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Everyone knows the financial market Forex. It is the most popular marketplace for trading. You need a broker to do the job. Without an intermediary, nothing will work. Therefore, first, you have to choose a company, and then you can start trading.

Who is Empire Swiss?

Forex is a global trading system that has been in existence for about 40 years. Its daily turnover exceeds 5 trillion dollars, which is many times more than any stock market.

Empire Swiss website allows players to work comfortably at Forex. It has up-to-date software and multilingual support. Customers can take advantage of a variety of financial instruments. Plus, there is access to free training.

The team has the best auditors to improve operational and internal processes. There are no obscure fees and no hidden fees charged for services that do not exist. Everything is honest, transparent, and simple. Deposit opens in several national currencies. Exchange rate at the time of deposit.

More than 1,000 clients have experienced the benefits of the broker. Optimal conditions for trading. There are information sections and other useful "pluses".

A brief Empire Swiss spread review introduces the service, its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of figures, the site has a couple of million Empire Swiss accounts. That can be regarded as an indicator of reliability. Support service works 24/7.

The advantages and disadvantages of Empire Swiss

The company stands for accessible education. That is why there are plenty of free training materials. There are courses, webinars. There are periodic face-to-face seminars for brokers. Everyone can get the knowledge required for trading. A special section contains articles about the Forex platform.


Empire Swiss encourages active players. Has more than 120 financial instruments. Operates without any interruptions or weekends. There is a mobile version of the site and an app. Other pluses include:

  • an acceptable commission rate;
  • transmission of quotes in real time;
  • 24/7 support service;
  • full openness and transparency;
  • small amount of money to start trading.

The official Empire Swiss website is user-friendly and simple.


There are also minuses:

  • the balance sheet is not protected against negative figures;
  • leverage is small.

Hundreds of thousands of transactions a day are made on the site.

Empire Swiss account

Empire Swiss Forex has affordable rates. There are accounts for players and investors. You can use the demo version of the website while you learn.

For brokers:

Account type

Terms and conditions

Zero (easy start account, no commission)

The minimum deposit amount is 100 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.01.

Mini (universal account to test the company's trading conditions)

The minimum deposit amount is 500 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot is 0.01. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $10.

Simple (suitable for starting a career as a trader)

The minimum deposit amount is 1000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $10.

Silver (account for confident and comfortable trading)

Minimum deposit amount 10000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 9 dollars.

Gold (for those who want to increase their profits)

The minimum deposit amount is 25000 EUR/USD. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot size is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is 8 dollars.

Platinum (for those who want to get the most out of it)

The minimum deposit amount is 100,000 euros/dollars. There is no limit on the maximum number of open orders. Minimum lot is 0.10. Commission per lot for currency pairs is $0.

For investors, the starting deposit starts from $100/€100.

Official Empire Swiss website

Empire Swiss Forexis advanced service. The website is intuitive. Support service responds almost immediately.

The interface is thoughtful, not overloaded with unnecessary details. All the information is in sections. There are no advertising and intrusive offers. For beginners there is a detailed instruction. The active buttons are highlighted.

Empire Swiss Forextakes care of its customers. There are 120 tools for trading. On the website, you can find:

  • economic news and analysis;
  • recommendations for buying/selling assets;
  • calculators;
  • currency charts;
  • training materials.

It is possible to work without third-party terminals.

How to open an Empire Swiss account?

In order to trade, you have to:

  • register on the official Empire Swiss website;
  • fill in all the items in the application. At this stage personal and contact details should be specified;
  • open an account Empire Swiss;
  • wait for a code. Enter it in the appropriate line;
  • undergo additional verification through online banking. This can also be done through the website of public services;
  • to use an electronic signature for the conclusion of the contract;
  • to upload the scanned copies of the documents proving your identity;
  • to credit the balance;
  • sign in.
personHall Thomas 07.11.2022
I decided to invest with Empire swiss a few years ago. Interested in the company after they entered the NASDAQ exchange. I used analyst as help from the official website and from the company TG channel. I read the news and conducted a check of various sources of information.

personMcDonald Matthew 19.11.2022
I read reviews, periodically I see different, including negative ones and I do not understand them. For example, in the sections of the site it is difficult to find some documents. You can go to the Central Bank website and find information about all brokers, including about Empire swiss.

personPowell Harry 22.11.2022
Broker Empire swiss worker, money is withdrawn without problems, more ... Read completely

personBurns Chester 30.11.2022
I am grateful to the support service Empire swiss for the help, which was fast, somewhere within a minute, they contacted me. The specialist informed me that the duration of my account has expired, and told how to successfully extend it. Thank you very much, guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

personNewman Joseph 20.12.2022
Empire swiss A very good company. The first thing I liked was a worthy quality of execution of orders and quite low spreads. This is the most important thing for me. Several times I turned to their consultants for help and also remained satisfied with the quality of service. It can be seen that the company appreciates its customers. Guys who are not happy with ... What do you understand in a high-quality DC?

