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In the 70s of the last century, Forex became an independent environment for the trade of financial assets. Initially, impressive start-up capital was necessary for participation in the auction and only large banks and reputable commercial organizations could afford to become a full-fledged participant in this market. But over time, the rules have changed and today, thanks to the services of brokers, independent traders have the opportunity to make a profit on currency fluctuations.

Starting at Forex is always difficult. According to statistics, almost every beginner makes mistakes that can lead to a loss of deposit.

StockGlobal broker scam protection system creates the most comfortable conditions for clients, will help to avoid bitter disappointment and receive useful experience. Deep knowledge and individual approach to the client, characterizing this company, make the beginning of a career in the financial sphere easy and enjoyable.

Before you start your trading activities in the forex market, you’re going to get yourself a trading account. But what account type would suit you?

It sometimes comes as a surprise to many beginning traders that most (if not all) forex brokers like the Stock Global broker are providing you the option of selecting one of several account types.

Of course, you would be able to create a demo trading account with Stock Global forex if you just want to test out some broker trading platform and decide for yourself what services you are going to utilize without any risks connected with an open trading environment, but you’re going to need information on types of Stockglobal forex trading accounts and which one will suit you best anyway, and you can get this information from sources like StockGlobal broker reviews.

In case you decide to get access to one of more advanced and beneficial accounts your forex trader provides, it will require more money for an initial investment than a basic one. That is why it is important that you make sure you’re signing up to a top class forex trader if you are planning to make a big money investment to have the possibility of using the premium type trading account.

You’re welcome to get acknowledged with our mini-guide on many types of forex trading accounts in order to get information on numerous benefits you would be able to obtain if you decide to create a certain type of account. Those benefits include: faster withdrawals, personal account managers and more glorious promotional offers available to you via various brokers.

1. What is the demo trading account?

The option of opening a demo trading account will most likely be available to you after signing up to almost any forex broker, like the Stock Global broker. You will always have the option when you sign up to any of our featured Forex Brokers of opening up a demo trading account. This type of account is going to be suitable for everyone who have never placed any type of Stock Global Forex trade before.

You will be given the ability of placing as many no risk trades as you like when accessing a demo trading account, and will also be able to test out some of the advanced features that are available on the trading platform you have chosen to utilize.

2. Why should I open a standard trading account?

The most basic type of trading account you can open will be a standard account, these types of accounts are very easy to manage, and may be ideal for first time traders who are still finding their feet in cooperation with Stock Global broker.

Often you will not get any additional features or benefits offered to you when you open such an account, but you will be able to open this type of account with a small nominal initial deposit.

In case you are really new to the Stock Global forex trading world it might be wise to initially open a standard trading account. Once you feel yourself really comfortable and used to creating forex trades online, then you will can upgrade your account to premier type, which we will describe below.

3. So, what’s with the premium trading account?

Another type of foreign exchange trading account that you should consider opening is a premier. This type of account will provide you with tons of additional options and benefits, which would not be available to you with more basic and standard Forex trading accounts.

However, it usually comes with its own disadvantages, because if you want to open and use a premier forex trading account, it will most likely require you to make a substantial initial deposit.

After you make such a deposit, you will find a great range of additional extras and they will be available to you right from the beginning of working with such an account.

Those extras can include enlarged account limits, increased bonuses, and promotional offers and you can usually expect to benefit from much quicker payouts from winning trades without fees. You will most likely be provided with your own personal account manager who will do his best to make sure that good online or mobile trading experience will always be available to you when creating any type of forex trades.

You could also be offered a certain number of risk-free trades when you open a premier account, so rewards of doing so are substantial.

4. Can a mobile trading application or platform be used to trade?

It is really easy to miss a potentially profitable Forex trading opportunity, so the possibility to download a mobile forex trading account can be really beneficial. After you do that, you can always log into your application and instantly create forex trades regardless of where you are.

Your online log, used to access an online trading platform will only work with mobile trading applications offered by the same forex broker, so you will not need to open up a new mobile forex trading account.

Additionally, you will have the same amount of different trading opportunities and will enjoy as many promotional offers and trading bonuses when using a mobile trading platform as when you utilize a standard forex trading platform, so no compromises are needed when using an application.

5. Do all new accounts offer bonuses?

One of the main advantages that will be available to you when you open a trading account with a forex broker, is that you would be able to claim a new trader bonus as soon as you are registered as a new trader and make your initial deposit.

What does the offer from Stock Global for Forex include?

For the customers, the company offers a package of services that is equally suitable either for novice trader or for an experienced one.

