I want to take a little break from trading

want to take a little break from trading - is that normal? 



Imagine a trader who at breakfast is exploring upcoming news and fundamental analysis for today, Then trades until lunch, watches video lessons on trading or reads books on psychology or programming during lunch, If he needs to go out somewhere, on the way he listens to audiobooks or trainings, during the day in passing responds to several tens of messages by mail and in social networks, checks bots for VPS, etc. 

What will you think of him? That he 's mega effective? 


And that 's not it. He is a creative impotent man. Robot. Sad office shit. No push NEW idea he is able to give birth, only to perform routine functions. 


Why? Because WE ARE NOT ROBOTS. The behavior described above is effective for the computer, for the android, but not for Homo Sapiens. We have other algorithms. 


Scientific research 


If you think working hard and being up to fig effective will lead you to success, then I rush to disappoint you. The crap taught at personal efficiency trainings will only make you a more effective SLAVE doing routine tasks. This will not help you much, as in the future such workers will still replace automated devices. 


If you are the same as me, too logical and you can be convinced only by scientifically proven facts, keep a list of scientific research, the general conclusion from which is simple: it is necessary to rest and work many hours a day - not the best idea. 


Anyone who periodically plays video games is familiar with the following situation: in the evening you reached a difficult site in the game (for example, Boss), and many times you try - you can not pass this site in any way. Eventually you leave this idea and go to bed. And the next day, when you sit back at the game... Pass this section from almost the first attempt. 


Do you think it accident? No. This is the work of the so-called Default Mode Network (DMN) or, in the translation of the Passive Brain Mode Network. It is this thing that allows us to solve difficult problems and generate cool ideas. 


The fact is that when we are not busy, we do something that does not require attention, for example: we go in transport, my dishes, brush our teeth, walk down the street - our brain goes into Passive mode of operation and processes the available information on the issue that we care about. But we don 't know about it. 


So how do we activate our brain 's secret weapon? 


1. First, you need to get the amount of information you need on a question you 're interested in. Otherwise, the brain will have nothing to work with. For example, you studied some strategy on the forum by reading a branch of pages of edak for 100. More than sufficient volume) 

2. It is necessary not to complain about anything: you should not rush to work/meetings, you should not have a list of 100,500 cases, a million unanswered messages on business, etc. That is, it should be so-called "free time," ideally - a day off; 

3. Engage in some routine activity - perhaps, to bring order in the garage, to walk in the park, to go to the gym, to run on a track (at the same time it is impossible to watch/listen to anything requiring attention), etc. And, importantly, NOT THINKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM at all; 

4. Information will be digested, understanding and/or ideas will come; 

5. Profit! 

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