personGarrett Christopher 24.12.2022
The company Empire swiss can be trusted, a stable and proven partner. Tested on yourself and many acquaintances. For 6 years I have been making a profit from Empire swiss, worked with many brokers, opted for Empire swiss. All conditions are quite understandable, trainings are held for experienced, and seminars for beginners. I regularly visit them to increase my level of competence on the exchange.

personQuinn Laurence 26.12.2022
I have a small blog for making money on Empire swiss and other types of earnings on the Internet, I myself am also fond of trade, what and how I do in the articles, which my readers really like. Recently, I began to make an additional earn on affiliate programs, which I really like. He used different affiliate programs, but I received the most registrations precisely Empire swiss, this means that the company inspires trust, which means it is more reliable than everyone else. If you are looking for a good broker for trading, I advise this)

personAllison Thomas 30.12.2022
Six months ago, he switched to this broker on the recommendations of a more experienced friend, and is very grateful to him. There is nothing to complain about, Empire swiss the application for the withdrawal is processed quickly (especially when compared with the previous broker), the technical support round -the -clock, I quickly receive the answer to all questions. They answer competently. I really fell in love with teaching webinars, really learned a lot there. Plus informative, live forum. I trade both in a plus and in minus, mainly still in a plus. If I drain a certain amount, I understand that I myself am to blame, I begin to analyze my mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future. I recommend this broker.

personMichael Moore 02.01.2023
I have two years of experience as a trader in the Forex market, and I had accounts for two different brokers. I was not satisfied, so I did my homework and was looking for a good and reliable forex brace. I decided to open a real account with the broker Empire Swiss. Representatives of the support service are friendly and professional, so do not be afraid to contact and ask a lot of questions, even the most ordinary and simple. Today I had a problem with my platform (it was my mistake), so I talked with my client manager at Empire Swiss. She was very useful and professional, and she corrected my mistake. I like their zero ECN, a very low spread and the lack of commissions (it was amazing, I think you will also be pleased to get it), quick performance, instant input and withdrawal of funds (find out from other brokers how much time it takes!), Webinars, bonuses. .. and many many others. Just go to the broker website and you will see what I'm talking about. I can safely say that I recommend this broker.

personJason Meyer 05.01.2023
Compared more than 7 Forex companies, and everyone had something that did not suit me. Empire Swiss broker was better for me than others. The size of the minimum deposit is in order, not large and not small. Spreads are very narrow, for the EURUSD on the ECN account it starts at 0.1, and for the Empire Swiss begins at 0.0, for me, as a trader, this is an excellent spread. The credit shoulder 1: 1000 for ECN is simply fantastic, other brokers have much less credit shoulder (as I wrote before, I have experience with other brokers). I can open great positions with a small amount of money. For a deposit and removal of Forex Broker has many ways to pay. I read reviews about the Empire Swiss broker on several forums, and many of them were positive. This is quite informative (not all reviews are useful or at all without any specifics, but in general you can find real ones). When I first called their support, I was surprised that they react well and specialists can communicate in many languages. So this is a very cool broker!

personMichael Williams 22.01.2023
I was with the broker Empire Swiss for about 1 year. There are no ideal brokers anywhere, however, compared to my previous brokers, I would say that this is one of my good options for investment and a completely reliable partner. I tried a lot of high-profile names in the industry, but there will always be big problems here and there, some will be withdrawn, some due to speed, and some because of the spread. I opened an ECN zero account with a credit shoulder 1: 1000 in Empire Swiss, and my experience in these main aspects, I think, is a good balance. The speed here is quite stable, and I think this is because they added several servers, I withdrew several times, and basically I can get money within one day (probably because I immediately went through the necessary verification and was already a proven client and confirmed ). I can easily get quick support from lively customer support. In fact, I am careful in investments, and many options, such as a credit shoulder and transactions, mainly depend on yourself.

personJohn Anderson 28.01.2023
I have been trading about one year with Forex broker Empire Swiss. I opened an account here under their partner. He told me about the rules here, and I found that it seems good. I have an account ECN, a deposit of $ 2,000. The first time I am losing money, but when I lost my money, I started earnings, and now I earned $ 3,000 (the first experience was not entirely successful, but he taught me how to trade correctly and therefore I eventually went into a plus). At first I tried to trade myself, but decided to try with an adviser - for me as a beginner it was a very good way. So my adviser is reliable and they said that all strategies were allowed in their company. Now I want to try to open 2 accounts to insure my risks and profit. Empire Swiss is a really good broker, in my opinion my little practice is here, I advise this broker to beginners. I also saw this broker in many approved lists. It seems to be a serious company. But I believe that there are some things that they should improve - of course, there are many tools here.

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