La Poste launches its own mobile offerings with Salt

Against a backdrop of relative competition in the telecommunications market, Swiss Poste has decided to launch its own mobile services in partnership with Salt. This initiative, which at first glance may seem surprising, is part of a strategy to diversify the services offered by the yellow giant, which is facing serious financial problems.

The packages offered by La Poste should be attractive, with prices starting at CHF 9.95 per month for basic services in Switzerland. However, such aggressive pricing calls into question the long-term viability of this strategy, especially in the context of the Swisscom-Sunrise UPC duopoly.

A win-win situation?

The number of outlets in Switzerland is a strength of La Poste's offering: subscriptions are available both online and in 800 post offices, making it easy for a wide range of customers to subscribe. On the network side, while Salt has good coverage and is making good progress, it is still lagging behind in 5G development.

However, the partnership with Salt means La Poste can rely on a proven mobile network and offer no-obligation offers, which may prove attractive to some consumers. Salt, on the other hand, benefits from a sales network that is well established in the field but often gives the impression of being sluggish, outdated and low-tech.

Why La Poste?

This is a question you should ask yourself. Operators are constantly crossing swords with promotional offers, virtual networks and other sub-brands, each cheaper than the last.

Questioning such an experience, which goes against an acceptable idea of what modern customer service should be, I'll admit that it's definitely not the reason to choose La Poste. Especially since the yellow giant has little experience in telecoms after burying PTT telecoms.

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