Broker online investments with minimal risks, reviews.

How not to fall a victim to swindlers when practicing online investments? One must choose brokers meticulously not to lose time and money. There are many types of “shell games”, and both beginners and experienced traders may suffer losses.


Wrong choice of a forex broker and its consequences. Is that true, Key Markets scam?

What ill-considered choice of a broker may lead to? In 2016 alone, losses of traders all over the world due to shady companies’ actions equaled to 16 billion dollars. This sum includes only registered fraud instances, while many aggrieved persons don’t even report deceits and don’t lodge claims.

From the very beginning you’ll hardly find a good forex broker, like Key Markets broker. Scam try to fill up any and all information sources with alluring proposals, drawing attention to them. Even if you have found a normal  forex broker, you may not be sure it’ll stay like this for long (like American FXCM or CobraTrade, which lost their licenses forever). If a broker jockeyed money out of you, sometimes it can be returned (one of the examples is a court decree for KLDx). But no one can guarantee that money will be recovered to the full extent and in all cases.


How do swindler brokers cash in on clients?

Normal brokers, like Key Markets forex broker, deny any form of scam. Their task is to preserve clients and reputation. But uncontrolled organizations can:

  • embezzle money;
  • hinder in timely operations conduction;
  • overvalue commission charges, fees and spreads;
  • force to use unnecessary paid services and products;
  • misrepresent market prices by times;
  • execute orders only on terms profitable for them;
  • complicate money withdrawal procedure to the uttermost;
  • extort money with hidden payments;
  • trade against clients’ orders.

It’s easy to find “bad” brokers black lists on the Internet. Hundreds of companies are already on these lists, and there are lots of detailed descriptions of implemented fraud schemes. In order not to fall a victim to an already revealed swindler, you should check a chosen broker for not being on such lists. If a company (like Key Markets broker) isn’t there, you can continue with more thorough studying of a broker.

 Graphic of pefcect work ours broker.

There are several signs of shady brokers:

  • promises of “fast bucks” – a huge profit with minimal investments;
  • advertisement of “surely profitable” automatical trading bots;
  • focusing on promotions, discounts, bonuses, special offers.

Good brokers can have special offers too, but they never place primary emphasis upon them.

Any bonuses and money provided by companies to their customers are provided to them under certain conditions. Some companies widely practice tournaments and demonstration trading sessions for a specific time on certain financial instruments. This kind of entertainment attracts experienced traders, but many newbies want to try their own strength in competitions, not realizing how dangerous this can be for their wallet. Companies that allow their participation, as a rule, receive large profits due to those traders. At the same time, experienced companies, such as Key Market broker, who are interested in making money for their clients, do not use such practices and do not turn financial instruments into entertainment, leaving them for professional trading and obtaining stable profits through strategic planning.


Key Markets scam or a partner? Choosing a forex broker in the right way


If a chosen company passed through first stages of checking, consider the following:


  • Trading conditions. They must include information on a company, the detailed description of all ways to deposit and withdraw money, the description of services and all the data that may be useful to you as a trader. This is usualy a document in the language of the jurisdiction the company belongs to.
  • User reviews are a wonderful way of learning what troubles wait for you in working with a chosen forex broker. For example, Key Markets reviews allow to learn about money withdrawal time, reliability, attitude towards clients etc. One more interesting thing is broker’s awards. If they are quite new and issued by a prestigious organization, the level of company’s credibility is higher.
  • A broker’s webpage must contain as much as possible accurate, clear and useful information – from minimal investments to actual address or technical support work schedule.

A site is one of the best ways to reveal fake companies. Their pages most often have:

  • bad graphics;
  • inaccuracies, mistakes;
  • advertisement with no specific information.

Usually, a fleet glance is enough to identify a “bad” broker’s website. If it raises suspicions, a broker should be checked for reliability thoroughly. But even if a site meets all reliability criteria, it may belong to swindlers all the same. Swindlers can have not only high quality webpages, but also actual offices.


Key Markets forex  broker for safe investments. Key Markets reviews.

How not to come across swindlers if risks are so high? It’s recommended to opt for a broker with a decent established track record, acknowledged history, principled work within the legal framework and many possibilities for clients.

 Reviews about forex broker

What Key Markets broker offers:

  • if not immediate but very quick deposition/withdrawal of money;
  • user-friendly, up-to-date, fast and intuitive platform;
  • tools for analytics and trade automatization; though, you can rely on your skills as well;
  • detailed trading glossary;
  • regular reporting and support
  • all possibilities for technical analysis;
  • other features.