Company services can be described as “convenient” and “secure.” The ensuring of StockGlobal scam prevention and errors protection is important too.

Trading for newcomers without knowledge of economics and analysis may look complex and difficult. However, this is only the first impression because any business related to money requires training. Thanks to own experience of StockGlobal, a broker reviews indicating its high competence, will help gain experience in currency trading.

Stock Global is a broker that guarantees:

1.      Comfortable service and software for work at Forex for both PC and mobile applications;

2.      Confidentiality of all data provided, reliable information protection from Stockglobal; scam protection too.

3.      A wide choice of the client account types, allowing to start with a rather small initial investment;

4.      StockGlobal referral programs  - a real way to earn bonuses; 

5.      Leverage, giving the opportunity to operate with an amount of 300 times more than trader has on his account;

6.      Access to operations for up to 50 currency pairs;

7.      Transaction size from 0.01 to 50 lots;

8.      Consulting support when seeking advice from third parties.

The types of accounts available, depending on the size of the initial deposit, and their differences can be summarized as follows:


Client acoountfrom StockGlobal at Forex

Minimum entry fee (USD)

Spread (minimum)















StockGlobal broker of advanced technologies

MetaTrader 4 trading platform that the company offers to its customers has a high rating and has truly become the choice of millions of traders around the world. It is available for PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android. This powerful trading and analytical tool provides Forex access from anywhere in the world around the clock.


·        Connection to over 2 000 broker servers;

·       Reliable data protection based on 128-bit encryption, thanks to which trader customers of StockGlobal are scam-free and safe;

·        All types of trading orders and execution modes;

·        Fast One-Click Trading;

·        Up to 10 simultaneously open charts;

·        Stockglobal scam protection

·        30 indicators and 24 graphics objects for technical analysis;

·        Quotes in real-time mode;

·        Ability to connect a large number of languages;

·        Financial news and analytics for Forex.

When choosing a trading platform for StockGlobal, broker reviews were studied very carefully. And the choice of MetaTrader 4 is not accidental. It perfectly combines convenience, information, and security, greatly enhancing the StockGlobal scam protection.

Referral Programs of StockGlobal for Forex

Choosing a broker is somewhat similar to choice of a car. For someone Љkoda is suitable enough, and the other certainly need a Mercedes-Benz. However, there is one significant difference the car does not have such characteristics as the relationship with the owner. Customer-orientation business model makes Stock Global company which has a good time-proved reputation – StockGlobal broker reviews are available online.

Referral programs of the company allow the trader to earn bonuses without any special skills. To do this, client need only a real trading account and invitation sent to some other person, who is interested in trading as well. Are these offers from StockGlobal broker scam? No, it’s the opportunity to simultaneously increase your income and work in contact with like-minded people.

The number of bonuses received depends on the size of the initial deposit of referrals and grows in proportion to the number of new customers. 

A trader receives the bonus as soon as newcomer top-ups his or her account and starts trading. This amount cannot be withdrawn during certain period of time, otherwise such a program would be a Stockglobal broker scam, which it is not. 

Summing up, it is worth saying that choosing the right path is the basis for creating and gaining a stable income in currency trading. And a fruitful collaboration with Stock Global at Forex can help building it up from scratch with the right broker.

