Types and forms of clear and loud sound headphones


How to choose the right headphones to enjoy a clear and loud sound? Which headphones are right for you? What should you pay attention to when buying in the first place? This will be discussed in our review.

There are forms of headphones:vacuum, overhead, plug-in

1. Plug-in - the most common, compact and convenient for connection to mobile devices.
2. Vacuum - provide direct transmission of sound inside the ear canal, without transmitting external noise.
3. Overhead - transmit the most natural sound, do not affect auditory changes, but can be quite large.

Headphones-plugs are fixed directly in the user's ear or with special clips. Full-size headphones are attached to the head with a rim or occipital bracket. The connecting wires may extend from one or both cups of the device. There are also wireless devices, headsets, combined with a microphone system.

Main technical characteristics

How to choose headphones depending on their functionality? To do this, read the list of technical parameters that characterize each model. These include:

  • Frequency range - directly affects the sound quality.
  • Sensitivity - determines the volume and purity of the sound of listening songs.
  • Resistance - resistance indicators are related to the acoustic power of the device. They allow you to choose the most suitable headphones depending on the type of device to which the connection will be made.
  • Power limit - Indicates the maximum volume that the selected headphones can provide.
  • Distortion level - shows the purity of the sound, which you can appreciate when listening to songs in different frequency ranges.


Individual approach to buying headphones

When choosing headphones in the store, pay special attention to the shape, weight and design of this accessory. It is individual features that determine the comfort of using headphones in each case.

If the mobility of the device is important to you, for which you are ready to sacrifice some sound quality and lightness of the device, then your choice is wireless headphones. However, keep in mind the need to maintain battery power and the possibility of additional noise.

For those who want to use miniature headphones, you should look closely at the "tabs" and "plug". They are almost invisible in the ears and can easily fit in a pocket or cosmetic bag.

Fans of the clearest and most natural sound will find a decent model among monitor headphones. Such devices are most often used by DJs, as well as connoisseurs of surround sound in computer games.



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