Key Markets forex  broker aimed to provide a client with supreme convenience and safety. Efficient trader tools, transparency and quickness of operations, favourable prices and all-out support – and there’s more to come in work with the company. Learn about all offers – start investing efficiently.

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  1. Kail 26.11.2018
    I had a lot of free time after the May holidays. I decided to find another broker in the company to my longtime one. Thought to open an account in a young company, so as not to be loaded by advertising and a bunch of unnecessary promotional offers. To like this, severely, in a Spartan style: just the platform, bots, the market and me. Stopped on Key Markets. At once I was impressed by the ease of registration. Only I replenished account and voila, bidding has already gone. The speed is excellent, orders are executed almost instantly, static spreads, all as per the market or even lower. Quotes are not inflated. From what is in the main offers: 4 tariffs, you can trade on the news, scalping, trade currency, raw materials, precious metals, food. There was no requote, slippage does not happen often, the withdrawal without commission and very quickly. I think it may be worth leaving this broker a major. While satisfied, I’ve been building up the depot, almost an oligarch already))))
    1. Loardi 08.12.2018
      Finam has increased spreads for my pair. I thought and thought and decided to look for a better option. Now trading with a broker Key Markets. The company entered the market last winter or spring, relatively recently, in general. Normal broker, a good four. There is everything you need. No platform selection only, you can only work with the fourth metatrader. But not the kitchen, all the deals are real, as is the profit. Deduced two times. Fast, without delay. I like trading conditions, the main work load falls on the platform. Profit can be on the card, wallet and bank account
      1. Djoni 16.12.2018
        I changed my broker in June. For some reason he made internal changes, changed all tariff plans, and removed the most comfortable ones. It was unpleasant after all, it was good, and why it changed … In the summer I went on vacation, rested. In September, with new forces, I began to look for a worthy replacement. Oddly enough, came to a new name for me. Key Markets broker appeared on the market less than a year ago. Already gaining momentum and smells of good prospects. For customers there is only 4 tariff packages. Very experienced support, productive analytics. The speed for ordering, input and output is excellent. You can safely scalp. The broker works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. A very flexible tool in capable hands, adapts to all your requirements. Trading conditions suited me completely.
        1. Lucius 25.12.2018
          My colleague called me along to Key Markets, when I complained about the lack of finances in the family. It turns out that all his relatives are already trading. Have been trained forex. The eldest son, and even his wife help build the family budget))) The broker has an affiliate program, so they also earned some bonuses for this. While the broker is little known, but it can be a plus. The system works without failures, does not hang and does not brake. Slowing down the speed of the order in volatility does not count. Accordingly, there are all the conditions for scalping. The site immediately updates the statistics, and the MetaTrader 4 platform can be fully customized for your strategies and ideas. You can use native analytics, you can turn on the Autobots and go to bed altogether. Withdrawal / replenishment passes quickly and without delay. I put money on the current course, rented without commission. Account verified once, before the first withdrawal. Quite satisfied. I am waiting for the first profit for withdrawal, I think, soon I will have a second salary)))
          1. Alex 27.12.2018
            As for me, a good platform should provide the freedom of manoeuvres in trading to a trader. Basically, Key Markets suits me, I’m going to continue to work with them – at least until the Brexit ends and the pound soars. Then we’ll see. In general, the broker is fairly good, and its team is of high quality.
            1. Ivan 30.12.2018
              If you don’t work hard – noone will do it for you. If you don’t earn money for yoursel – there’s no point to blaim brokers. Do your job and everything will be alright, it’s not even debatable. Key Markets doesn’t raise any questions, everything works fine
              1. Linda 01.01.2019
                Even before opening an account with Key Markets forex broker, I carefully studied the spreads for my currency pair with all top brokers. I wondered if it made sense to climb into a busy company and get lost in the crowd, if all the same can be found in a more peaceful place. Well, I thought that the minimum set of options, a good terminal and stable speed can be obtained from a less loaded broker. Therefore, I registered with one of the youngest on the market, with good conditions. The broker offers a large selection of key currency pairs, static spreads, full technical support from adequate support and stable connection. I do not need more. There are no tournaments like contests or promotions. No demo accounts, webinars. But there is a super reliable terminal MetaTrader 4 with a flexible system of settings, which is actively used by traders all over the world. Initial conditions do not change. There was no conflict with support. I leave to the discretion of the company my wish to add people to the staff or increase the channels of communication with consultants.
                1. Ares 05.01.2019
