In which assets can I put available funds and savings?


In fact, the choice of an ordinary person is not so big, and it depends a lot on the amount available, the country of residence, legislative restrictions and other things. In any case, the classic list looks something like this:

bank deposit;

trust management;

precious metals and antiquaries;


the property;



Bank deposit.

Actually, this is not the best option for investing, since interest on bank deposits often barely barely covers potential inflation, and it is generally difficult to call this investment, since here the term "accumulation" is more likely to be more suitable.

Recently, when I was making a card at a bank, a man was sitting next to him and replenishing a dollar deposit, so guess what rate he had? 0.95%! This is a profit ...


Trust management.

Here it’s more like investing, and there are quite a lot of tools, ranging from some PAMM accounts to official mutual funds.

The truth has its own characteristics. Options with a minimum investment amount are usually quite risky, the same PAMM accounts are an extremely dangerous tool, and safer mutual funds require large investments, for example, your favorite Sberbank is ready to take in the management of amounts from 3 million rubles.


Precious metals and antique.

This is already a matter for connoisseurs. Moreover, precious metals only on paper seem profitable, since if you take conditional gold, then its purchase can be carried out only at the bank, and you can sell it only there, and at a significant discount. If we are talking about antiques, then you already need to be an expert in your field, since only one who understands it can afford to buy a rarity.



This is our topic. Individuals can buy stocks and bonds, the second option - for those who do not like risk, the first - for others. Stocks are attractive not only because they are fairly easy to buy (the benefit is that foreign stocks are traded on our exchanges), as well as their relatively low price (no one bothers to build up a portfolio of one stock per month). Moreover, the profit from the stock can be not only in the form of dividends, but also arise in case of rising stock prices.


The property.

Option for the rich. Ideally, of course, consider commercial real estate, because if we are talking about investing, then profit making is of paramount importance, which is not so much when renting residential real estate. Although there are conditional figures that if you rent an apartment, it pays off in the area of20 years, and everything does not depend much on the region there.



And this option is for risky ones, since there are chances to become incredibly rich and burn out to the fullest. It is true that it is worth noting that without any specific experience you should not meddle in business, for example, if you don’t understand how the catering system works, then you’d better not open a restaurant, if you don’t know how to set up advertising in search engines, then the business is online not worth doing.

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