Advantages And Disadvantages of Mobile Trading On Forex

Advantages And Disadvantages of Mobile Trading On Forex 




Trading on forex does not tie a trader to a certain place of work. It can be not only at home, but anywhere in the world. The main thing is that there is an opportunity to access the Internet. Consider the pros and cons of mobile trading on Forex If you can 't monitor the market situation, warrants have been invented to do so. They will automatically both open and close the position. But what if you are constantly in moves or long flights, should you always trust warrants? After all, if the price does not pass the threshold into the cherished 10 points, your warrant will not work. What if it was the only good movement on the day and you missed it? Many will immediately say that you can use a laptop on your trips. Yes, the option is good, but there is one big downside to laptops - their limited running time. The capacity of a standard laptop battery is usually enough for a couple of hours and as usual it is "knocked out" when not necessary. As you can see, the laptop is a bad option, too. What remains? Only one of the most sensible options is to use mobile commerce. Mobile trading has become common not so long ago, but has already gained popularity among traders. Once a long time ago, trade was carried out by phone, but now progress on the face. Mobile forex allows you to trade with any mobile device via the Internet. And it is not necessary to trade only through the phone, there are many other options: smartphone, communicator, PDA. The pros and cons of mobile trading on Forex Let 's try to analyze mobile trading and try to identify its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of mobile trading:  

  1. Mobile device is very compact and always at hand; 

  1. In most cases (about 85%) you will always be able to go online;  

  1. Thanks to mobile trading you can do everything you have always done: make transactions, analyze graphs, study the economic calendar in a timely manner and receive economic news;  

  1. Mobile device operation time is much higher than laptop operation time. You 'll be able to work for at least 8 hours. As for the disadvantages of mobile trading, I will, of course, list them, but I would like to say that almost all disadvantages can be turned into advantages of the main thing to try.  


Disadvantages of mobile trading:  

  1. For mobile trading you use the Internet, and it is sometimes not free. We turn the minus into a plus: all mobile operators have the opportunity to connect unlimited Internet, and it will cost you much cheaper than if you use it directly.  

2) Physical size display Display mobile device is not a computer display it can not boast large dimensions. Unfortunately, he 's limited. Turn the minus into a plus: accumulate money and buy a very good mobile device with a large display size. For example, the same PDA. The PDA display is not that small, so you have enough for your eyes.  


3) In the mobile terminal there are restrictions on the number of indicators and on some scripts. Carrying out any analysis on a mobile device is not so pleasant, and there are no special possibilities. As for the absence of a large number of indicators - and you need it?! In the mobile version of the terminal there are always all standard indicators, they will be enough. Turn the minus into a plus: just wait. Over time there is a mobile terminal upgrade and all that was not available once becomes available now. Therefore we wait and in a year or two mobile trading will acquire new opportunities.  


4) The probability is 15% that you will have no connection at all. 

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