No matter how experienced you are in trading on Forex, you need a reliable broker – this is the guarantee of your monetary success. CapitalHall broker is a time-proven company that provides traders with not only a solid leverage, but also with training and additional services. The company began its activities in 2017, but already managed to earn the trust of hundreds of customers.


Work with Capital Hall under the most favorable conditions

Did you hear the stories that any young broker company like CapitalHall is a scam for inexperienced? If things go this way, Capital Hall could not survive for more than a year and open two offices in the UK and Germany. The reliability of the broker is confirmed by a large number of actively working traders, as well as the by use of an advanced and convenient MetaTrader4 platform. The advantages that attract traders to cooperate with CapitalHall – reviews of the other customers, first of all, but there’s more to say:

  1. 100% guarantee of customer information confidentiality. Capital Hall uses the SSL encryption protocol for protection of data.
  2. Personal accounts and money withdrawal system. All stages of standard operations have been improved to speed up the withdrawal process and provide access to this operation even from your smartphone.
  3. High leverage. Regardless the type of registered account, customers of Capital Hall can use the company’s money for trading, 300 times exceeding the amount on their account.
  4. Favorable conditions for conducting trades. No matter the status of the trader, when working with CapitalHall, he can simultaneously execute transactions up to 50 lots and open an unlimited number of positions. Also, Capital Hall broker provides an opportunity to use scalping and trade on news.

But one of the most important and attractive advantages of Capital Hall is the ability to conclude risk-free trades. Their specifics should be discussed with the personal manager. CapitalHall is aimed at all financial markets, plus it provides opportunities to trade in cryptocurrency.


Open accounts that are made personally for you

In order to make trading Forex convenient for every client, the CapitalHall broker offers different types of accounts with different possibilities. Of course, any trader can start with $250 of a basic account. But if he is going to become a professional, today it is possible to open following accounts in the company:

  1. Advanced. Investments of $ 2 thousand are required. The conditions are more or less standard, the spread is fixed at 2.5 points.
  2. Pro. Assumes the size of investments in the amount of $ 10 thousand, which reduces spreads to 1.5 points. This type of account, according to the company’s assurances, is the most preferred among the customers.
  3. Expert. The most profitable type of account. Although it requires an investment of $ 50 thousand, it significantly reduces the size of the spreads – down to 0.1 points. Choose the most optimal type of account and make sure that CapitalHall is not a scam, be sure to contact the managers of the company. They will provide all the necessary official information and documents, as well as explain the the procedure of registering the account.


CapitalHall – your successful start in Forex trading


For financiers and beginning traders CapitalHall broker has prepared deep training on financial and commodity exchanges. Important to notice that training is provided on a free of charge basis, but requires time. The only thing you need to get it is to open an account with CapitalHall and accept an agreement on further cooperation.

In addition to training, every client of CapitalHall gets the opportunity:

  • to use the help of experts in solving technical issues of conducting operations on Forex;
  • to apply tasks to technical support team related to the software or any other technical aspects of your trade.

Experienced traders are no less actively joining the company CapitalHall. Reviews of CapitalHall real clients on the Internet appear regularly and can be found through any search engine.

Connect partners and raise your rates

Do you want to trade Forex and receive passive income? Connect Capital Hall broker with your partners,  and you will be guaranteed to receive impressive monetary bonuses from their work. To join the affiliate program, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Become a trader of CapitalHall. To do this, you need to open an account and actively use it in trading on exchanges. There’s no more technical conditions to start earning from affiliate program.
  2. Connect your friends to CapitalHall, for opening an active account and starting the trading on the company’s platform. There are no restrictions on the number of invited traders. The more your friends will work with CapitalHall, the more bonus money you will receive on your account.

The amount of bonuses that you receive from each friend invited to CapitalHall will depend on how many total friends you have connected to the company. The bonuses of the affiliate program are fully described on the website.

Please notice that the CapitalHall company is not a scam, and therefore it does not accept fraud in return from its customers. Rewards for the partner program will be provided only if the connected partners will be active on the market.

Do not miss the great opportunity of high earnings!

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20 Comments on “CapitalHall: a broker for stable earnings. Capital Hall review”

  • Zirrrr says:

    If on a five-point scale, then I would set Capital Hall a strong B. True, I wouldn’t immediately name a broker who work for A or A+, because
    everyone has its shortcomings. To begin with, simply register. Well, they introduce money at the rate of the center of the bank. As soon as the
    money has fallen on the account, the trade automatically opens. In general, as I understand, a lot happens automatically, therefore quickly.
    Spreads on NZD and AUD are static and fairly low, I will not say about other currencies. Execution of orders without complaints. It could be
    faster on volatility, but for some brokers five seconds are dream come true. Requotes rarely, but were, I will not lie. I did not have any

  • Nuck says:

    Capital Hall is quite a strong and sane broker, albeit young. I have already changed a lot of brokers. And this one creates the impression that it
    was made by experienced troubles people, so they decided to do everything clearly and stable. Not for pumping deposit on spreads and
    drawing spikes in the terminal, but to give the opportunity to earn and earn more on this by themselves. Spreads in principle satisfy me. They
    are static, not the highest. I’m trading dollar and euro, it’s about two months now. There is no commission to withdraw to a card / wallet.
    Analytics are good again, it helps. As for me, there are not enough webinars and other extra services. For example, competitions or
    tournaments between traders. And to dial from the first time to support, now you may hang on the line for five minutes.”