                  I know that some brokers have a need to fill up a client with paperwork. For every sneeze, you need to sign something and constantly pass verification.For example, such nonsense pushed me away from VTB24. I tried a few more options until I stopped at the young Key Markets broker. Here you need to go through the paperwork exactly once, right before the first withdrawal, and that’s it. Such a good bonus to the rest of the leasant conditions. In short, this young company has been working for a little less than a year, but it was created by experienced traders with great experience. Accordingly, everything is calculated and verified to the smallest detail. Input / output pass quickly, without commissions. Low starting threshold for the basic tariff package, fixed spreads, mid-market quotes. All the most important currency pairs, an affiliate program, excellent analytics and all the conditions for successful scalping. If you really want to find fault, then… Over time, I would like to see the expansion of the functionality for the starting level, training videos for beginners and the ability to communicate online with support. For example, it would be good to add a chat to a website or channel in any messenger, or Skype.
                  1. Janifer 12.01.2019
                    My old friend has been trading forex for a long time. Recently, he practically lured me into trading with stories about his successes. For the last three months, a friend has been trading with a Key Markets broker and suggested that I start here. Now he works for two, and I learn the basics of trade))) I have free money, so even though I started from a basic level, I immediately added five hundred dollars. At first I watched more. A friend helped to set up a trading platform system, explained all the details. As I understand, the broker has very good technical support, they will always help and prompt. After a while I began to catch logic and a sequence of actions, I tried it myself. Has lost almost everything))) was nervous very much. But in general, the MetaTrader terminal has a clear system and I nevertheless swam out. Now I know that here the speed is excellent and the analytics is successful. I also installed a mobile application on a tablet, so as not to sit around the computer all the time. Trading conditions at the broker, as I understand it, are beneficial against the background of the mass of others. Waiting for the first profit for withdrawal.
                    1. Milly 16.01.2019
                      I chose Key Markets primarily because of the terminal. I really enjoy working with the MT platform, I’m a one-platform kind of trader, and I don’t want to switch to another terminal. I also looked at the spreads and the level of technical support. Nervous and psychotic managers scare everyone away, so first I called support several times to talk with different consultants. Received along the way all the information I was interested in. After that opened an account. I have been trading for 4 months, I am satisfied with everything. Broker provides all the necessary minimum for a successful start work. Static low spreads, market quotes, key currency pairs. Fast input / output without commission. I would say that the company has good prospects, especially if the broker would add more information, communication channels, entertainment moments and educational material to the site. There are four custom packages, but I would add two more intermediate ones.
                      1. William 18.01.2019
                        I have the most pleasant opinion about the new Key Markets broker. See, what about conditions, good is the first: MetaTrader 4 multi-market platform with flexible settings, secure data transfer and stable system, successful analytics, a large selection of traded goods – 50 key currency pairs, raw materials, energy, food, precious metals, highly qualified team consultants and personal manager, 24-hour support, affiliate program for friends, leverage 1: 300, fixed spreads, prompt withdrawal of any amount without commission. In cons I bring lack of training materials, webinars, videos, inter-trading tournaments, competitions, contests, promotions, lack of communication channels with technical support, a small number of financial instruments and the absence of insurance at the basic level. Like nothing is forgotten.
                        1. Shamil 22.01.2019
                          Had an experience with VTB24, I didn’t like the need to pass verification all the time, during any operation. So it was with a couple of other brokers. This new broker Key Markets was among those who did not demand to sign every sneeze. Documentary identification was needed only once, when I was withdrawing money the very first time. Not even at registration. A nice addition to the whole good working conditions. So far, I trade with this newbie, besides a pair of tried brokers. I’ll tell you a little about him. Company is less than a year. At the same time, the entire filling is organized with skill. One feels that traders with great experience have put their skill to the creation. Excellent analytics, it is necessary to work with the MetaTrader 4 platform, a large selection of traded offers, among them 50 currency pairs. High speed execution, refills and withdrawals. There is no I / O commission, accessible input threshold for the start up user package. Only four tariffs. Static spreads are not high, quotes correspond to the market, trading conditions do not change from the beginning. There is an affiliate program, all the necessary tools for scalping and news trading. For some reason, too few contacts with support. Calling is not easy, and real-time online communication does not exist. Although there are no questions to the support itself, the guys help, answer questions, give advice. There are no programs aimed at teaching newbies, no videos, no webinars. No demo accounts.
                          1. Roland 25.01.2019
                            I never thought that I would work with forex. I earn good money and absolutely not passionately. An old friend asked me to register with Key Markets broker, he has been trading on stock exchanges for many years. He recently talked about his successes and insistently invited to join))))) He promised to teach everything. I have money for all sorts of experiments in my life, I immediately put 5 hundreds and opened an account on the minimum tariff plan. Fulfilled all the conditions, downloaded and installed the trading platform. A friend helped set it up, showed all the details. Well, I’m not a fool, I quickly figured out, although at first I just watched and listened. Sometimes I called technical support with questions. After some time I caught the logic and gathered information, began to try to do something myself. A friend laughed when I merged out my first deposit, but he helped wager some of the amount back. And the rest I returned myself. Terminal MetaTrader 4 is good with the settings system, if you figure it out once, then you can go up with a good trading strategy and keep a plus. The speed of all operations here is almost instant, nothing infuriates. I put the application with the terminal on the tablet, it is now always with me. The conditions of the broker are on average favorable even for a beginner. While strengthened in the position, I save money for the first withdrawal.
