Samsung Galaxy S21 phone device specifications review


The new Samsung is memorable thanks to its 5-module camera with laser autofocus and work with the S Pen.

The features of a new Samsung Galaxy S21 phone device

These features make the phone a full-fledged replacement for a workstation: you can work with large databases, edit videos and even write letters by hand. More details below.

Battery and charging

Insider reviews turned out to be true. The battery remained almost the same as before:

  • S21 - 4000 mAh. Enough for 1.5 days, and if you constantly sit in a cell phone, for 10-12 hours;
  • S21 + - 4800 mAh (became more, because in the 20's was 4500 mAh). If you use the phone continuously, 13-15 hours of charge are provided;
  • S21 Ultra - 5,000 mAh - is a monster in the world of batteries. With standard use (several hours of activity) will suffice for 2 days, and fans will stick to the screen for a long time, will give 15-17 hours of working.

The mobile has a super-fast drip recharging, which will "feed" the mobile phone to 50% in just 15-20 minutes! Reversible charging is also available - just put headphones with wireless charging on the phone, and in 10-20 minutes they are ready to work.


The cameras have also changed. The main indicators (mega pixels and aperture) remained almost the same as before, but the manufacturer focused on improved data processing. This is made possible by the powerful filling and advanced processor. The ultra-device has a laser sight, which improves the shooting of moving objects and separates the foreground from the background.

The parameters of the cameras on the back of the Samsung C21 are as follows.

  • In S21 and S21 + 3 modules. The main one is 12 MP, the telemodule is 64 MP, the ultra-wide lens is 12 MP.
  • The Ultra model has 5 modules, one of which is automatically focused by a laser. It is convenient:
  • improved main 108 megapixel matrix with an aperture of 1.8, ISOCELL Bright HM2 sensor will fix problems with autofocus and overlay;
  • 10 MP TV (with 10x magnification) and 4.9 light sensitivity;
  • 10 MP TV (approaches 3 times) and an aperture of 2.4;
  • 12MP ultra-wide lens
  • laser autofocus - for accurate "concentration on the desired object". You can turn away from the subject, and after the operator returns to the starting position, the phone will focus on the selected object.

The smartphone has video recording in 4K, where the frames change at a rate of 60 frames per second (fps), and in 8K with 30 fps.

The front camera will remain a "bagel" at the top of the screen. Samsung has failed to mount a selfie module in the display in this generation. Most likely, this feature will appear in the Galaxy S22. The parameters of the camera remained the same as in the Galaxy S20:

  • number of megapixels - 40;
  • aperture - 2.2;
  • lens - 26 mm, or 80 ° view.

Front  shoots in 4K with a frequency of 60 fps. Updates to the camera's features in the new Samsung C21 will include small updates that improve the experience of using the device.



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