  • Milo says:

    With the Capital Hall broker, I work a little less than a year. During this time, there were no major problems in the work, and conflicts with
    support too. But of course there are nuances that you should know beforehand, not to worry about it later. Point one is the orders’ execution
    speed. For almost always this is one or two seconds. But of course in a volatile market, time can increase. I trade medium-term deals, I did not
    get into requotes. But probably scalpers need to work neatly, although in general, as I understand it, this could happens to any broker.
    Further, as for spreads. I work mainly with CHF, on it the spreads are quite low. And since they are also static, they do not jump. As for
    withdrawal it is simple. Once you take the verification procedure, then it will be outputed quickly. But at first I did not see anywhere that it
    should be passed, so I had to find out in support where the money was.

  • Leonard says:

    I can not say that Capital Hall works on A-plus. Nevertheless, over the years of work in the market, a broker could have grown more services.
    But he fulfills his promises and does not inflate the spreads, they are static here. Therefore, I see no reason to look for another broker. Profit
    certainly is not very big, $ 150 from 1000 to depo per month, but as a second source of income, just in case, he justifies himself. Well and with a
    withdrawal there are no problems, both on a card or on the account.

  • Ashat says:

    Capital Hall is a broker as a broker, without fanaticism, but it clearly fulfills promises and treats the customers with a normal attitude. In
    principle, I have a third broker for a year, so there is something to compare. Spreads are norm, static. Commissions are only on these same
    spreads, there is no for output and input. Support as a whole is literate, a couple of times helped to get out of serious drawdowns and not to
    lose half of the deposit. True, it used to happen that I did not immediately dial in, it needs more staff.

  • Barb says:

    It did not work out for me with Robo Forex, although the broker seems to be praised. In my currencies, the spreads there were not at all cheap. I
    moved to Capital Hall, because there spreads were MUCH lower. And besides they are also static, they will not dance when the market is
    shaking. It’s very convenient, you can plan a strategy. Still, as for me, a pleasant plus that there is no commission to withdraw funds, so you can
    withdraw every single day. Of course I would like more bonuses, webinars and competitions, Capital Hall does not have them yet.

  • Jafar says:

    Approximately after the New year, I moved to the Capital Hall broker, the account was opened by the one that began in 2000. Of course, the
    choice of service packages is not great, to put it mildly, but, frankly, I was quite happy with this package. Moreover, the analyst is healthy, friends
    praised, and I agree with them. Here is no commission for input and output, only on the spread itself. Well, I’m making money on the sly. Well,
    of course, not for a two-room apartment with granite tiles, but the addition to the salary is good.

  • Harry says:

    I trade from the account of Capital Hall. Platform Meta Trader 4. Registration is simple, with this no problem, then the money is thrown into the
    account and work. Placing money by the way is on the current rates of banks, there are no additional commissions. From the tablet in general is
    simple, native application, two minutes to install and forward. But with beech had to cuddle, there is no native Meta Trader, so you bet on the
    emulator. But it seems like there is nothing buggy + the broker himself is very quick on processing orders + he brings out quickly.”

  • Sasha says:

    By reason of permanent delaying of money withdrawal I decided to change a broker. Before I worked with FxClub, now with CapitalHall.
    It was the first withdrawal here, after I tested all other stuff and puzzled out MetaTrader (in the past I worked with another terminal). I
    requested to withdraw 50 dollars, and the money got to my card in about an hour. Generally I gained good impressions on the broker,
    no sheer complaints. It doesn’t ice you or tell stories, doesn’t restrain withdrawal as I said before. Orders are processed quite quickly,
    one or two seconds, it takes longer rarely. Although there’s no demo account at this broker. I asked managers, they can say nothing
    about this. So I think newbies must train somewhere else. But tutorial here is superb.

  • Miho says:

    I transferred money to a CapitalHall account due to low spreads and adequate analytics. My expectations were justified, the work became
    much smoother. Analysts anticipate trends not always correctly, so you better hedge and combine them with technical analysis.
    MetaTrader is given with basic set of tools; the main ones are there, but I had to install some additionally.

  • Kora says:

    For purposes of diversification I decided not to keep all eggs in one basket and opened three accounts – deposited 250 to TickMill,
    TallTrade and CapitalHall. Everywhere I traded without guides, with the same strategy. As a result here I got significantly much more –
    nearly 20 per cent – profit, so I stayed only with CapitalHall account and work with it now. Such result emerges from low spreads; here
    they are static and don’t bounce. Correspondingly, even if you trade small lots in the medium term, you don’t waste deposit. And
    practically no requotes and no disconnections. Then again, you don’t lose profit. Talking about draw backs: not many offers, no
    bonuses and no basic deposit insurance. Bonuses make trading more interesting, though you don’t always succeed to get them back.
    And one feels less nervous with the insurance.