                            1. Zver 29.01.2019
                              Stopped at Key Markets broker from behind the terminal. The MT platform is definitely my choice for life, I do not plan to change it to another terminal. Besides, I looked sanity technical support and the level of spreads. Several times I called the support with the most stupid questions, never ran into unstable, all are very polite and calm there. And, by the way, in the case they respond in the most detailed way. At the same time I asked about real incomprehensibilities. I opened an account, for 4 months I have been trading here on the basic package. For a successful start, everything is there. Low static spreads, mid-market quotes, all the most important currency pairs, prompt withdrawal without commission. The company is promising, it works transparently, steadily. I don’t think it’s worth adding tournaments and contests to the site. It might be worthwhile to increase the availability of support and add new channels of communication, such as a messenger or Skype. For the four tariff plans, I still lack a pair of intermediate, too large holes in value between the first and second level.
                              1. Luckas 02.02.2019
                                I was looking for a better option for my pair after leaving Finamp. Opened an account with a new forex broker Key Markets. The company has been on the market since last winter. For all of the indicators, this is such a good fighting middling. For stable operation and the projected wealth just enough. You can put a strong four. It’s just too optimized. Only one trading platform, only two ways to connect with support, only four tariff plans. But the real deal, high speed and output without delay. This is exactly not a kitchen and not a scam. Managers in the account do not add anything from themselves. I withdrew profit several times, on a card and a bank account. You can also withdraw to the wallet
                                1. Gandi 07.02.2019
                                  After the end of the school year, I had more free time and I decided to add one more broker, to the load of one of my regular laborers… I thought about opening an account in a fresh company, which still does not load customers with a bunch of advertising and promotional offers. I was looking for a simpler version. Trading platform, bots, available entry and nothing more. Chose Key Markets. Quickly registered, it is super. I replenished the bill and the bidding began automatically. Excellent speed, almost instant performance. Fixed spreads, quotes not overstated, in general, I liked the trading conditions. In the traded offers are 50 currency pairs, raw materials, food, precious metals. 4 custom packages. You can scalp and trade on the news. There were no disconnects, slippage occurs, I don’t remember requotes, fast withdrawal without commission. Over time, I think to accumulate a depot and climb the next package. And leave this broker the main source of income. Analytics effective, I am satisfied.
                                  1. Iren 13.02.2019
                                    I decided to choose Key Markets broker because of relatively low and fixed spreads. The overall impression of the work is favorable. Technical support competent, helped, more than once rescued from the drawdown. Recently rescued from the lock, where I was stuck on my own stupidity. I did not know what to do next. I contacted the personal manager, he helped. So I got off with a slight fright and a slight minus. There are drawbacks, of course. But for a steady profitable work just enough. I’ve been trading for two months now. The company seems to be reliable, the profit is growing, while I do not save anything, but immediately withdraw money, I like it better.
                                    1. Tim 19.02.2019
                                      While I was looking for a broker for the mid-term, I found young broker Key Markets as an excellent option for effective scalping. In the meantime, I figured out, I stayed here, everything coincided))))) I work with a customizable MetaTrader 4 terminal. The system is clear, reliable, orders are executed in seconds, cancellations on transactions, failures, disconnects are not present, requotes are minimized. Fast input and output. Full technical support and adequate trading conditions. I have already found my broker.
                                      1. Graham 03.03.2019
                                        I broke off somehow with VTB24 and their dismal routine of paperwork with every breath. Surprisingly, in fact, Key Markets needed verification only once before the first withdrawal. A nice bonus to good conditions. The company itself since the last winter on the market, it formed with the knowledge of experienced specialists. All work is done on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Excellent performance due to responsive analytics and prompt execution of all financial transactions. Quite a large selection of offers for trade. Available input threshold, no commission for input and output, static spreads correspond to average market. There is even a friendly loyalty program or something like that. There is, as I see it, a strong limitation in the ways of communication with support; you can hang on the line in an attempt to get through or write an email, and that’s all (((The support itself works for five points.
                                        1. Jacob 08.03.2019