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  1. Enri 08.07.2019
    I work with Stockglobal for 6 months and I can say it is an excellent broker. I recommend it to all. I wish you a good trading
    1. Dolfito.Laurio 12.07.2019
      I chose to stick with Stockglobal as my broker of choice even after trying a few other good brokers. I find their execution great and their fees more reasonable than many others. Highly recommended for beginners and advanced traders.
      1. Boualem.H 24.07.2019
        I've been trading with StockGlobal for about 3 months now. It's not the first platform I'm using so can compare it to a couple better know brokers. I trade FX so find the spreads quite high but might be good if you only starting out because they have fair customer service and many instruments to test it out. So it all as always depends on what you're after.
        1. Jadiel1785 03.08.2019
          Started with 250 as a beginner, it is great to have a platform Stock Global, where I am learning from someone who is credible in trading successfully with his strategies. My broker is a great and professional person. He explains everything in details and so clear with examples that you really understand right away aspects of trading profitable. They also have fast withdrawal of profit. It has been 2 weeks now trading in Stock Global, every day with my broker. Learned a lot in the past few weeks and I have decided to increase my investment as the profit is great. Has been a good experience and I would highly recommend Stock Global to anyone who wish to be a profitable trader.
          1. Ernesto.J 07.08.2019
            I have started working with Stock Global 6 weeks ago, the broker I’m working with is very professional and patient, I managed to learn a lot in that short period of time and have already made an 8% profit on my initial investment.
            1. Salvador.S 07.09.2019
              VERY quick deposits and withdrawls + plenty of possible payment methods. I recommend.
              1. Khalil 30.12.2019
                I wonder if there is someone with a basic account or higher. I started trading with the StockGlobal broker two months ago, I earned $300 and withdrew them just to be sure. And now my manager is talking about increasing my deposit. Actually, I think this is a right decision, but I’m a little worried, I have never invested in forex so much. Should I try?
                1. Igor. Mornigsty 02.01.2020
                  Great platform without scam and with broker reviews. I have been trading forex for more than 6 months with StockGlobal and I really like it.
                  1. Miliudos. Q 07.01.2020
                    I trade either long term or intraday, no really fan of medium term. With the help of a consultant, I’ve formed a long-term portfolio for myself, which over the past six months has risen by about 20%. Such investments are much more profitable than a deposit in any bank. I don’t understand people shouting that the StockGlobal broker scam.
                    1. Ganzel. P 11.01.2020
                      I read Stockglobal broker reviews, and, in my opinion, people often have high expectations about the things that they don’t get right. It doesn’t work out in such a way that somebody just make an investment and it feeds you for life, so you still need to give your head some hard time overthinking situations and making decisions for your money. Well, there’s always a risk. And sometimes they just lose and write here (not only about this broker: “I have losses for a year, so it’s a bad broker, Stockglobal broker scam” etc). It is necessary to increase financial literacy. And, by the way, the company understands this by promoting its investment training. So in general — it’s a very suitable broker.
                      1. Oggy.U 16.01.2020
                        If it would be possible just to give a rating to the broker and not to write all these reviews, then I would give the broker ten out of ten and that’s it. But since I have already taken up the StockGlobal broker reviews, I will speak briefly. That’s a reliable company, although for me it is not really cheap, but I still found the money for the first deposit so I think it’s not that much and anyone can so it. The company is developing very rapidly, works with customers, considering all complaints and suggestions. I enjoy the trading process and also the profits from StockGlobal forex although I really had a terrible experience with Metatrader software
                        1. Leopold H. 17.01.2020
                          Still not sure about these StockGlobal guys. Seems legit overall but I’m kinda scared of getting myself into another broker. Somebody pls share more info.
                          1. Anna Davis 18.01.2020
                            Just checked broker reviews on StockGlobal and thinking maybe they’re worth a try. At least no promises like “Become rich in five minutes” lol. Gotta monitor them a bit more tho.
                            1. Ivon Code 20.01.2020
                              StockGlobal PLEASE step up your support routine. I was all like “yeah lets do it” and then was essentially put on hold for HALF A DAY. I understand you guys must be busy but I’m a client too you know and I demand attention. I mean, come on, it’s like you don't need my money or positive broker reviews.
                              1. Alex43 21.01.2020
                                Got average results working with StockGlobal for a couple of weeks. Not sure if I will continue working with them.
                                1. Holand555 23.01.2020
                                  My bonsai tree had grown three meters high while I was withdrawing my money from StockGlobal. I’m kidding ofc (it was more like two days) but really, guys, speed it up.
                                  1. Fellix2018 27.01.2020
                                    I’ve really got no idea who these StockGlobal guys are, but their sales pitch was interesting, so I just might give them a try.
                                    1. Enrici Lionsi12 01.02.2020
                                      StockGlobal? Yeah, I’ve heard something, though I’m not sure. Just doesn’t feel like my cup of tea, you know.
                                      1. Gilber Z/19 04.02.2020
                                        So, ugh, thought recently about starting something in forex, you know, looking for a broker. What about these StockGlobal dudes, anyone?
                                        1. Qenty Irbis 10.02.2020
                                          Got a call from StockGlobal recently, wasn’t in the mood sooo might’ve been a little rude with the guy. He didn’t deserve it at all, man was quite polite.
                                          1. Jenny3006 17.02.2020
                                            StockGlobal looks strange, I don’t know. Are all brokers like that?
                                            1. Kalen Dor B 26.02.2020
                                              StockGlobal RULES! I’ve just tripled my investment capital after just a week of working with them! YAAAAAY
                                              1. Pendy Haz15 01.03.2020
                                                I worked with StockGlobal for some time, if you want to know. To be honest — nothing special. Kinda decent, kinda useful, kinda comfortable, but you can get the same level of service anywhere on the market.