The broker FXGTrade entered the market of trading services in 2016 and has not given up its positions since. The broker provides reliable access to the Forex market, as well as the market of commodities, stocks, precious metals and crypto-currencies. The broker works with CFD. Unlike other trading companies, trading with FXGTrade is not only on the assets that are familiar to traders, but also on new financial instruments based on Blokchan’s technology.

Traders, registered as a client of FXG Trade, get an opportunity to make deals with currency pairs, precious metals, futures, stock contracts. Trade occurs through the well-known trading platforms MetaTrader 4 for stationary computers, mobile devices and tablets.

The company is known among traders with low commission, instant entry and withdrawal of funds, affordable low spreads. There are also contracts for the transfer of funds to management, when your investments generate passive income through professional management.

Individual traders always have interesting promotions and contests.

To replenish the deposit, as well as withdraw funds, you can use bank cards Visa and Mastercard, as well as electronic transfer systems and payment systems. Any operations in the system are insured and safe for the owners. You can replenish your account both from the card and via bank transfer.

FXGTrade is characterized by stable operation of the platform. Specialists of the company with a huge experience of live trading provide full-fledged analytical support, are ready to help clients when developing a trading strategy and make the trade itself easier and more convenient by explaining the peculiarities of the market situation. The company is interested in constant work with its customers and in their success.

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7 Comments on “FXGTrade”

  • Dony says:

    Good evening! I wanted to share my
    impression of working with the
    FXGtrade for those who are going
    through that FXGtrade they are
    scammers, you can not worry. an
    absolutely normal and distinct
    broker. I have been working with them
    for 6 months, I do not regret it.
    Scammers are quite a common problem
    in forex, and in fact it is difficult
    to fight with it. I suggest that all
    who worked with the FXG trade leave
    their comments let people know that
    with the “name” you can exactly work
    they are not a scam.

  • Carlos says:

    Former colleagues recommended SAXO Bank, so I worked with the Danes. To tell you the truth, it was hard to go, everything worked kind of
    stably, but … There were a few situations when the terminal lagged and disconnected, and it was necessary to close the position on the
    phone. This annoyed, I decided to try another broker, although SAXO was all praised. Now I work with the account in FXGTrade. Also becouse
    of the recommendation (friends). It was registered quickly enough, all on the site. No documents were required at all, to send something by
    mail didn’t have to. At first I just sat and watched how there was a private office, that where there is. It’s difficult to perceive new sites and so
    on, I did not figure out right away, but then it can be understandably. Further I added the brokerage account (the details as I understood the
    system generates automatically at registration), and as soon as money entered their system – the trade was immediately opened. What you
    like – for example, quick input and output. And I have never had any problems with bids for withdrawal. I heard that sometimes a broker
    cancels such requests for some reason. Support service is like normal. In truth I just spoke with them once or twice, I can not say much. Well, I
    dialed immediately, the consultants are nice. Conditions … Well, actually, there’s nothing so extraordinary. Spreads are quite low. I trade EUR
    CHF, lower than that of other brokers which I considered. Well, you can start with a small deposit, though there are no micro accounts or
    demo accounts. The speed of execution of orders is normal, there were no failures for two months, the terminal was disconnected a couple
    of times all at once, then it was immediately restored. Quotes are like in the market, without failures. Analytics are good, again. Though I
    certainly bet on tech analytics, I do not risk working purely on analytics.

