possibility to learn trading in general and using broker Stocks Wide platform in particular, available for all account types.


Account type






Minimal deposit in EUR






Assets available

9 major currencies

2 types of assets

3 types of assets

4 types of assets

4 types of assets

Other options

- Get Started,

- More than 25 tools available,

- personal account manager,

3 insured trades;

-fixed/floating spreads.


- Get started,

- More than 50 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- micro-lot trading,

- company landing,

4 insured trades,

- fixed/floating spreads.



- Get started,

- More than 200 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- account insurance,

- 5 insured trades,

- micro-lot trading,

- fixed/floating spreads.


- Get started,

- More than 250 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 10 insured trades,

- mentor training program,

- fixed/floating spreads,

- 50% bonus,

- account insurance,

- Group of signals for contracts.

- Get started,

- More than 300 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 15 insured trades,

- 70% bonus,

- аccess to company reserve fund,

- group of signals for insured contracts,

- fixed / floating spreads,

- personal analyst,

- account insurance.


There is another thing an ordinary user can do before starting the registration procedure. Examination of broker Stocks Wide reviews on the web doesn’t take much time but may give you some deeper insights on the company’s situation, its practices and attitude towards clients as well. But to make the right conclusion you should follow the facts, not emotions. «Stocks Wide is the best Forex broker for beginners» - that’s a statement which is not worth much without any proofs. The same rule works with negative reviews of Stocks Wide as well. Putting it simply, do you own research before making decision on ivestments with Stocks Wide.

There is something you can’t do yourself, of course. But no worries – we are here to help. Here are some questions answered by Forex broker Stocks Wide development director Thomas Mueller.

Question: How would you start the article Review of Stocks Wide as of 2022 if you had to write one? What would be the key point?

Thomas Mueller: Not sure about its start, but the key point would be something like “Stocks Wide is the best broker for low-cost trading”, really. We invest a lot of time and resources into being simple and user-friendly towards our client, no matter whether he is an experienced trader or just a beginner. Minimal deposits, simple and easy to use tools, learning stage, all you need to start. We are focused on a mass-market user. And on his scale of operations, of course.

Q: How does your company deal with angry clients? We haven’t found many negative reviews of Stocks Wide, that’s why we’re asking.

TM: We’re trying to settle the issue before it results in negative feedback. There are some incidents, of course. I can’t say I am happy with all the reviews about Stocks Wide I see on the web. But paying for positive reviews is a dead-end, really. If a company doesn’t work like it should, it won’t help.

 Q: Simplicity is a good strategy, but how about safety? What is with clients’ sensitive data, or with safety of their accounts with your platform?

TM: The platform and its tools only look simple. We can proudly claim that Forex broker Stocks Wide uses the most up-to-date technologies to protect users’ data and to streamline the trading process as well. That is how it works – first Stocks Wide invests in technologies and reviews them, and then – in making it look simple for end users.

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