Beginner course

Beginner course: trading on the crypt currency exchange 
With the development of new technologies, cryptographic coins have become a full financial asset. Now electronic money can be used for reliable preservation of the capital or fast increase of means. At the same time, not every investor can properly act on the international exchange of cryptographic coins. Most participants merge their first deposit and lose hope for enrichment. 
To make money on crypt trading with minimal risks, a speculator should study the theoretical material and make his own conclusions. In this article we will provide information for beginners, which will allow them to more quickly master the international market. Trading on the Exchange. 
Short instruction to work on the stock exchange cryptovalyut 
To ensure the most efficient trading, a speculator must understand the system of cryptographic trading. Starting trading on a cryptographic exchange, a market participant goes through the following stages: 
Registering an account in most cases does not present any difficulties. To pass this stage you will need to enter your personal data, e-mail and telephone. After that you will need to come up with a password and confirm your e-mail. 
Verification is considered a more complicated process, because it involves confirming the identity of the participant. Most often, a person will be asked to make selfies with a document, provide their residence address and other personal information. The application for account verification is accepted for several hours or days. The result is communicated via e-mail. 
Trade balance can be replenished through payment systems or by transfer from a crypt currency wallet. Before depositing funds to a brokerage company's account, it is recommended to check its integrity and test several strategies on a demo account. Due to the prevalence of fraud, each participant should be careful when choosing a brokerage firm. 
Trading on an international exchange involves buying and selling certain financial assets. This will require the installation of a special terminal and the selection of optimal investment instruments. 
If trading turns out to be successful, in a few months of hard work a specialist can withdraw his first earnings. Some brokers charge a commission for withdrawal of funds, so it is necessary to clarify this point in advance with your consultant. 
Thus, trading with cryptov currencies is not a problem, provided that all recommendations are consistently implemented. Trading on a cryptovalyte exchange. 
On which exchanges can I trade crypt currency? 
On the Internet there are a huge number of exchanges where you can freely buy and sell digital coins. To start effective trading, a trader must choose the most convenient exchange: 
Binance is a popular cryptovoltaic exchange with a turnover of about $600 million. It appeared in 2017, and at the moment is one of the three largest markets. Fiat money is completely absent on the exchange, and input and output of finances can be made only through digital wallets. The Commission is 0.1% of the trading operations. Speculations are made on two terminals: the extended one and the main one. 
Bitmex provides an opportunity to trade derivatives for cryptographic currencies. Among the financial instruments there are: Bitcoin, Riple, Ether and many other coins. The exchange platform provides the leverage, which is 1:100. 
Exmo allows the use of cryptographic and fiat currencies. Not only popular coins are listed, but also little known tokens which can quickly increase their value. The commission level is 0.2 and the trading volume is 22 million US dollars. 
Currency is a Belarusian platform for cryptocoins and tokens. The system supports about 1300 investment assets and provides its participants with access to margin trading. The leverage reaches a ratio of 1:20. 
Bybit provides trading with derivative contracts for cryptocoins. The system does not charge any commission for depositing funds, however, the participant pays for the services of order withdrawal to the international market. If a newcomer wants to try out his or her options or practice, he or she may use a free demo account. 
When choosing one of the abovementioned trading platforms, a speculator should pay attention to the level of reliability. Some exchanges are hacked by hackers, after which users lose large amounts. To ensure safe trading, it is recommended to view the history and the latest news about the cryptovite market. 


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