                                          I have a good job and a high income. Never thought to register on forex for passive income, just did a favor to an old friend. At his link opened an account with a broker Key Markets. A bonus went to a friend. And then I thought that maybe I will succeed. Began to study. I have money for such experiments, put five hundred dolldrs, installed a trading application on a tablet and began to watch at work in my spare time. Before that my friend set everything up and connected bots. I consulted with him and called in support. The speed of all operations is very high. As I understand it, the conditions for trading are quite at a qualitative level for a stable income. Now it's like my friend and the system work, but I have already caught the logic. Interesting. And still recklessly. Especially when I saw the first profit.
                                          1. Austen 11.03.2019
                                            I think, platform Metatrader is the best terminal. While choosing a new broker, I looked at the conditions, spreads and availability of MT. Now trading with Key Markets. The support is competent, polite, nobody is rude, they answer questions quite detailed. I have been working here for almost five months. A good set of all the necessary instruments. I think that the broker has a future. The speed of execution is excellent. The system is stable. In the existing four tariff plans, I would add a couple of intermediate ones. It seems to me that between the first and second packages two more average budget tariffs are being requested. By the way, I support the decision not to put on the site tournaments and other entertainment nonsense. Only distract and load traffic.
                                            1. Chad 16.03.2019
                                              After leaving Finamp, I opened an account with a little-known Key Markets broker. I can not say that I took a lot of risks. The conditions are average, nothing special. For all factors, you can put a strong four. Not a leader, of course, but for quality and stability you can praise. You will get your profit and even be able to predict it. True, everything is so minimalized that I want to add something new. For example, hang up online support or make new opportunities for the withdrawal of money, such as Kiwi. It is still good to put an additional terminal for selection, now only metatrader 4 is in the asset. Pleases of course transparency, and competence support. Consultants behind my back do not manage, cheat nothing. Several times I have already withdrawn the funds on the card and wallet. Quickly and without delay.
                                              1. Darren 19.03.2019
                                                I decided to increase the load and take another one broker. I was looking for an option not to overload traffic and not annoy with advertising. I was interested in the spreads on my currency pairs, the available entry, the MT terminal and good execution. Under the conditions, the broker Key Markets approached. New name, had to google reviews. It seems normal, positive impression. Registration was simple and fast, I deposite three hundred dollars and opened an account on the first tariff for 250 bucks. The speed is just super, it was immediately clear. Pleased with the stability of the connection. Static spreads, quotes are not raised above the limits stated by the broker. Among the trade offers are the most delicious on the market. There are 50 currency pairs, precious metals, food, raw materials. There are only four tariffs and they are quite diverse. I did not see any breaks in communication, there are requotes and slippings. Conclusion without commission. I want to accumulate a depot and take the next tariff, there are more favorable spreads. Liked the analytics here.
                                                1. Zachary 22.03.2019
                                                  I came to Key Markets broker for relatively low static spreads. While trading for two months, the overall impression is positive. I opened an account on a $ 250 base package. Fool-resistant technical support answers all questions))) Rescued in a drawdown a couple of times. Even once dragged from the lock. Everything works stably, and the company seems reliable and promising. For development and good earnings just enough. There were no problems with the execution of orders. In general, I would give the broker a solid 4+.
                                                  1. Sigmund 26.03.2019
                                                    I needed a broker to work with mid-term and good scalping. Now I trade with Key Markets, in general, everything suits. Except, perhaps, the need for a long time to call technical support. There are no webinars and training videos yet, probably for beginners it would be useful. MetaTrader 4 trading platform, one of the best in general. Everything works productively, quickly. Requotes and slippage are, but not often, and do not greatly affect the result. In addition, slippage is controlled. I do not remember disconnects. Everything here is adequate.
                                                    1. Joseph 31.03.2019
                                                      About Key Markets broker. First about the good. The system is stable. MetaTrader 4 multi-market custom platform, effective analytics, security in data transfer, high speed of execution of all financial transactions, a large selection of traded positions. You can choose what to work with: food, precious metals, raw materials, energy, 50 key currency pairs. Without any blah blah, there is a really high level of technical support, there is a personal manager and round-the-clock communication. Recently appeared affiliate program. Under basic conditions, leverage is 1: 300, static spreads, withdrawal without delay. Now about what is missing, IMHO. There are no training materials like video, webinars, articles. There is no entertainment content from the word at all. It is very necessary to increase the list of contacts with support. Only one phone is not enough, and there is no point in writing on an email, if we are talking about efficiency. The opinion is that I stay here to work, in general, everyone is happy, but I hope for further development for the better.