  • Brad says:

    My feedback on FXGTrade I will start with the fact that as a whole and by and large I am satisfied with this broker. Though I opened the
    account not so long ago, after the New Year holidays, I can say the following: they work clearly, the platform does not brake, the service is also
    normal. If more closely, the processing time of the order is on average 1-2 seconds. When the volatility is large, of course, then it’s longer. And
    at the opening of markets. It can take up to five seconds. But I compared it with the previous broker, it turns out all the same faster. At least
    with the same rates and trade strategies, there are fewer slippage. Well, there are no failures in quotations, there were almost no disconnects
    all the time. The speed of withdrawal is also quite normal, in my opinion. The first time I made a bid and truthfully began to worry. Since the
    site says that the withdrawal is instant. And now the hour has passed, and there is no money. And the bid is hanging. I called the consultant,
    they explained to me. That It’s the first withdrawing, and it was necessary to check everything with your hands. Well, in principle somewhere
    in half an hour I got my money. After that, I brought it out several times, it was already faster. About an hour. By the way, support is quite
    adequate. It can be seen that the guys with experience, they do solve the problems very quickly. Well, if you need help with trading, it’s
    certainly slower. But they will explain how to place orders to lose as little as possible. Though of course no one will bother and babysit with
    you, at least if you do not have a VIP package. They also have insurance from minuses. That is it not through your fault, but because of market
    factors, and you have a minus on your account now, then you will restore it to zero. By this point the list of additional services is, in a good
    way, limited.There is no choice of terminal for operation. This moment of course Broxtr should be improved.

  • Chris says:

    I came to In FXGTrade as almost a beginner, before that I traded only on demo accounts. Of course it was scary, but I decided that those few
    hundred I open the account cardinally on the family budget will not be reflected. There was leverage 1:300, so it was enough for a neat trade
    in the medium-term in general. Spreads were low enough. Although of course at first it was unusual that they change dynamically. On the
    demo, I had fixed. It was easier to calculate, but then it did not save from the deposit run-down. There is at least a minimum but a plus. I
    withdrew only once. They came to webmoney wallet about in an hour or so later. Earlier I asked consultant, how much it usually takes. He
    said that it’s taking a few minutes after bid processing, but it depends on the load. My opinion is that you can work.

  • Martin says:

    Previously, I did not want to work with young brokers. Still, it is not known how they will show themselves in a month. But my friend worked
    for about two months with FXGTrade, he said that everything is ok, not a kitchen and not a scams. Well, I decided to try it. Just liked that the
    spreads are static, stable. So you can more or less plan your strategy and understand how much you give away on spreads and how much
    you can earn. Execution of orders is fast, instantly open, close for 1-2-3 seconds. Again, at the jumps of the market it can close for 5-6
    seconds, I once had it, there was a requote. Support is nothing much. Experienced guys, consult normally. But this is not always convenient
    on the phone, of course. Besides, you can get through to them not always from the first time.

  • Bill says:

    On the exchanges I trade two years, mid-term, do now somewhere around 5-7 deals a day. Approximately after the new year I moved to
    FXGTrade, because Light Forex began to overstate the spreads and slowly work somehow. I did not immediately take risks, and put three
    hundred on the deposit. Money came from the business account to the brokerage at once, and trade by the way opened automatically. In
    general, I spent for all of this about 10 minutes, then I could trade right away. Well, a broker is as a broker, it works normally, clearly. Orders
    are processed quickly. Managers do not come into your trade, strange deals in the terminal do not appear (floated, we know, I now constantly
    make screenshots). Spreads are normal, I trade a dollar of the euro, but I will not say for the rest. As for the shortcoming of a broker, you can
    not always dial up from the very first time and there is very little information on the site. And there are not many tools in the meta trader.

  • Tony says:

    I have been trading with FXG Trade for about two months. There are no complaints about orders execution, all is quickly and without
    cancellation. The side deals in the terminal, too, I did not notice, they do not draw. Spreads are also adequate, trading cross-rates of the euro,
    it’s obtained on average lower than in the market. Comparing with Teletrade, where I opened an account earlier, it is more profitable here. By
    the way the terminal is Meta Trader. I have already got used to it, although it was not easy to understand what is where, but of course other
    options should be. Data is updated immediately, everything is fine. The withdrawal is fast, but there is one BUT. The site says that the money
    comes instantly. In fact, it needs some time for processing of bid, the consultant did not tell me whether they are automatic or not. In general,
    an hour or two usually have to wait. But again, all will be learnt in comparison.

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