  • Mark says:

    After New Year the question of searching a broker was put, as the saying goes, point-blank. I compared spreads of brokers recommended
    by friends, then settled upon CapitalHall. Basically, the company has the simplest and the clearest trading terms. Spreads are static, don’t
    bounce. Tutorial is available; here the old faithful MetaTrader 4 is used, nothing extra, everything’s familiar. The technical support is
    rather decent. Everything’s fine.

  • Rei says:

    I wanted to work with real deals on Forex for a long time. Well, it was not interesting to try with demos and microaccounts, not everything was possible, to be honest. Recently, my friend surprised me, he registered with an unknown broker Capital Hall, and even managed to go into profit. Ok, money like risk, I decided to open an account,put in three hundred and started veeeery sloooowly and accurately trading. I was afraid to drain the deposit. Actually, I’ve seen the minus anyway, and there were drawdowns, while I got the hang of it. Slowly began to level off, returned what I had lost, and finally I smelled the profit in the air. Already tried to withdraw, while only 20 bucks, no commission by the way, just super. I’ve got nervous, that there was no clear statement about the need of verification. Because of this I had to contact the manager, and answer his questions. But then everything went quickly, I passed the procedure and withdrew money in a half of an hour. On the other hand they input almost instantly, without commission and by the current rate.

  • Ann says:

    What was the most impressive in Capital Hall for me, that there is a thoughtful and considerate approach to organizing the whole process. The consultants are obviously experienced specialists, they solve the problems, one can immediately feel the experience in the subject. I would like to add a bit of speed, I mean that they should answer the calls and letters faster, and it would be generally super. I hope this will improve in the future. There are no complaints about the technical part. Orders are speedy, no fake spiers appear. Actual quotes, there is a small wave, but everything is fairly average … I really like spreads, they are low, static, do not jump anything. I trade on USD / CHF and EUR / USD and I use native analytics, I’ve come to learn that the bulk of forecasts really come true, well, not without spans, but this is not magic. You can scalp, for the experienced excellent. I would certainly like to see the choice of terminals, it’s a little sad to work only with Meta trader. Still missing some tournaments or competitions, sometimes there is a time and a desire for it.

  • Victor says:

    The impressoin from Capital Hall is quite positive, a normal broker, confident, without breaks. Somewhere for a year of work there were only a couple of disconnects, but I’ve been on the road at that moment, so here it’s definitely not the broker’s fault. Good spreads, stable, do not jump, rather low. Sane support, this is important. The phone is answered promptly, the letters are slower, but you will definitely get the answer before the end of the day. There is no commission for input/withdrawing money.

  • John says:

    At some point of working with Capital Hall, I decided to save a depot. At first, of course, I took a profit, then I saw a steady growth and it became interesting how much I could collect. Somewhere in a year and a half from five hundred came to 2k. I use local analytics and technical analysis, this bundle is the most profitable for me. Quotations relevant to the market, spreads are not high, static, do not storm. Classic Metatrader 4, everything is accessible and understandable. A definite plus, that there is no commission to enter and withdraw money.

  • Miki says:

    Six months ago I went for the advertisement of Lime Forex, the theme came with a welcome bonus. As a result, due to high spreads, I blew both the bonus and my money a bit. Then I saw feedbacks about working with Capital Hall,opened an account, nowI try to trade for a month already. Poured a little, until three hundred dollars, but with a shoulder of 1: 300 you can work. As for the minus of broker I can say that there is not enough financial instruments and no insurance for small deposits. In addition, it is not always possible to call in support at the first attempt. What about the obvious pluses, here are sufficiently low spreads, do not depend on fluctuations in the market, static.

  • Lyly says:

    Until I opened an account in Capital Hall, I worked only with demos. Here I have the first real deposit. It is clear that the demo is easier, you are not spending real money, but you will get no profit there even when you’ve become skilled.Everything is different here. Conditions are valid. Fixed spreads, static, quite norms, to dump the deposit still it is necessary to try. The native analytics works conviincingly, I trade with it. I see a profit, slowly develop.

  • Robert says:

    For a while I worked with Alpari, everything suited until they started hiking up the spreads. Probably not one newcomer there has already drained his deposits by inexperience. So I’ve felt out the situation, studied the reviews, conditions and went to Capital Hal. There are small static spreads here. I work with GBP / USD, quotes are not inflated, relevant for the market. Personally, I do not have enough traders tournaments and some contests, for a change. But on the whole I am satisfied with the work with the broker, everything is very confident and stable.

  • Olga says:

    I think that for its time in the market, Capital Hall could expand the list of services. Add one or two new terminals, include more financial instruments. For beginners, it would be nice to add webinars and all sorts of teaching stuff. Therefore, I will not say that the broker deserves directly five plus. But as for the organization of work, they are responsible for their quality. Promises are fulfilled, spreads are not inflated, spiers are not added. Profit goes, not quickly, but it is, about 150 bucks a month from 1000 at the depot, I now have a stable source of passive income, the second one, just in case))) Its investments have already recouped long ago. There are no problems with the withdrawal, both to the account and to the card.

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